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Best 30+ Good Night Love Images


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Romantic Love Story


One day Raj goes to the temple with his mother. Raj did not feel like going to the temple at all! He had gone there on the advice of his mother.

Raj did not know that his going to the temple today was going to give a new direction to his life.

Raj’s mom goes inside the temple! The same Raj waits for his mother to arrive outside the temple.

Just then, Raj’s eyes fall on the girl. Who lives in a blue colored long frock.

He sees that a small child was pulling the girl’s clothes. Raj laughs seeing this! But as soon as the girl turns towards the little child, she scolds him. Raj keeps looking at her.

Raj finds that girl so beautiful that he cannot take his eyes off her. Raj becomes sad thinking about it in his mind. He thinks this child is his! Meaning this girl is married. Otherwise I would have definitely convinced him.

After some time, the child’s real mother comes and takes him in her lap. Seeing this, Raj becomes very happy.

And now he thinks that no matter what happens to this girl, he will not let her go. I will keep it as mine.


What is The Next Step?


When the girl starts leaving the temple, Raj also follows her. After a short while the girl’s eyes fall on Raj! So the girl looks at him angrily and looks away.

Seeing this, Raj could not muster the courage to move forward. Then he thinks! I have this chance, who knows whether it will be visible next time or not.

But he was also feeling scared! That if he went ahead and said something to her, she would be insulted.

That’s why he secretly follows the girl to her house. And his house takes his life.

Next day in the evening he keeps wandering here and there in front of her house! And waits for that girl to come out.

The girl doesn’t come out after about half an hour! But the balcony on the second floor is there! He stands up and looks at her.

The girl also notices Raj. She thinks he is the same boy from the temple, he has reached my house. Then she ignores him and goes inside the house. So after some time Raj also leaves from there.


Does The Girl Like Him?


Raj would come and see like this every day for a week and the girl would ignore him every time and go inside.

After that Raj decided to do something so that his attention also falls on me. And ignore me like this. Only then will my love story move forward.

Raj arrives outside her house again the next day! And after some time the girl also comes to the balcony. After that he gives her 10-12 flying kisses continuously.

Seeing this the girl stares at him. He gives a flying kiss again! And by making his heart gesture he shows her that he loves her.

The girl takes out her slippers and points at him and says in a gesture – Run away otherwise I will hit you with the slippers. Raj puts his cheek forward and says in a gesture – Don’t hit me, I am right here.

Meanwhile he once again does a flying kiss. After this the girl looks at him angrily and goes inside. Raj also leaves from there thinking for some time.

Raj thinks how can I tell her my feelings? Then he thought I would write a letter and give it to him. He writes a nice love letter overnight.


Reply To Love Letter


When he arrives again the next day, he throws the love letter on the girl’s balcony even before she arrives. And hides at a place and checks whether he picked up the love letter or not.

After some time, the girl comes to the balcony and sees the letter. When she opens the letter and reads it, she starts looking here and there, where is that boy?

Within a few moments the girl sees that Raj is hiding. After seeing this the secret comes out! And tells her in a gesture that I love you.

The girl tears the letter in front of him and throws it out of the balcony. Seeing this, Raj’s heart breaks and he goes home sad.

Raj thinks that maybe he should propose to her in person. Maybe he will understand my love and express his feelings.

He goes the next day and throws a letter again. The girl comes and reads that letter! It is written in it that come out once, I have to discuss something important. I will never bother you again after that! The girl doesn’t say anything to him and goes inside.


What Does She Do?


After about 20 minutes, she comes out of the house and goes to a shop and starts buying something.

Raj immediately runs towards that shop and reaches him. And he goes to him and says – I have troubled you a lot! But just so that you can be mine.

When I saw you for the first time in the temple! I liked you right away so I thought I would talk to you today. But if you stared at me, I would feel insulted, that is why I did not come to you.

I have been visiting your house for almost a month! Because I love you.

You also tore my love letter and threw it away yesterday. After this I was not going to come here! But I have come again one last time because of my love. I want to hear yes or no of my love from your mouth.

The girl does not say anything after hearing all this and walks away smiling for the first time today. Seeing the girl going, he tries to stop her but she doesn’t stop. And after reaching her home, she smiles seeing Raj while closing the main gate.


Does The Girl Do It Or Not?


Raj does not get any response from the girl! He goes home and thinks what was his answer? Does she even love me or not? Raj spends the whole night thinking this.

The next day he turns back with a sad heart! Thinking this, if he doesn’t say anything today, I will never come again! And today, in any case, I will demand answers from him. Today, whether on this side or on the other side.

He reaches there. And waits for the girl to arrive. After some time the girl comes there! And she sees Raj and immediately goes back.

Raj understands that she does not love him. Before going home, he sits on the seat with his head down with a sad heart.

After about 10 minutes, a folded letter falls near him. While picking up the letter, he looks in the balcony and sees the girl there.

He quickly opens that letter! It is written in it that that day you tore your love letter and threw it away so that no one could get that letter.

I come to the balcony at the same time every day just for you! The time you come and stand in front of my house. ‘Yes’ I love you too.


How Did The Misunderstanding Take Place?


After reading this, Raj starts dancing with joy. And looking at the girl, he gives a flying kiss! And this time the girl catches his flying kiss. And goes inside laughing.

Raj now becomes very happy and all night long he just thinks about how can I meet her?

He goes to her house the next day and stands outside! So that she comes out and I can ask her when will you meet me?

He throws the letter on the balcony again! And it is written in it where and when will you meet? And Raj leaves from there after throwing the letter. Because he had some other household work too.

But his mother comes there in that balcony. And starts reading the letter! After reading the letter she looks here and there. His mother understands that something is definitely wrong here. And she tears the letter and throws it away.

When Raj comes back after some time, the girl is not there. Raj gets very worried as to why she is not giving any answer? I don’t even know its name yet.

Raj comes like this for 2-3 days but neither does he see the girl nor does she respond to him.


Why Isn’t She Talking


Now Raj wonders what happened to him? She did say that she loved me! While he is thinking that the girl comes to the balcony. And she looks at Raj but doesn’t say anything or give any hint.

Thinking this, Raj tries to ask her, immediately the girl goes into the house. Raj gets very angry about this and goes home.

He does not go there the next day. He wonders what he has done! Why are you not saying anything? Raj thinks I will forget him.

After some time Raj starts feeling uneasy so he gets up and goes out. He tries to understand himself.

And he says to himself – Let me go straight into her room! After that I will ask her face to face why are you doing all this? What do you want from me?

He reaches in front of his house around 11 pm. Till this time everything seemed empty! He climbs the wall of his house and reaches inside.


Could Raj Talk?


He thinks, but how can I go up? Then he sees the pipe! He tries to go up holding the same pipe! After some efforts, Raj manages to climb up. But the door of his room remains closed.

He tries to knock on the door slowly! And also tries to call him from the window. But she is sleeping very comfortably.

Seeing this, Raj thinks, look how comfortably she herself is sleeping! And she is spinning me like this all night long.

After some time, Raj notices that his window glass is slightly open. He opens the glass completely and calls her softly but she does not listen.

Raj checks his pocket to see if there is anything he can throw to wake her up. He then gets 2-3 coins.

He throws a coin towards him but the coin falls down. The one who makes the sound still does not wake up.

He throws another coin and it hits him straight in the face. Due to the impact of the coin, she immediately gets up and sits up. And starts checking here and there.


What Happened Between The Two?


Raj calls out to her softly, “I am here, open the door.” The girl could not see clearly! She comes closer and sees him and recognizes him.

After that she opens the door and says what are you doing here so late in the night? If someone sees it, we both will be in trouble.

On this Raj says let’s see! First tell me why you are not giving any answer to my question for so many days. I also wrote a letter to you.

She says I did not receive any letter. Raj says ok leave it! Tell me when and where will you meet me?

The girl says that yesterday at the same place, at the same time where we met for the first time. Now she says go now otherwise someone will see. Raj immediately goes away from there laughing.

Next day morning he goes to the temple and waits for her. She will come in a little while! Raj immediately goes to him and says. Now give me your mobile number immediately. When she gives the number, Raj says, tell me the name, what should I do?

The girl tells her name – Aarohi! And he asks why were you not giving me any sign for so many days? Nor did you come to the balcony.

The girl says that she was very busy with household work at that time and that is why she was not coming.

Raj was now happy and had found his love after so many days. Both are happily together today.


Final Word

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