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Radha Krishna Love Story


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 4th February. This day is dedicated to love. Whenever there is talk of any love story, the name of Radha-Krishna comes first. Even though Radha and Krishna were not married, their love was selfless and spiritual. The love of Radha and Shri Krishna is immortal. Many mythological stories are prevalent regarding the love of Radha-Krishna. Let us know about some such unheard love stories of Radha and Krishna.

Radha had become unconscious after seeing Krishna – According to a legend, Radha was about five years older than Shri Krishna. He saw Shri Krishna for the first time when his mother Yashoda tied him to an oak tree. It is said that on seeing Krishna for the first time, Radha became unconscious and fell in love. On seeing Krishna, Radha felt as if she had a relationship with Krishna in her previous birth.

On the other hand, some scholars say that Radha had come to Gokul for the first time with her father. Then he saw Shri Krishna for the first time. The place where both of them met for the first time is called Sanket Tirtha. Just like Radha lost her senses on seeing Krishna, in the same way, Krishna also got mad after seeing Radha. Both of them fell in love at first sight.

These two things were very dear to Shri Krishna – It is said that at that time only two things were most dear to Shri Krishna, one was flute and the other was Radha. Wherever Radha was, she used to get drawn to the tune of Krishna’s flute. When Krishna left Radha and started going to Mathura, he gifted his most beloved Murli to Radha. Radha had also preserved this Murli for years. Whenever she remembered Shri Krishna, she used to play this Murli.

Whereas Shri Krishna used to plant peacock feathers in the memory of Radha and used to wear Vaijayanti garland. According to mythology, Shri Krishna got the peacock feather when he was once dancing with Radha in the garden. He picked up this peacock feather and put it on his head and Radha garlanded Sri Krishna with Vaijayanti garland before dancing. Radha is considered incomplete without Lord Krishna and Krishna is considered incomplete without Radha.


1. Radha Loved Krishna The Most


Once Devrishi Narad became worried after hearing the praise of Radha’s name in all three worlds. He himself loved Krishna so much. When he went to Shri Krishna to solve his problem, he saw that Krishna was suffering from headache.

Narada asked, ‘Lord, is there no cure for this pain?’ Krishna replied, ‘If any of my devotees give his Charanodaka to drink, this pain can be soothed. If Rukmini gives her Charanodak to drink, perhaps there may be benefit.

Narad thought, ‘The feet of the devotee are in the mouth of God.’ Then he went to Rukmini and told her the whole situation. Rukmini also said, ‘No-no, Devrishi, I cannot commit this sin.’ Narad returned and expressed Rukmini’s disagreement to Krishna.

Then Krishna sent him to Radha. As soon as Radha heard this, she immediately brought water in a vessel and dipped her feet in it and said to Narad, ‘Devrishi, take him immediately to Krishna. I know that this will send me to severe hell, but for the happiness of my beloved, I am ready to suffer this torture.’

Then Devrishi Narad understood why Radha’s love was being praised in all three worlds. In the presented incident, Radha has shown love. This is the pinnacle of true love, which does not calculate profit or loss.


2. Radha Krishna’s First Meeting


Goddess Radha has been described as the eternal life partner of Shri Krishna in the Puranas. It is told in Brahmavaivarta Purana that the love of Radha and Krishna is not of this world but of the other world. From the beginning of creation and even after the end of creation, both of them reside in Goloka continuously.

But in the worldly world, the love of Shri Krishna and Radha was in human form and in this form there is a very interesting story of their meeting and the beginning of love. According to a legend, the first meeting of Goddess Radha and Shri Krishna took place when Goddess Radha was eleven months old and Lord Shri Krishna was just one day old. The occasion was the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna.

It is believed that Goddess Radha was eleven months older than Lord Shri Krishna and had come to Nandgaon with her mother Kirti on the birth anniversary of Krishna. Here Shri Krishna was swinging in the cradle and Radha was in the lap of Mata.

The second meeting of Lord Shri Krishna and Goddess Radha was not worldly but supernatural. In this context, a story is found in Garg Samhita. It is a matter of that time when Lord Shri Krishna was a small child. In those days, once Nandaray ji was passing through Bhandir forest with child Shri Krishna.

Suddenly a light appeared before him which became visible in the form of Goddess Radha. Nandray ji became happy after getting the darshan of Goddess Radha. Radha said to hand over Shri Krishna to her, Nandarai ji handed over Shri Krishna in Radha ji’s lap.

Shri Krishna left his child form and became a teenager. That’s why Brahma ji also appeared there. Brahma ji got Krishna married to Radha. Krishna stayed in this forest with Radha for some time. Then Goddess Radha handed over Krishna in his child form to Nandaray ji.

Radha Krishna’s cosmic meeting and love is believed to have started from a place called Sanket. Barsana village is situated at a distance of four miles from Nand village. Barsana is considered to be the birthplace of Radha ji. There is a village between Nandgaon and Barsana which is called ‘Sanket’.

There is a belief about this place that it was here that the cosmic meeting of Lord Shri Krishna and Radha ji took place for the first time. Every year a fair is organized here from Radhashtami i.e. Bhadra Shukla Ashtami to Chaturdashi Tithi and the devotees enjoy remembering the love of Radha Krishna.

There is a story about why this place was named Sanket. When the time came for Shri Krishna and Radha to appear on earth, a place was decided where both of them were decided to meet. The place of meeting was symbolic, hence it was called Sanket.


3. Radha’s Sacred Depth Of Love


Radha, who expanded her heart so much to accommodate the vastness of Krishna, that the whole of Braj became her heart. That’s why Krishna also asks – Bujhat Shyam kaun tu Gauri! But it is not possible to fathom the love of Radha and Radha. The whole environment changes as soon as he comes to Kurukshetra. Rukmani also gives her jealousy to Radha with hot milk. Remembering Krishna, Radha drinks it in one breath.

Rukmani sees that Shri Krishna has blisters on his feet, as if they have been burnt by hot cooking oil. She asks how are these blisters? Krishna says – O dear! I am in the heart of Radha. The jealousy in your heart which Radha silently drank has burst from my body. That is why it is said that “the elements of Tatvan, Jagjivan, are the children of Shri Krishna Chandra and the elements of Krishna are the children of Vrishabhanu.”


4. Why Did Krishna And Radha Not Get Married?


When Radha’s love for Krishna started pricking the society, she was banned from leaving the house. But Radha could not stop herself after listening to the tune of Krishna’s flute. Seeing this, his family members tied him to the cot.

It was full moon evening. Radhe heard the sweet sound of the flute. He started feeling that he should just leave his body and go there. Krishna realized Radhe’s desire and the pain she was going through. He along with Uddhav and Balram went to Radhe’s house and climbed onto her roof. Krishna said, ‘Eight years ago when I was tied with mortar, this girl came to me. Then his eyes fell on me.

From that moment I have become the basis of his life. He removed the tile of Radhe’s room, slowly got down and freed Radhe. Meanwhile, Balram also came down from the roof. He picked up both Krishna and Radhe and came out. After this everyone danced a lot the whole night. Next morning when mother saw, Radhe was sleeping on her bed.

This was the last Raas of Purnima. Krishna told Mother Yashoda that he wanted to marry Radhe. On this the mother said, ‘Radhe is not the right girl for you; The reason for this is that firstly she is five years older than you, secondly she is already engaged to someone else. The one with whom she is engaged is in Kansa’s army. Now he has gone to fight the war. When he returns, he will marry his fiancée.

That’s why you can’t marry him. Anyway, she is not the daughter-in-law I have imagined. Besides, he is not even from a noble family. He is a simple cowherd and you are the chief’s son. We will find a good bride for you. Hearing this, Krishna said, ‘I don’t know whether he is right for me or not. All I know is that since she has seen me, she has loved me and she lives within me. I want to marry him.

This debate between mother and son increased. When mother Yashoda had nothing to say, the matter reached her father. The mother said, ‘Look, your son wants to marry that Radhe. That girl is not well. She is so impudent that she dances in the whole village. You can imagine the society of that time.

Krishna’s father Nanda was very soft hearted, loved his son very much. He talked to Krishna about this, but Krishna insisted on convincing him too. In such a situation, Nand felt that now Krishna should be taken to the Guru. He will explain to him. Gargacharya and his disciple Sandipani were the teachers of Krishna. The Guru explained to Krishna, ‘The purpose of your life is different. It has been prophesied that you are the saviour.

You are the protector of Dharma in this world. You don’t have to marry this Gwalan. You have a specific goal. Krishna said, ‘What kind of goal is this, Gurudev? If you want me to establish religion, should I start this campaign with this adharma? You are talking about establishing righteousness and saintliness in the society. Is it right to start this campaign with a wrong deed? Guru Gargacharya said, ‘Who told you to act against religion?

Krishna said, ‘Eight years ago when I was tied with mortar, this girl came to me. Then his eyes fell on me.

Krishna said, ‘No, I am not exaggerating. This is true. Gargacharya again said, ‘You are the liberator, you have to establish the religion. Krishna said, ‘ I don’t want to be a liberator. I just love my cows, calves, the people here, my friends, these mountains, these trees and I want to live among them. From that moment I have become the basis of his life. His heart, every cell of his body beats for me.

She has not been without me even for a moment. If she doesn’t see me for a day, she becomes like a dead person. She resides completely in me and I in her. In such a situation, if I go away from her, she will definitely die. I want to tell you that when the snake incident happened, if I had died there, many people in the village would have felt sad, but Radhe would have sacrificed her life there. Look, everyone thinks that Krishna is invincible, that he cannot die, but Krishna himself was fully aware of his mortality.

Gargacharya said, ‘Don’t you think, you are exaggerating the whole incident? Krishna said, ‘No, I am not exaggerating. This is true. Gargacharya again said, ‘You are the liberator, you have to establish the religion. Krishna said, ‘ I don’t want to be a liberator. I just love my cows, calves, the people here, my friends, these mountains, these trees and I want to live among them. After hearing all this, Gargacharya felt that the time had come to tell Krishna the truth of his birth.

And thus ended the love story of Radhe-Krishna.


5. End Of Radha-Krishna Love Story


According to folklore, in the last days of her life, Radha left her home and went to Dwarka to meet Krishna. When both of them finally met, neither of them said anything. Both knew that both were connected at heart. But Radha felt that being close to Krishna was not giving the same kind of happiness as she used to feel when she was mentally attached to Krishna. Radha left the palace without saying anything. In the last moments, Krishna fulfilled Radha’s last wish by playing the sweetest flute tune to Radha. Only after this Radha ji merged into Krishna. There is no description of Radha’s death in any Purana.

Why couldn’t Radha-Shyam meet…

The dialogue between Devarshi Narad and Mithila Naresh has been described in the Goloka Kand of Garg Samhita. It was due to the curse of Radha and Sridhama that Radha and Krishna had to face separation of 100 years.

Another story has been written in the 49th chapter of Vishwajit Kand of Shri Garg Samhita. It is said that Radha and Krishna met after 100 years in a yajna which was happening in Kurukshetra during a solar eclipse. During this, Lord Yogeshwar took Radha along with his queens and gopis to Dwarka. Here everyone took part in the Rajasuya Yajna which was conducted by King Ugrasen. At that time Radha was with Krishna as his wife and it is written here that Radha was married to Krishna and she was Chhaya Radha who married Rayan Gopa and became Krishna’s maternal aunt. But only this Yagya is considered to be the proof of the marriage of Radha and Krishna.


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