Best 25+ Lehenga For Girls

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Best 25+ Lehenga For Girls


Beautiful Lehenga For Girls

Best Lehenga Designs

Best Lehenga For Girls

Black Lehenga For Girls

Bridal Lehenga Designs

Bridal Lehenga For Girls

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Latest Lehenga For Girls

Latest Lehenga For Girls

Lehenga Designs For Girls

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Lehenga For Girls Wedding

Lehenga For Girls

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Pink Lehenga For Girls

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Simple Lehenga Designs

Simple Lehenga For Girls

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Traditional Lehenga Designs

Wedding Lehenga Designs

Wedding Lehenga For Girls

Yellow Lehenga For Girls


Lehenga Tips


Girls want everything perfect at the time of their marriage. A wedding lehenga is at the top of her shopping list and she wants the lehenga to be such that the onlookers are left staring at it. Of course, there is no doubt that everyone would like that.

Now in such a situation, it is also very important to choose the right lehenga. In such a situation, brides are often very confused about the wedding lehenga, but if you are very confused about buying a lehenga, then you must keep these things in mind while buying a lehenga. If you keep these things in mind then you will look slim and toned in your wedding lehenga.

Wedding day is special for everyone. That’s why everyone does a lot of shopping for this day. If you too are going to be a bride soon and are going to buy a wedding lehenga. So definitely keep some things in mind.

These days a lot of variety of lehenga is available in the market. Because of which you may get confused. But it would not be right to buy a lehenga just by looking at the design. By taking care of some things, your look will look absolutely perfect on the wedding day. So let us know what are the important things which should be kept in mind while buying a lehenga.

For slim body – If your figure is very slim and you have a long height, then you should buy a lehenga with a lot of coverage. The surrounded lehenga balances both your height and figure. You can also try a lehenga with a big print or patch work design. It looks very beautiful to see.

For curvy figure – If your height is normal and body is curvy, then you should choose fish cut lehenga. It is very beautiful in appearance. A flared lehenga can make your height appear even shorter. You can also try straight cut lehenga. A lehenga with such a shape will suit your personality a lot and will enhance your beauty even more.

Take care of the fabric – While choosing a lehenga, you have to take a lot of care of the fabric. If your height is high, then you can buy a nice bordered Banarasi or net lehenga. If your height is short, then you should buy georgette or crepe base fabric lehenga. It balances your height and helps you look beautiful.

Pay special attention to the border – If your height is short, then keep in mind that the lehenga should not have a wide border. Buy a thin or borderless lehenga. It looks very beautiful, as far as possible choose a lehenga with small print patterns.

It helps to make your height appear longer but if your height is high then you can buy lehenga with wide border. It looks very beautiful to see. This is the real purpose of the border, it helps to balance your height.

Choose colors like this – If your complexion is fair then you can take light or dark colored lehenga, but if your complexion is dark, then you should take only green colored lehenga. Bright color lehenga looks great on people with dusky complexion.

Take care of the fabric – If you are going to buy a lehenga, then keep in mind that the fabric of the lehenga should be soft and easy to carry. Because on the wedding day you have to sit wearing a lehenga for a long time. So take care of the fabric along with the design. So that they don’t prick you and you can sit wearing lehenga comfortably.

Design be the latest – You will find many varieties of lehengas in the market. But you should be aware of the latest fashion. For this you can take the help of internet. You can get an up-to-date look with the help of latest fashion lehenga. For the latest design, you must also have a look at the wedding look of Bollywood actresses to the lehenga worn in parties. With this, you will get to know a lot of fashion trends.

Take care of the color too – It is important to choose the right color for the bridal lehenga. Choose a color according to your skin tone. That’s why it would be better to go to buy a lehenga only after choosing a color for yourself with the help of a beauty expert. This will make it easier for you to shop. These days pastel color is in trend but if you are going to buy lehenga according to your tradition then choose the right colour.

Keep in mind the body type – Along with the fabric and design and color of the lehenga, it is important that you choose the texture of the lehenga according to your body type. If you are of pear shape body then do not choose mermaid shape lehenga. Rather straight look lehenga will suit you. On the other hand, if you are a bit too slim, then you can choose a lehenga with a heavy hoop. It will look beautiful on your waist.


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