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Best 25+ Alone DP


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Anamika had come from Madhya Pradesh to Delhi College and Ayaan had come from Rajasthan to study in the same college. Ayaan is a simple boy. Who neither talks much to girls nor cares much about anyone.

Anamika likes this thing about Ayaan very much and she tries to talk to Ayaan on some pretext or the other. Anamika looks cute and in no time Ayaan and Anamika become friends.

Ayaan gradually starts liking Anamika, both of them spend the whole day talking in college, sharing their likes and dislikes and after some time they become very good friends. No girl had ever come into Ayaan’s life before.

Whereas Anamika had friends before and she talks to everyone.

Ayaan did not like this, one day while talking, Ayaan tells Anamika about his feelings.

Anamika asks him for one day’s time and says I will give you the answer tomorrow.

Anamika thinks that when Ayaan came to college, he used to concentrate only on studies but now his entire attention is on me.

If I become his girlfriend, he will forget his studies and will concentrate only on me, all these thoughts are in Anamika’s mind and the next day Anamika rejects Ayaan and says that I just consider you my friend. nothing more .

I have come here to study and do nothing else, if you want you can be my friend. Ayaan refuses for friendship and explains a lot to Anamika but Anamika does not listen to anything. Ayaan feels very bad about this and he stops talking to Anamika and does not even come to college for some days.

Now, forgetting Anamika, he concentrates completely on his studies and neither talks to anyone much nor is selfish. Soon college passes and everyone becomes different. Ayaan graduates college and gets a job first.

Two-three years pass, neither Ayaan knows about Anamika nor Anamika knows anything about Ayaan.

Ayaan leaves his company and joins a new company, in which his post is much better than before and his salary is double.

When Ayaan goes to the office for the first day, he comes to know that Anamika is his junior in this office. He doesn’t pay any attention to her and remains busy in his work.

This goes on for a few days but both of them already knew each other and one day both of them have to go out together for a project. After the project, Ayaan and Anamika start talking to each other reluctantly.

Anamika explains to Ayaan why she had refused him. Ayaan understands Anamika’s point and they become close friends again.

There is talk of their friendship in the entire office. Ayaan is a simple boy and does not understand much. After some time, Ayaan again expresses his love for Anamika by taking her to dinner.

This time Anamika does not want to refuse Ayaan but she has no choice because she is going to get married in a few days. Anamika tells Ayaan about her marriage, this time Ayaan is completely heartbroken and leaves the place without saying anything.

Anamika thinks at night that she will never find a better boy than Ayaan. She decides that tomorrow she will marry Ayaan and convince her parents to marry him.

When Anamika goes to the office the next day, she learns that Ayaan has left the office and will never come back to the company. While leaving, Ayan writes a letter to Anamika.

I have loved you since the day I saw you, I will never forget you in my life. Wherever you are, whoever you are with, be happy. Now in this life I will live only with this pain. I have always loved and only loved you.

You are the first and last girl to come in my life. Now neither will anyone come into my life nor will I let anyone come. Now I will just remain in your memories. After today, I will never show you my gross body in my entire life. I just pray to God that you remain happy wherever you are and best wishes for your marriage.

Anamika tries hard to find Aayan. But even after many years, she does not get Ayaan and she marries a boy of her parents’ choice. In this way both of them get separated from each other forever and live their lives with pain.

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