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Seeing the youth coming on the boy, Jabbar’s father married a girl in the neighboring village. But when Jabbar saw Hasba’s daughter Shabu returning after carrying water, he lost his mind.

For example, it is said in the story that the prince, seeing a hair of gold flowing in the river, lay down fasting in the attic of the palace, hurt by the love of the golden haired beauty; Much the same happened with Jabbar. He could not say anything through his mouth, but his body was relaxed, his face was discolored, he seemed to be lost.

Seeing his condition, the parents gave advice. Not mouth-to-mouth but told him that he would get married soon. The girl is not even a child, she is very young. Shamsal’s elder daughter Jahunna is the only girl among the four nearby villages.

Carrying a big pot of water on her head, she walks two miles threateningly. She takes care of all the household work from now on! Jabbar’s mother will also get peace if she comes here. The poor thing has become old. But Jabbar was not satisfied with this. He would often lie down silently with a long sigh.

One day mother asked her oath with tears in her eyes – then he told the truth. He refused to even listen to Jahunna and said – Yato Hasba’s daughter Shabbu, otherwise that’s it!… Nothing.

The parents explained a lot. While listening to him, they started praising Jahunna and condemning Shabu. Then people who marry in such a shameless way are condemned, they defeated all this by explaining to the boy through kakokti, ornament and metaphor. But if you don’t agree to the firm jabbar of the tune, then you don’t agree.

Defeated by his son’s stubbornness, old Ghaffar went to talk to Hasba one day. When she returned, her eyes were red with anger and her face was disfigured with guilt. Put the gun in the corner, throw the shoulder cloth on the ground.’ He sat on the ground.

Jabbar’s mother was feeding berry leaves to the camels. Immediately ran near the old man. Jabbar had keen ears from afar. As if the old man was torn – better to be childless than such an unworthy son!

Jabbar’s mother panicked and took her son’s curse on her head and put her hand on his nose and asked – Alas! What happened?

The old man said – what will happen? What else will happen to such a shameless, disrespectful boy? All the respect has been mixed in the dust and the house will be mixed in the soil.

Mother again took the balls and asked – Hi, what happened? Why do you say this?

The father said – If he had such temperament, then why was he not born at the Khan of Kalat? Do you know what Hasba said? Didn’t even talk straight. She says don’t think about Shabu. He will marry the one who brings a bundle of two and a half hundred rupees.

Jabbar’s mother’s eyes went up on hearing about two and a half hundred rupees. The old man said – you have also become old. You tell me – have you ever heard such a storm; In age?…Two and a half hundred rupees!… ‘There is no thing at all?

I spoke to Shamsal for Jahunna. He had asked for eighty of the girl, finally he is ready for sixty. His girl is also a man. And he asks badly – two and a half hundred. And then you got old; You tell me, what if the color is a little dirty, and what if it is a little dark? Woman woman all one. Do you mean by your work or by color? It hasn’t been six months since he had bought a gun for this, so he was sitting on a camel.

He will not be able to earn two and a half hundred rupees in his lifetime and this is the glory! Well, you tell me- she is so old, have you ever heard the price of two and a half hundred rupees for a woman?…Firangi cannon is bought for two and a half hundred rupees.

Jabbar heard it and changed the direction by pressing the sigh in the chest.

The only son’s forgetfulness day and night could not be seen from the parents. The old man said – what is mine? I am a ripe fruit! When should I drip? That’s what it is for. These two camels are the support of livelihood, if they also go, then he himself will work as a laborer to break the gravel on the road of Firangis. People will say that Ghaffar’s son started working as a laborer, so his luck! Will I be sitting forever?

Eventually both the camels were also sold in the market of Bannu and Shabbu came home as Jabbar’s daughter-in-law.

Shabu was no less proud of the fact that after counting his price, two hundred and fifty rupees had been paid. If she went to fill water, she would return with only half the pitcher, that too would falter. Neighbor Meeran explained – such a tantrum is not right. Men love work. Someday there will be such a beating that the back will be bent forever.

Rubbing his eyes wide till his ears and showing the thumb of his hand, Shabu said – Oh! My father has sent me here only to be beaten after counting twelve twenty and ten rupees? Can someone touch me? what is yours Your man has taken you in three twenties.. If you become lame then one more right.

Shabbu was very playful and fond of! She wore a black velvet waistcoat with three hundred oyster buttons stitched on it. She used to apply butter to her hair and before going out, she would ride them with a hand of water. She washes her hair twice a month.

Jabbar’s mother would see all this and put her hand on her nose and say to Padhosim – Look, I got married by paying two and a half hundred rupees, but what relief did I get? He is not free from his tantrums.

The old man explained to the son, “You are the age of youth. If he does not earn anything now, how will he survive? Do you like sitting at home like this? My camels were a source of livelihood, so they ended in your marriage. Even now you will not do anything, so will I go abroad and work as a laborer?

Jabbar had to go to Bannu to earn money, but his heart would have remained in the village. Jabbar had not gone to Bannu for a whole week when he woke up in the middle of the night one day and left for his village.

After walking sixteen miles, he stopped when he saw the roofs of his village on the hill in the vague red aura of dawn. The thought of the angry idol of his village and the scorn of his neighbors fettered his feet. He sat on a rock and started looking towards the door of his house.

He thought – Shabu will come out to fill water, then he will be able to see it with one eye. Walk and sit on the stepwell, if Shabbu comes to draw water, I will return after having two talks with her.

When Shabbu came to fetch water, she was accompanied by two friends. Jabbar sat on a stone ledge at a distance of thirty steps and kept watching with a throbbing heart, but could not utter a word. How do you speak? She defames both the neighbors. Jabbar kept watching with a stone on his heart, Shabbu went back chattering with her friends. Jabbar returned with a sigh.

Jealousy fueled the fire of Jabbar’s separation. She thought look, I am dying here alone in a foreign country and she enjoys. He doesn’t feel sorry for me at all. There is no loyalty in the caste of a woman.

After eight to ten days, he again traveled through the night and sat on the village baoli in the hope of seeing Shabbu for a wink and getting a kiss. But she did not come alone. She used to play pranks with three of her friends from the neighborhood. Jabbar was listening to his words with keen attention.

Meeran touched Shabbu’s chin and said – Alas, your temper. Villagers are killing you, I swear on your head!”

Shabu’s face lit up with pride. She returned with water. It was as if a stone of 100 hearts fell on Jabbar’s chest, but he was helpless.

Now doubt sprouted in his mind. Doubt grows in the heart of man like a sky vine. It doesn’t even need a root or foundation. It is confirmed only in the sky of imagination. It doesn’t take long for doubt to take the form of determination.

There were many such boys in the village, who had no work other than Fitoor. Everything could be expected from Rahman and Abbas. And then if there is no black in the lentils then why was Meeran discussing like this? And for whom is this chatak-matak of Shabu? Look, he doesn’t care about me at all! And I’m getting stuffed! Jabbar would have been left drinking sips of blood.

He thought, he is lying here away from home just to earn money. In this way, money cannot be earned in eight or ten days. The fire of returning home made him mad. One day, seeing the opportunity, he killed one hand. Good luck. He was not even caught and returned home after earning 150 rupees in a month and a half. Jabbar’s father is encouraged, the son will not die of hunger.

Just as the stain of indigo does not leave the cloth, similarly doubt does not leave the mind once it has entered. Jabbar asked Shabu – why? When I was in Bannu, we used to have a lot of fun.

Shabbu was also not a mere labourer. Brightly she asked – how to have fun? who used to have fun

Jabbar said – Why are there so few men in the village! Rahman is there, Abbas is there. Had to go to fetch water with great make-up, why?

Shabbu said – If I have ever raised my eyes towards someone, then I should die, otherwise the person who falsely accused me should die!

Jabbar asked in agony – You did not go to show your beauty by pretending to be?

Shabbu replied – Why would I go to show someone?… If someone stares dead then what is my fault?

Jabbar asked jokingly – then why do you come out pretending to be like this?

Raising his head high in the pride of his beauty, Shabu said – What do I do?… Should I blacken my face?… I am the way I am.

Jabbar started guarding Shabu with great effort. If he could see a man even a hundred steps away from Shabu, he would have doubted that he was making eye contact with him. In a few days, his eating and drinking became haram. Even seeing a traveler passing through the village, he used to doubt that it is possible that this man has come here on the pretext of hearing the fame of Shabu’s form. The whole village seemed to him mad after Shabu.

One night Jabbar asked Shabbu – ‘Today you were returning from outside, then why were you smiling on the way?

In reply Shabu asked – Where was I smiling?

Jabbar said – and why were all those men standing and watching?

Thrilled by the sign of the glory of his form, Shabu replied with disdain – what should I know?

Biting his lips, Jabbar said – Hussain will be very proud!… Will I cut off his nose?

Shabu’s heart was tickled. He said – there is a mark of twelve twenty and ten rupees! And the mind started smiling.

Shabu fell asleep. But where is the sleep in Jabbar’s eyes. He called out – “Listen! Answer missing.

Jabbar thought – Look at her pride!… I am lying restless and she is sleeping happily. All this pride is of beauty. The goons of the village are mad behind this beauty. What is my pride? If this beauty was not there, would my honor have turned to dust like this?… What is the use of such beauty?

Thinking about this problem seriously, he thought – if there is no pride then nothing. And everyone can see this beauty. What do I have with this? Where can I find peace and dignity as long as this beauty remains?

The thoughts that arise in the silence of the night are very violent. There are no hundreds of entanglements obstructing the thoughts at that time like during the day. That’s why devotees lay tombs at night, murderers kill at night, thieves steal at night, and the estranged also wake up mad at night.

Jabbar opened his eyes in the dark contemplating all the disaster caused by Shabu’s form. That disaster seemed immeasurable to him. It was absolutely impossible to tolerate him.

He picked up a sharp knife from the pillow and, groping in the dark, caught hold of Shabu’s nose. He cut off his nose in one stroke and threw it away.

Shabu screamed. Jabbar’s mother got up and ran. The light was lit. Neighbors came running. Jabbar’s father was abusing in anger and others were telling the cure. An old woman shouted and said – Hey, quickly cut a piece of fresh, hot, alive meat of sheep and goat and put it on the nose, otherwise the girl will die!

Jabbar’s mother panicked and said – Where are the sheep and goats at this time? The old woman replied – then you know.

Jabbar stood listening. She had cut off Shabu’s nose so that he could belong only to her. He could not even tolerate others’ eyes falling on him. He wanted to keep Shabu only for himself. His heart used to hurt when other’s eyes fell on him. His heart sank upon hearing the possibility of his death.

What if you don’t get alive hot meat…! He picked up the same sharp knife and cut a piece of live hot meat from his thigh and put it on Shabu’s nose. Jabbar’s mother and father went absolutely mad and the others were surprised.

Shabu kept moaning on the cot due to the pain of the wound on his face and Jabbar sat on the cot with a bandage tied around his thigh and used to drive away flies from Shabu’s face.

Due to the wound, Shabu’s whole face became swollen. It has become difficult for him to swallow even a sip of water, on top of that he has fever! Seeing this condition, Jabbar decided to get him treated at the Firangi Doctor’s Hospital in Bannu. He himself could walk with great difficulty, but one night when everyone was asleep, he lifted Shabu on his shoulder and with a stick by his side, he went to Bannu.

He would walk some distance and take rest. Soaking the cloth, drops of water would drip into Shabbu’s mouth. On the fifth day they reached Bannu’s hospital. Shabu’s wound was healed in twenty days and his health was restored.

When there is no nose, the air passes more through the nostrils than through the lips and the voice becomes absolutely sound (Plut Anuswar). In the same tone, Shabu said by minmina – Mem sahib says that rubber nose can be ordered from abroad.

Jabbar replied nervously – just leave it. We don’t want a nose. I know you better without your nose. Do I have to show my nose to others?

Shabu became sad. He refused to eat food. Jabbar faced a serious problem. He thought that this meme should be bad. I had cut one nose, he is ready to make another.

When Shabu did not eat food for two days, Jabbar deposited forty rupees worth of rubber nose with the doctor. But the condition remained the same that Shabu would definitely put his nose on her, but if other men started staring at her, he should immediately take off his nose and put it in his pocket.


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