Best 20+ Blouse Ki Design

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Best 20+ Blouse Ki Design


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If You Are Buying Blouse Online Then Keep These Things in Mind


In today’s time, people prefer to do online shopping at home instead of spending hours going to the market for shopping. Everything from purchasing household items to selecting outfits for any event can be easily done online. If we talk about buying clothes online, then although you can easily buy every outfit online, there are many clothes which are very difficult to buy without trying them. These clothes include blouse.

Actually, buying a readymade blouse is quite a difficult task. Blouses worn with sarees and lehengas are also quite expensive. If its fitting and quality is not right then it can spoil your look. In such a situation, today we will tell you some ways, keeping in mind which you can buy the perfect readymade blouse.


Know The Size


If you are thinking of buying a blouse online, then first go to the tailor and find out your correct size. If the blouse does not come in the perfect size, you will either have to get it changed at the last moment or get it fitted.


Give Priority To Light Work Online


If you are buying blouse online then give preference to light work only. Many times the blouse does not turn out as it appears online. In such a situation, try to buy heavy work blouses from the market only.


Take Care Of The Fabric


While buying a readymade blouse, keep in mind the quality of its fabric. Everything will be written about the clothes in the details given by the seller. Choose blouse fabric according to the season.


Pay Attention To The Quality Of The Pad


While buying a readymade blouse online, make sure to read what type of pad is used in it. Is it installed or not? You will find everything about this written in the product details.


Has Your Blouse Also Become Loose? Follow These Tips


Saree is considered the most elegant dress for women in India. It can be carried on every occasion. Women also like it very much. Be it a wedding party or going to office, saree gives the most attractive and perfect look. Blouse is paired with saree. There are many styles of blouses which enhance the beauty of the saree even more.

But sometimes it happens that the blouse becomes loose. Or if it does not fit if the size is less then the need to get it fitted is felt. So sometimes it happens to you that you have to wear a saree and your blouse becomes loose, in such a situation, if you want, you can get the perfect look by wearing a loose blouse also. Today we are telling you how you can carry a loose blouse.


Carry Blouse With Koti


The blouse is loose and if you are going somewhere in a hurry, you can carry it with a coat. With this your loose outfit will not be visible and will also look quite stylish. However the koti should be as per the color of the saree and blouse. For example, if the blouse is printed then a simple koti would be best for it. Printed koti or shrug with plain blouse will look very good and attractive.


Give New Design With String


There are many blouses which become loose, now if you get them fitted then their look can get spoiled. Instead of removing such blouses from the wardrobe, getting them fitted with a string will make their design completely different and will give a great look. The fitting of the blouse will also be good and will also look attractive. If you want, you can use string with the pendant.


Hook Will Provide Perfect Fitting


You can also take the help of a hook to make the blouse fitting. By attaching hooks on the back or side of the blouse, you can get fitting and stylish look too. This neither spoils the design nor makes it look ugly. If the neck size of the blouse is big then you can put a hook on the shoulder.


Off Shoulder Trend


Nowadays the trend of off shoulder dress is going on. Many women carry it. If your blouse becomes loose then you can give it an off shoulder look. You can use it with saree or lehenga by keeping the neck of the blouse down from both the shoulders. This will be the best outfit. Choker and necklace will make your look stylish.


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