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Best 20+ Independence Day Images


Independence Day Images

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Best Independence Day Images

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Download Independence Day Images

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Happy Independence Day Images

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Independence Day Images

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Indian Independence Day Images

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Essay On Independence Day


15th August is a very special day for our Indian democracy and Indians. On this day we got freedom from the British rule, after almost 200 years our country was completely freed from the tyranny and slavery of the British on 15 August 1947. It is a very special and golden day for Indians, and we all together celebrate this day of independence with great enthusiasm and fanfare. Today our country has completed 76 years of independence, but even today our eyes become moist remembering those moments of independence.


History Of Indian Independence Day


Arrival of the British in India – About 400 years ago, the East India Company of the British had come to India for the purpose of doing business in India. In those days Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be part of India. Along with their business, the British here began to test the poverty, helplessness and weaknesses of the people, and took advantage of their compulsions.

The British gradually took advantage of the compulsions of the Indians and started torturing them by making them slaves, and mainly they used to suppress the poor and helpless people under their debts. On not repaying the loan, he made them his slaves and started doing arbitrary work and torturing them. One by one, they went on subordinating the kingdoms and their kings, and took control over almost the whole of India.

Atrocities on Indians – During the occupation of India by the British, they started torturing the people, such as collecting arbitrary rent, capturing their fields and grains, etc. Due to this, the people here had to bear a lot of atrocities. When they opposed this atrocity, they were fired with bullets like the Jallianwala incident happened.

Anger of Indians against British rule – British attitude towards Indians and their atrocities were increasing day by day and anger and revenge fire among Indians was also increasing. The fire of this barbaric attitude of the British was seen for the first time in 1857 in the form of Mangal Pandey’s rebellion. Due to this rebellion of Mangal Pandey, he was killed, due to this, the anger of the people towards the British increased and new movements started coming to the fore.

Demand for freedom – Anger among the people due to the increasing atrocities of the British and the demand for their freedom started coming to the fore. Due to which incidents of many agitations and skirmishes against the British government continued to increase. Mangal Pandey was the first to demand independence by protesting in 1857, and because of this he had to lose his life. Gradually, voices demanding freedom from the tyranny of the British started coming from other places of India as well.

Important contribution of freedom fighters for freedom – Many freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives to free India from the tyranny of the British, the most incredible contribution of them has been that of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhiji forced the British rule, which had been ruling India for almost 200 years, to defeat with two weapons like truth and non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi made truth and non-violence his weapon and also inspired people and asked people to adopt it and fight against the tyranny of the British. The people of the country supported him a lot and took part in the freedom struggle. People used to call him Bapu with love and respect.

Contribution of some other freedom fighters in freedom – Although the whole of India contributed something in its own way in the freedom struggle, but there were some people who contributed to freedom by showing their leadership, strategy and their skills. .

Many other freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Bal Gangadhar Tilak fought against the British along with the people. Some continued their fight mainly by adopting truth and non-violence. On the other hand, there were some freedom fighters who adopted the path of violence against the British rule, who were given the name of a revolutionary.

These revolutionaries mainly fought the battle against the British by joining any organization. Mainly Mangal Pandey, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru etc. were many such revolutionaries who contributed to freedom in their own way.

Everyone’s unshakable strength and freedom efforts shook the British rule, and forced the British to leave India on 15 August 1947. We celebrate this historic day as Independence Day.

Celebrating Independence – After tireless efforts and sacrifices of our freedom fighters and people, we got freedom from British tyranny and slavery on 15th August 1947, since then till date we celebrate this historic day as a festival of independence. This national festival of independence is celebrated in every corner of the country. The brightness of its celebration can also be seen in all government, private institutions, schools, offices and markets.

This celebration of Independence Day is marked by the hoisting of the National Flag Tricolor by the Prime Minister of India at the Red Fort in Delhi and many other cultural programs are also organized. On this day everywhere people celebrate by drowning in the atmosphere of patriotism.




August 15, is known as a historical National Day, and we celebrate this day every year as Independence Day. Its brightness can be seen in all government institutions, schools and markets and the freedom fighters of our country are remembered. Only the voices of patriotism are heard everywhere, we meet each other and congratulate each other for independence and make their mouth sweet.




Question 1 – When is Independence Day celebrated?
Answer – Independence Day is celebrated every year on 15 August.

Question 2 – Where is the flag hoisted on Independence Day?
Answer – The flag is hoisted on the Red Fort on Independence Day.

Question 3 – Who hoists the flag on Independence Day?
Answer – The Prime Minister of the country hoists the flag on Independence Day.

Question 4 – Who chose the date of August 15 for Independence Day?
Answer – The date of August 15 for Independence Day was chosen by Lord Mountbatten.


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