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Chhath Puja


When did Chhath Puja start and when did the worship of Sun start? It is told in the mythological stories.

In Chhath Puja, Sun God and Chhathi Maiya are worshiped as per the rituals. When did Chhath Puja start and when did the worship of Sun start, it is told in the mythological stories. Lord Shri Ram in Satyayuga, philanthropist Karna in Dwapar and Draupadi, wife of five Pandavas, worshiped Surya. A story related to the worship of Chhathi Maiya is of King Priyavand, who was the first to worship Chhathi Maiya. Let us know what are the history and stories of Surya worship and Chhath Puja.


1. King Priyavand Performed Chhath Puja To Save The Life Of His Son


According to a legend, King Priyavand was childless and was suffering from it. He talked to Maharishi Kashyap about it. Then Maharishi Kashyap performed Putreshti Yagya for having a child. During that time, the kheer prepared for the yagya was given to King Priyavand’s wife Malini to eat. Queen Malini gave birth to a son by consuming the kheer of the Yagya, but he was born dead. King Priyavand reached the crematorium with the dead son’s body and sacrificed his life in grief over the loss of his son.

At the same time, Devasena, the mental daughter of Brahma, appeared. He said to King Priyavand, I have originated from the sixth part of the basic nature of the universe, hence my name is also Shashthi. You worship me and spread it among the people. As per the instructions of Mata Shashthi, King Priyavand, wishing to have a son, observed Mata’s fast as per the rituals, that day was Shashthi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. As a result, King Priyavad got a son.


2. Shri Ram And Sita Worshiped Surya


According to the legend, after coming to Ayodhya after killing the Lankan king Ravana, Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita kept a fast on the Shashthi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month to establish the Ramrajya and worshiped the Sun God.


3. Draupadi Had Observed Chhath Fast For The Pandavas


In mythology, the beginning of Chhath fast is also linked to Draupadi. Draupadi had observed Chhath fast and worshiped the Sun for the better health and happy life of the five Pandavas, as a result of which the Pandavas got back their lost kingdom.


4. Danveer Karna Started Surya Puja


According to Mahabharata, Danveer Karna was the son of Surya and worshiped Surya daily. According to the story, Karna was the first to start worshiping the Sun. Every day after bathing, he used to go to the river and offer water to the Sun.


How is Chhath Puja Celebrated?


Chhath Puja is a great festival of four days and Chhath Puja is concluded with the following rituals in 4 days. We will give you complete details of how Chhath Puja is done and celebrated in all those 4 days as per the points below. Let us know –


First Stop: Nahay Khay


The first day of Chhath Puja is celebrated as ‘Nahay-Khay’. On this day, women performing Chhath Puja first take a thorough bath and purify themselves. After that, pure vegetarian food is prepared at home. Pumpkin is included in the food. Rice and dal are mainly prepared, after which the fasting woman will be the first to eat the food and only then other members of the family will eat, after which the Prasad will be distributed among all the people.


Second Stop: Kharna


On the second day, after fasting throughout the day, we eat food in the evening. It is called ‘Kharna’. On this day, rice kheer and roti will be made as Prasad, after which it will be offered to Mother Chhath Maiya and then the woman performing Chhath Puja will eat it. After this, it will be distributed in the form of Prasad to all the people’s houses and people will be informed about it. Invited Karuna Prasad will be given at home. The most important things are that on this day both sugar and salt are not used. Sweets are used to make kheer. During this period, special care is taken of the cleanliness of the entire house.


Third Stop: Sandhya Arghya (Worshipping The Setting Sun)


On the third day, everyone goes to Ganga Ghat. Thekua will be made of rice as Prasad for Chhath Maiya Puja. After that, five different types of fruits are offered here as Prasad to Mata Chhath Maiya. After this, bamboo is offered. Soup is decorated with all the prasad in the basket and the family and nearby people walk on foot with the person observing the fast and then everyone gathers at one place at the Ganga Ghat.

After this, the woman observing the fast enters the Ganga, followed by the Sun. Arghya of water and milk is offered and Chhathi Maiya is worshiped with soup filled with Prasad. After this people come back home again and listen to Chhath Maiya related songs at night.


Fourth Stop: Morning Arghya (Worshipping The Rising Sun)


On the fourth day, when the sun rises in the morning, it is worshiped. The whole process will be like on the third day. Here, the last fasting woman completes her fast by drinking raw milk sherbet and eating some prasad and will break her Bharat. After coming home, we will eat vegetable prepared by mixing rice and many vegetables, thus Chhath Puja ends successfully.


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