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Who is Lord Ganesha?


There are many gods and goddesses in Hindu civilization, among which Lord Shri Ganesha is considered very important. Many of Lord Ganesha’s stories are notable for their humorous style.

Seeing his big belly, hands and elephant face, and childlike appearance, children like to listen to his stories and also love Shri Ganesha very much. Shri Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. According to Hindu civilization, he is worshiped in the name of “First God”.


1. Story Of Ganesh Chaturthi


Once upon a time all the gods were in great trouble. All the deities came to Lord Shiva for the solution of their problems. At that time, Ganesha and Kartikeya were also sitting there along with Lord Shiva.

Seeing the difficulties of the gods, Lord Shiva asked a question to Ganesha and Kartikeya – which of you will solve the problems of the gods and help them. When both the brothers agreed to help, Lord Shiva set a competition before them. According to this competition, whoever among the two brothers returns first after circling the earth will help the gods in their difficulties.

As soon as Lord Shiva said this, Kartikeya sat on his peacock and went to revolve around the earth. But Ganesh ji remained standing at his place and started wondering how he could go around the entire earth with the help of a mouse. At that very moment an idea came to his mind. He went to his father Shivji and mother Parvati and after circling them seven times, came back to his place and stood there.

After some time, Kartikeya returned after circling the earth and started calling himself the winner. Then Lord Shiva looked at Lord Ganesha and asked him – Why Lord Ganesha, why didn’t you go around the earth?

Then Ganesh ji replied – “The whole world resides in the parents only?” Whether I revolve around the earth or my parents, it’s the same thing. Hearing this, Lord Shiva was very happy and ordered Lord Ganesha to remove the difficulties of all the gods. Along with this, Lord Shiva also blessed Lord Ganesha that whoever worships you and fasts on the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha, all his sorrows will go away and he will get material happiness.


2. How To Become Ganesha


One day Goddess Parvati went to take bath but there was no guard there. So he incarnated a boy with sandalwood paste and named him Ganesh. Mother Parvati ordered Ganesha not to allow anyone inside the house without her permission.

When Lord Shiva returned, he saw a child standing at the door. When they started going inside, the boy stopped them and did not let them go. Seeing this, Lord Shiva became angry and asked his riding bull Nandi to fight with that boy. But that little boy defeated Nandi in the war. Seeing this, Lord Shiva got angry and cut off the head of that child Ganesha.

Now when Mother Parvati returned, she became very sad and started crying loudly. When Lord Shiva came to know that it was his own son, he also realized his mistake. Shivji tried to convince Parvati a lot but she did not agree and started getting sad while taking the name of Ganesha.

At last, Mother Parvati got angry and asked Lord Shiva to bring Ganesha back to life with her power. Shivji said – O Parvati, I can bring Ganesha back to life but only after attaching the head of any other living creature. Mother Parvati said while crying – I want my son alive at any cost.

On hearing this, Lord Shiva ordered Nandi – Go Nandi, cut off the head of any living creature you find in this world. When Nandi was searching for the head, the first person he saw was an elephant and he cut off its head and brought it back. Lord Shiva attached that head to Ganesha’s body and gave life to Ganesha. That’s why Lord Shiva named Ganesha as Ganapati and all the other gods gave him a boon that whoever will do anything new in this world will be the first! Will remember Jai Shri Ganesh.


3. Story Of Lord Ganesha’s Broken Tooth


When Maharishi Ved Vyas sat down to write the Mahabharata, he needed a person who would transcribe the story of the Mahabharata as it came from his mouth. He chose Shri Ganesh ji for this work. Ganesh ji also agreed to this but he had a condition that the writing of the entire Mahabharata would have to be completed without stopping even for a moment. Ganesh ji said – If you stop even once, I will stop writing.

Maharishi Vedvyas accepted this condition of Lord Ganesha. But Ved Vyas also put a condition before Ganesh ji and said – Ganesh, whatever you write, you will write only after understanding it. Ganesh ji also agreed to his condition. Both of them sat down to write the epic Mahabharata. Vedvyas ji started reciting the epic and Ganesh ji started writing it quickly after understanding it. After writing for some time, Ganesh ji’s pen suddenly broke. The pen could not handle the speed of Maharishi’s speaking.

Ganesh ji understood that he had become a little proud and did not understand the power and knowledge of Maharishi. After that he slowly broke one of his teeth and dipped it in ink and started writing the story of Mahabharata again. Whenever Ved Vyas felt tired, he would recite a difficult verse, which took much time for Ganesh ji to understand and write and Maharishi also got time to rest.

It took 3 years for Maharishi Vedvyas ji and Ganesh ji to write Mahabharata. Although it is said that some verses of Mahabharata have become obsolete, but even today this poem has 100,000 verses.


4. Story Of Ganesha And The Riding Mouse


Long time ago, there was a very fierce king of demons – Gajmukh. He wanted to become very powerful and have wealth. He also wanted to bring all the Gods and Goddesses under his control, hence he always did penance to seek boons from Lord Shiva. To get the boon from Lord Shiva, he left his kingdom and started living in the forest and to get the boon from Lord Shiva, he started doing penance day and night without eating food or drinking water.

A few years passed, Lord Shiva was impressed by his immense penance and Lord Shiva appeared before him. Lord Shiva was pleased and gave him divine powers which made him very powerful. The biggest power that Lord Shiva gave him was that he could not be killed by any weapon. The demon Gajmukh became proud of his powers and started misusing his powers and started attacking the gods and goddesses.

Only Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Ganesha were saved from his terror. Gajmukh wanted every god to worship him. All the gods took refuge in Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma and started pleading for the protection of their lives. Seeing all this, Lord Shiva sent Ganesha to stop the demon Gajmukh from doing all this.

Lord Ganesha fought with Gajmukh and badly injured the demon Gajmukh. But even then he did not agree. The demon transformed himself into a mouse and ran towards Lord Ganesha to attack. As soon as he reached Ganesha, Ganesha jumped and sat on him and Gajmukh transformed Gajmukh into the Mus of his life and kept him as his vehicle for the rest of his life. Later, Gajmukh also became happy with his form and became a dear friend of Lord Ganesha.


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