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Best 15+ Thursday Good Morning Images


Thursday Good Morning Images

Beautiful Thursday Good Morning Images

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Happy Thursday Good Morning Images

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Thursday Good Morning Images Saibaba

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Thursday Good Morning Images With Quotes

Thursday Good Morning Images


Thursday Fast Story


It is a matter of ancient times – there was a very majestic and charitable king, he used to observe fast and do poon on every Thursday. His queen does not like this. She neither observes fast nor gives a single penny to anyone in charity. She used to forbid the king from doing the same. Once upon a time the king went to the forest to hunt.

There was a queen and a maid in the house. At that time, Guru Brihaspati disguised as a monk came to the king’s door to beg for alms. When the sadhu asked for alms from the queen, she started saying, O Sadhu Maharaj. I am fed up with this charity and virtue. You tell me such a solution, by which all this money will be destroyed and I can live comfortably.

Jupiter in the form of a monk said, O Goddess. you are very strange Someone is sad even because of children and money, if you have more money, then use it in auspicious works, so that both your worlds will improve. But the queen was not happy with these words of the monk. He said, I don’t need such money, which I can donate and in handling which all my time is wasted.

The monk said, if you have such a wish, then do as I tell you. On Thursday, you smear the house with cow dung, wash your hair with yellow soil, take bath while washing hair, ask the king to shave, eat meat and wine in food, put clothes to be washed at the washerman. By doing seven Thursdays in this way, all your wealth will be destroyed. Having said this, Lord Vrihaspati, who became a saint, disappeared.

Doing as per the sage’s advice, only three Thursdays had passed for the queen that all her wealth and property were destroyed. The family started craving for food. One day the king said to the queen, O queen. You stay here, I go to another country, because everyone knows me here. That’s why I cannot do any small work. Saying this, the king went abroad. There he used to cut wood from the forest and sell it in the city. In this way he started spending his life.

Here, without the king, the queen and the maidservant started feeling sad. Once when the queen and the maids had to stay without food for seven days, the queen said to her maid, O maid. My sister lives in the nearby city. She is very rich, you go to her and bring something so that you can survive a little.

The maid went to the queen’s sister. That day was Thursday. Rani’s sister was listening to the story of Thursday at that time. The maid gave her queen’s message to the queen’s sister, but the queen’s sister did not respond. When the maid did not get any answer from the queen’s sister, she became very sad. He also got angry. The maid came back and told the whole thing to the queen. Hearing this, the queen cursed her fate.

On the other hand, the queen’s sister thought that my sister’s maid had come, but I did not speak to her, she must have been very sad because of this. After listening to the story and finishing the worship, she went to her sister’s house and said, O sister. I was fasting on Thursday. Your maid has gone, but till the story is told, he neither gets up nor speaks, that’s why I did not speak. Tell me why the maid had gone.

The queen said, sister. There was no grain in our house. The queen’s eyes were filled with tears while saying this. She also told her sister about being hungry along with the maids. Rani’s sister said, look sister. God Jupiter fulfills everyone’s wishes. Look, maybe you have grains in your house. Hearing this, the maid went inside the house and there she found a pot full of grains. He was very surprised because he had seen every utensil.

He came out and told the queen. The maid started saying to the queen, O queen. When we don’t get food, we do fast, so why not ask them the method of fasting and story, we will also fast. At the behest of the maid, the queen asked her sister about the fast on Thursday. His sister told, worship Lord Vishnu in a banana root with gram dal and dry grapes on Thursday’s fast and light a lamp. Eat yellow food and listen to the story. This pleases the Guru God, fulfills the wishes. The queen’s sister returned to her home after telling the method of fasting and worship.

Both the queen and the maid decided that they would definitely worship Lord Brihaspati. After seven days, when Thursday came, he observed a fast. Went to Ghudsal and brought gram and jaggery and worshiped banana root and Lord Vishnu with its lentils. Where did the yellow food come from now? Both were very sad. But he had observed a fast, so Lord Brihaspati was pleased. As an ordinary person, he brought beautiful yellow food in two plates and gave it to the maid and said, O maid. This food is for you and your queen, both of you take it. The maid was very happy after getting the food. He told the whole thing to the queen.

After that she started fasting and worshiping Guru Bhagwan on every Thursday. By the grace of Lord Jupiter, he got wealth. But the queen again started laziness like before. Then the maid said, look queen. Earlier also you used to be lazy like this, you used to have difficulty in keeping money, because of this all the money was destroyed. Now you have got money by the grace of Guru Bhagwan, then you feel lazy.

We have got this money after a lot of trouble, so we should do charity. Now you feed hungry people, get them drinking water, donate to Brahmins, get wells-ponds-step wells etc. built, donate knowledge by building temples-schools, get unmarried girls married, that is, spend money in auspicious works, so that your May the family’s fame increase and heaven be attained and ancestors be happy. After listening to the maid, the queen started doing auspicious deeds. His fame started spreading.

One day the queen and the maidservant started thinking among themselves that they don’t know in what condition the king would be, there is no news of his discovery. He devoutly prayed to Lord Guru (Jupiter) that wherever the king may be, he should return soon.

On the other hand, the king started living very sad in the foreign country. He used to bring wood from the forest every day and sell it in the city and spend his miserable life with great difficulty. One day he was sad, remembering his old things, he started crying and became sad.

At the same time Brihaspati Dev came to the king in the guise of a monk and said, O woodcutter. Tell me, in what worry are you sitting in this deserted forest. Hearing this, tears filled the eyes of the king. After worshiping the monk, the king told his whole story. Mahatmas are kind. They said to the king, O king, your wife had committed a crime against Jupiter, due to which you were in this condition. Now don’t worry, God will give you more money than before. Look, your wife has started fasting on Thursday.

Now you also fast on Thursday and worship banana by putting gram dal and jaggery in a pot of water. Then tell or listen to the story. God will fulfill all your wishes. After listening to the monk, the king said, O Lord. So much money is not saved by selling wood, so that I can save something after meals. I have seen my queen distraught at night. I do not have any means by which I can know his news. I don’t even know which story to tell then.

The monk said, O king. Make up your mind to fast and worship Lord Jupiter. He himself will make a way for you. On Thursday you go to the city with wood as usual. You will get twice as much money from daily, with which you will be able to eat well and you will also get the goods for the worship of Brihaspati Dev. What you have asked about the story of Thursday is as follows –


Story Of Brihaspatidev


In ancient times there was a very poor Brahmin. He didn’t have any children. He worships daily, his wife neither bathes nor worships any deity. Because of this, the Brahmin gods used to be very sad.

By the grace of God, a girl child was born to a Brahmin. The girl started growing up. After taking bath in the morning, she used to chant Lord Vishnu. She also started fasting on Thursday. When she went to school after finishing worship, she used to carry barley in her fist and put it on the way to school. While returning, the same barley would have turned golden, she would have picked them and brought them home. One day the girl was cleaning those golden barley by beating them in the soup when her mother saw her and said, O daughter. There should also be a soup of gold to beat the barley of gold.

The second day was Thursday. The girl kept a fast and prayed to Jupiter to give her gold soup. Brihaspatidev accepted his prayer. Like everyday, the girl went to school spreading barley. After returning from school, when she was picking barley, she got gold soup by the grace of Jupiter. She brought it home and started cleaning barley with it. But his mother’s manner remained the same.

It was a matter of one day, when the girl was cleaning the barley in the golden soup, at that time the prince of that city came out from there. Seeing the form and work of the girl, he was fascinated by her. After coming to the palace, he gave up food and water and lay down sad.

When the king came to know about the prince giving up food and water, he along with his ministers went to his son and asked the reason. The prince also told the king the address of that girl’s house. The minister went to that girl’s house. The minister made a request before the Brahmin on behalf of the king. After a few days, the marriage of the Brahmin’s daughter was completed with the prince.

As soon as the girl left the house, the Brahmin’s house became the abode of poverty like before. One day, being sad, the Brahmin went to meet his daughter. The daughter saw the father’s condition and asked about her mother’s condition, the Brahmin told her everything. The girl bid farewell to her father by giving a lot of money. But after a few days the same situation happened again. The Brahmin again went to his daughter’s place and asked about her condition. The daughter said, O father.

You bring mother here. I will tell them the method by which poverty will go away. When the Brahmin deity reached the palace near his daughter with his wife, the daughter began to explain to her mother, O mother, you worship Lord Vishnu early in the morning after taking bath, then all poverty will go away. But his mother did not listen to a single thing of his. She used to wake up early in the morning and eat the leftovers of her daughter.

One day her daughter got very angry, she locked her mother in a closet. In the morning, after getting her bathed and getting her worshiped, her mother’s intelligence got cured.

After this, she started worshiping according to the rules and started fasting on every Thursday. After death, due to the effect of this fast, she went to heaven. That Brahmin also attained heaven after enjoying the pleasures of this world. By telling the story in this way, the gods who became sages disappeared from there.

After the passage of time, the day of Thursday came again. The king cut wood from the forest and went to sell it in the city. He got more money that day than any other day. The king fasted on Thursday by bringing gram, jaggery etc. From that day all his troubles went away. But when the day of next Thursday came, he forgot to observe the fast on Thursday, due to which Lord Brihaspati got angry.

On that day, the king of that city had organized a huge yagya and got an announcement made in his whole state that everyone should come to my place to have food. The stove should not burn in anyone’s house. Whoever disobeys this order will be hanged.

As per the order of the king, all the residents of the state attended the king’s feast, but the woodcutter arrived a little late, so the king took him with him to the palace. When the king was giving food to the woodcutter, the queen’s eyes fell on the peg on which her necklace was hanging. He did not see the necklace hanging on the peg. The queen was sure that this woodcutter has stolen my necklace. At the same time soldiers were called and he was put in jail.

The woodcutter started thinking in the jail that I don’t know from which karma of my previous birth I have got this sorrow and started remembering the monk he met in the forest. Immediately Brihaspati appeared in the form of a sage and said, O fool, you did not tell the story of Brihaspati, that is why you have got this sorrow. Don’t worry now, on Thursday you will find four paise lying at the door of the jail, if you worship them on Thursday, all your troubles will go away.

Next Thursday he found four paise at the door of the jail. The king told the story after getting the items of worship and distributed the prasad. In the same night, Brihaspatidev said in a dream to the king of that city, O king. The one whom you have kept in jail, release him tomorrow. He is innocent, the king woke up early in the morning and seeing the necklace hanging on the peg called the woodcutter and apologized and sent him away by presenting beautiful clothes and ornaments worthy of the king.

As per Gurudev’s orders, the king left for his city. When the king reached near the city, he was very surprised that there were more gardens, ponds and wells and many dharamshalas, temples etc. in the city than before. The king asked whose garden and Dharamshala is this, then all the people of the city started saying that all these were built by the queen and the maidservant. The king was surprised and also got angry as to where the queen’s money would have come from in his absence.

When the queen heard the news that the king was coming, she said to her maid, O maid, see how badly the king had left us. He should not return after seeing our condition, so you stand at the door. As per the order of the queen, the maid stood at the door and when the king came, she brought her to the palace with him, then the king got angry and took out his sword and started asking, tell me, how did you get this money. Then the queen told the whole story.

The king decided that he would tell the story three times a day and observe a fast daily. Now gram dal was tied in the king’s scarf all the time and used to tell the story three times a day.

One day the king thought that let’s come to my sister’s place. With this determination, the king rode on a horse and went to his sister’s place. On the way he saw that some men were carrying a dead body. Stopping them, the king started saying, Hey brothers. Listen to my story of Thursday, they said, lo, our man has died, he is concerned about his own story, but some people said, well tell, we will listen to your story too. The king took out the lentils and started telling the story. When the story was half done, the dead man started moving and when the story ended, he stood up saying Ram-Ram.

The king went ahead. It was evening while walking. On the way ahead, he found a farmer plowing the field. The king urged him to listen to the story, but he did not agree. The king went ahead. As soon as the king moved away, the bulls fell after being left behind and the farmer started feeling pain in his stomach.

At the same time the farmer’s mother brought bread. When she saw it, she asked her son about his condition. The son told everything. The old woman ran to that horse rider and said to him, I will listen to your story, you tell your story by walking on my farm. The king returned and went to the farm of the old woman and told the story, on hearing which the bulls stood up and the farmer’s stomachache also stopped.

The king reached his sister’s house. The sister hosted the brother a lot. When the king woke up the next day in the morning, he started to see that everyone was having food. When the king asked his sister, is there any man who has not eaten. The one who listens to my Thursday story. Sister said, O brother, this country is like this, here people eat food first, then do some other work. Then she went to the house of a potter whose son was ill.

He came to know that no one has eaten food at his place for three days. The queen asked the potter to listen to the story of her brother. he got dressed. The king went and told the story of Thursday, listening to which his son got cured, now the king started getting praise. One day the king said to his sister, O sister. I will go to my house now, you also get ready. The king’s sister sought permission from her mother-in-law to accompany her brother.

Mother-in-law said yes go but don’t take your boys, because your brother has no children. Sister said to her brother, O brother. I will go but no child will go. Leaving his sister also, the king returned to his city with a sad heart. The king told the whole story to his queen and without eating he lay down on the bed. The queen said, O Lord, Jupiter has given us everything, he will definitely give us children.

The same night Jupiter said to the king in a dream, O king, wake up, leave all thoughts. Your queen is pregnant. The king was very happy to know that a beautiful son was born from the queen’s womb in the ninth month, then the king said, O queen. A woman can live without food, but cannot live without saying, When my sister comes, don’t say anything to her.

The queen said yes, when the king’s sister heard this good news, she was very happy and came to her brother’s house with greetings, the queen then urged her to come, when the brother was bringing it with her, she avoided it, Didn’t come with them and ran away on her own today without being invited, then the king’s sister said, brother, if I hadn’t said like this, how would you have had children in your house.

Jupiter fulfills all wishes, whoever fasts on Thursday with good intentions and reads or listens to the story and narrates it to others, Jupiter fulfills all his wishes, always protects him.

Those who worship Gurudev with a true heart and fast in the world, all their wishes are fulfilled in the same way, just as the queen and the king praised the story of Vrihaspatidev with true feelings, then Vrihaspatidev ji fulfilled all their wishes. Don’t ignore Brihaspati Dev even unknowingly, doing so destroys happiness and peace, that’s why everyone should take Prasad after listening to the story, while meditating on him from the heart, they should chant.

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