Best 20+ Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp

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Best 20+ Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp


Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp

Friday Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp

Funny Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp

Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp Free Download In Hindi

Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp Free Download

Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp Hindi

Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp In Hindi Download

Good Morning Images With Quotes For Whatsapp In Hindi

Good Morning Images With Quotes

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Good Morning Story For Kids


Bored, Shanti tore the paper into pieces and got up and started wandering around the room restlessly. His mind was not healthy, his attention used to get divided while writing. She wanted to write only four lines; But whatever she wanted to write, it could not be written. She used to write something in emotion. She had torn six letters, this was the seventh.

While walking around, she quietly went to the window and stood. The evening sun was setting far in the west. The gardener had left water in the beds and the withered flowers of the whole day had blossomed after receiving the gift of life.

Lightly cold wind started blowing. Shanti gazed at the sun in the distance—the pale golden rays, as if before setting off, wanted to participate wholeheartedly in the play of the little children who were playing freely on the green grass in the front yard. Were. Two bastard girls, laughing and chattering, were walking on the road.

Shanti let out a deep sigh and turned and cast a weary look around her, the large ceiling fan whirring nonstop. The heavy curtains were moving at the doors and the heavy couches and the silken mattresses on them, the rugs and the little octagonal tables in between and the little brass elephants and vases on them—and she felt herself like that bird. Felt, hanging in a cage tied to a mango branch in the open free air, under a vast, free-spirited sky.

Then the servant brought his little boy like a drag. He was playing with the washerwoman’s girl. Aav Dekha Na Tav and Shanti beat up the boy – why do you play with those bastards, why do you play! Being the son of such a great father! And his voice reached the limit of screaming. The servant standing in astonishment stepped forward and forcefully released the child. Shanti sank into the coach with a bang and tears welled up involuntarily from her eyes!

Then many pictures of the past flashed in front of his eyes while sitting there.

Her husband then used to do laundry work. in front of the Bible Society, where today a dentist is engaged in rampantly pulling out people’s teeth; He had laundry. The income was good; But the expenditure was also not less. 35 rupees had to be paid for the rent of the shop and then the rent for the tabela which was taken for washing and ironing the clothes, was separate.

Apart from this, the salary of the washermen, coal, spices and hundred other things! After managing all these expenses, whatever little was left over, with great difficulty, the house was spent and he had taken the house behind the shop in Mahilal Street.

Mahilal Street was the same then as it is now. Although the form of houses has changed somewhat in these ten years. But there was not much difference in the houses. Even now bastards live in this area and used to live then also. The sealed dark chambers were the abode of Chamars, Dhivars and pure Hindus. Kitchen, living room, bedroom in the same room-and that too, in which mother-in-law, son-daughter-in-law, girls and boys all sleep together.

Underneath the house where Shanti used to live, Tendi Chamar lived with his eight boys and girls, in another wide street there was a Marwari shop and where the door was, the Bhangis lived there. A little beyond her door, the Bhangis had set up a tandoor, whose smoke used to enter her kitchen morning and evening, due to which Shanti often had to keep the kitchen window closed. Cots were spread there day and night and it was almost impossible to leave with clothes on.

It was summer and the municipality tap was far away from Anarkali, so considering the convenience of the poor people, Shanti, on the recommendation of her husband, allowed them to take water from the tap in the lower porch; But when a few days passed when he came to that house, Shanti came to know that this generosity would be very expensive.

One day when her husband forgot the soap box downstairs after taking a bath and Shanti went to pick it up, she found it missing, then a few days later the towel went missing, and so on. Got it Defeated, one day Shanti followed her husband and got a small wooden box fixed on the tap and kept the key with her.

The next day, when she was sitting in front of the stove, covered with a single dhoti, arranging bread, she found a dark-skinned girl standing in front of her.

The girl was his age only. His complexion was very dark and he was wearing very dirty dhoti and bandi on his body. She must have been putting mustard oil in her dark black hair, because there was a line of oil mixed with sweat on her forehead under her hair.

Wide mouth and flat nose! A storm of anger and hatred rose up in Shanti’s heart. Till date, apart from the Jamadarin, none of the bastard girls living downstairs had the courage to come upstairs nor did she herself try to talk to anyone.

The girl was smiling, and there was a strange gleam in her eyes. “What’s the matter?” – asked Shanti with anger in her eyes. Smiling a little, the girl prayed that BBG, have to take water.

Our tap is not for Bhangi-Chamars!”

“We are not Chamars, are we Bhangis!…”

“Who are you then?”

“I am BBG, the daughter of the priest of the temple opposite….”

But Shanti did not hear further. He used to feel disgusted while talking to the girl. Opening the key from the end of the dhoti, he threw it away.

The heart was not black in this black-clad body. And soon Shanti came to know about this. Every day at the time of taking water, Gomti used to come for the key. The temple of the Easterners in the street, she was the daughter of its priest. The priests of the temples of the rich also travel in motors. This temple belonged to the poor easterners, almost all of whom were watchmen, peons, maids or laborers.

The priest’s family also used to sleep on one side of the open lane in front of the cots of the Bhangis. And when a tonga used to pass that way at night, usually someone’s cot would get dragged along with it! There was a well in the temple; But ever since the tap came here, the dol and rope remained on it and then when water is available from the tap of someone’s porch nearby, then what is the need to break the arm on the well, so Gomti water is taken on the pretext of taking some water. Every morning and evening she used to come to talk.

Keeping Batlohi under the tap in which some betel leaves were always floating, she would come upstairs and then forget in other things that she had come to get water and would not wake up until her old grandmother was sitting on her cot in the street. Screaming and abusing her, she would not have called him.

This does not mean that Shanti and Gomti had become friends in the meanwhile. Yes, it definitely happened that when Shanti cooked food in the kitchen or sewed clothes while sitting inside the room, she did not mind Gomti sitting on the stairs talking to her.

There would be many kinds of talk-talks of the Bhangis of the locality, talk of domestic quarrels of Chamars and then some personal talk of Gomti. Meanwhile, Shanti came to know that years have passed since Gomti got married. But she did not see the face of her husband! useless, so neither he comes to pick her up nor does her father send her with him.

Sometimes for the purpose of teasing, or sometimes just for the sake of pleasure, Shanti would ask him questions about her husband and about her own feelings. Gomti used to blush while answering.

But in spite of all this, his place remained there in the stairs.

Then how that black-clad girl of the priest got up from there and came so close to him that Shanti once involuntarily hugged her and said – From today you are my sister Gomti – all that was still remembered by Shanti.

It was a winter night and Anarkali was smoking everywhere. It seemed as if the smoke rising from all the tandoors, hotels, houses and factories in Lahore had gathered and attacked Anarkali in the evening. Shanti was walking with her little one on her shoulder, holding some light envelopes in her hands after buying and selling.

She had been able to bring her husband here after several days of pleading and they had eaten, drank and bought as much as they could. There is a shop of Bengali rasgullas in the middle of Anarkali, there used to be a lot of peace to eat rasgullas; But her husband never had enough time to go there just to eat rasgulla.

Shanti had a great desire to eat chaat from the chaat seller’s shop with confectioners at the end of the hospital road; But where does Shanti’s husband have the leisure to leave work to eat chaat? For several days she wanted to buy some warm pieces of clothing for her ummi.

It was getting cold and he did not have a single coat. And then not only warm clothes, she wanted to buy some wool, so that the little one could be knitted a sweater; But her husband used to avoid saying ‘yes’-‘yes’, but that day she was able to take him with her to Anarkali after a month’s continuous request.

And that day, he had eaten Bengali rasgulla and spicy chaat of chatwale, but also tasted the taste of Mohan’s pakoras and potatoes with peas in the mixture. Then cloth was also bought for Ummi and wool was also bought and her husband had also bought a box of Good Vogue with two dozen blades and a Colgate soap bar.

For many days he had been shaving with the same old blades sharpened in a glass of glass with only bathing soap and that day Shanti forced him to buy all this. And both the people were walking away ecstatic with the feeling of joy of having bought and spent all this.

It was the month of December and it was a dry winter. Shanti wrapped her cheap, but warm shawl around the little one more tightly and suddenly said – Nigoda is getting dry winter. I hear disease is spreading in the city.

But her husband was silently rubbing his eyes, which were bitter because of the smoke, with a handkerchief.

Shanti again said – Many people have become ill in our own street. Day before yesterday Tandi Chamar’s son died of pneumonia.

Just then the child wrapped in the shawl coughed lightly twice and Shanti wrapped it even more tightly in the shawl.

After listening to her, her husband said – today she has been very bad, there is a serious problem in the stomach.

On coming home, when Shanti made the boy lie down on the cot and stroked his hair on the back while stroking his head, she backed away in shock. She looked at her husband with scared eyes. He was sitting on the drain with his head in his hands.

Ummi’s forehead is burning like a pan,’ he said with great difficulty, holding back something that suddenly blocked his throat.

But what happened to her husband?

Shanti’s throat was starting to get blocked and her eyes were brimming with tears; But seeing what her husband was doing, she ran towards him leaving the thought of the child. Brought water and got them rinsed. After getting tired they fell on the cot; But after a few moments, what happened to him again.

Shanti’s hands and feet swelled. She alone in the house. Mother-in-law, mother is not near, no other relation is near and there was never any scope to keep servants. She panicked for a moment. She cast a flustered glance at her feverish child and her husband exhausted by indigestion. Suddenly he thought of Gomti.

Shanti had never walked alone in the street. But leaving all hesitation, she ran downstairs. Outside her cell, towards the street, Gomti was sitting in the kitchen, made of only a small curtain of bricks, rolling bread and her black face was shining with the fire of the stove. Shanti saw – her elder brother has just woken up after having food. Then he went ahead and called Gomti with a gesture.

Taking down the pan and pulling out the wood, Gomti ran away in the same way. Then, in a polite manner, Shanti briefly mentioned the condition of her husband and child and then prayed that she should ask her brother to call a doctor immediately. I have heard that the doctor who has his shop along with his laundry, lives nearby on Lajpati Road, if he comes, it would be great.

And then untied a five-rupee note from the edge of the saree, Shanti put it in Gomti’s hand asking why the fee should not be paid in advance: but must bring the doctor. And then while walking, he also prayed that if it is possible by baking roti, then you just come, Ummi….

Shanti’s throat was full. Gomti had said- don’t worry, I will send my brother now and I too have just come and saying this she ran away.

When Shanti turned back, she felt her legs trembling with doubt and fear and her heart pounding as she climbed the stairs.

Going upstairs she saw-her husband is descending from above. He has an empty pot in his hand, his face has become paler than before, and sweat has left on his forehead.

Seeing Shanti’s blown away face, he tried to laugh and said – Don’t worry, cholera doesn’t happen in winter.

Shanti said crying – why did you go up, you would have sat on the drain there; But when the husband pointed to the drain and then to the sick child lying on the cot, the peace fell silent.

She first supported her husband and made him lie on the bed, then poured water on the drain, then spread the bed in the other room, put the child on it. Then Gomti came. Everyone had eaten the food, picked up his share of flour, extinguished the fire, she had run away.

Shanti said – I have brought Ummi to the other side of the room. I am afraid she has got cold. He has started breathing with more difficulty and the cough has also increased. Take clothes from the old sheet lying in the lower closet and put coals in the stove and bake it on his chest. There is something wrong with his stomach. I do some treatment for it here. If nothing else, I just spin the bottle with hot water.

Gomti said – BBG, give them something to digest. You have celery in our house! I have been taking some of it, until the doctor comes, give it to him with some warm water.

Without any hesitation, Shanti took the black celery bundled in a dirty bundle and Gomti ran downstairs to get clothes after putting coals in the stove.

It was evening outside. Sitting there in the darkness of the room, in front of Shanti’s eyes, they all wandered day and night with worries and worries. Her husband did not have cholera; But Gastroenteritis was of acute type.

Until the arrival of the doctor, Shanti had given him celery of yours on Gomti’s request, had also smelled onions and Gomti had picked up the stove and gone to the other room to bake the child’s chest. On the arrival of the doctor, it was found that he had pneumonia and needed utmost care.

How Shanti looked after both her husband and her child at the same time, she looked at Gomti with her helplessness; But she didn’t have to move her lips, Gomti had taken all the burden of the child’s service and care on her shoulders. Shanti did not even know when she goes home, when she feeds or eats food to the family members or whether she eats or not. When he looked, he found her near the child like a shadow. For many days, Gomti took care of the child by eating only one June.

It was afternoon, her husband had gone to the shop. Ummi was also relaxed now and he was sleeping on her lap and Gomti was learning to knit a sweater with old wool threads on the floor beside her. After so many days, the eyelids of tired-sleepy peace were slowly closing, she used to open them; But they used to stop again.

After all, she fell asleep just like that. When she woke up again, she saw Ummi crying, and Gomti lovingly lullabying her in a melodious voice. Shanti closed her eyes again. He heard Gomti singing softly-

Aari Kakko, Jaari Kakko, Jungle Pakko Ber

Frightened, the bird flew away.

and then-

Come on bird! Cook two pappads!

Frightened, the bird has to fly away!

The child was silent. After finishing the lullaby, he hugged the child and kissed him. Shanti saw with half-moistened eyes, Gomti’s black healthy face bent over the child’s pale yellow withered face.

Tears of happiness welled up in his eyes. He got up and took the child from Gomti and when she started sitting on the sack again, Shanti held her hand with the other hand and while making her sit on the cot, tied her to his arm and said – from today you are my sister. Gomti!

Shanti was lost in these memories with eyes closed, tears were flowing silently from her eyes that suddenly her husband entered inside. Once upon a time, Lala Deendayal, who once ran a laundry and did not hesitate to heat the iron with his own hand and press the clothes when the time required, and Lala Deendayal, the owner of the famous Lahore firm ‘Deendayal and Sons’, the famous share broker Lala Deendayal, is great. There was a difference.

In this period of ten years, though his hair had become gray, but his body had become more gross. Instead of wearing dirty clothes, although loose-fitting and often owner of the laundry, he was now wearing a silk suit of the finest kind and on his feet was wearing white silk socks and black sandals.

Shanti quickly wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.

Pressing the power button, he said – what are you lying here in the dark. Get up, roam outside in the garden and then say – I got a call from Indrani that if sister wants, we should watch the movie today.

Sister- Shanti smiled wistfully in her heart and a picture of another black-clad girl was drawn in front of her, whom she had once called sister. But apparently he just said – I am not feeling well!

L.A. Deendayal went out with puffed up mouth.

Then wiping her eyes once again and having recovered a bit, Shanti came to the table and sat on the chair, the pad moved towards her, she took up the pen and wrote-

Sister Gomti,

Your sister has become big now. Big man’s wife. The wives of big men are now his sisters. When is a caged bird allowed to meet its free-spirited fellows? I told you to come again yesterday; But now you don’t come tomorrow. Try to forget this captive sister of yours.


This time he didn’t even cut a line and didn’t tear the paper. Yes, once while writing, he had dried the one or two drops of tears that fell on the letter spontaneously with blotting paper.

Then after closing the letter in an envelope, he called the servant and handed over the envelope to him and asked him to give it to Gomti, the daughter of the priest of the temple of the East in Mahilal Street. And then explaining – Gomti, it’s been a few days since she came from her in-laws house.

The servant was leaving with the letter when Shanti called him again and tore the letter from his hand. Then slowly he said – You tell Gomti that suddenly the wife is going to Mackay today and will not return for two months.

Saying this she again went to the window and looked at the rising darkness in place of the setting sun.

It was just that this afternoon when they were playing bridge, the servant came and informed them that Gomti, the daughter of the priest of Mahilal Street, had come. Then leaving the game in the middle, and forgetting that her partner was Rai Sahib Lala Bihari Lal, she ran away and took Gomti in her arms and then she took her to her room, then both of them talked for a long time. She was talking about happiness and sorrow.

Shanti had learned how Gomti’s husband started working, took her away and made her the mother of four children and that Gomti had inquired about Ummi and the other children.

Deendayal had come to call her several times in the meanwhile, but she did not go and when she had sent Gomti away with the promise of coming the next day, her husband had said – you are not ashamed, you are taking that rude and uncouth woman. You kept sitting, you don’t care about my respect at all. Carrying him by the side, she passed in front of them all. Rai Saheb and his wife started laughing and finally left after waiting…!

After this he had said many more things, but Shanti had decided that she would consider the cage as a cage and would not try to fly.


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