Best 40+ Couple DP

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A Boy’s Strange Love Story


There was a rich boy. He fell in love with a poor farmer’s daughter. The girl was beautiful as well as very intelligent. One day when the boy told the girl that “he loves her, and wants to marry her”, the girl, after some thinking, refused to marry the boy. Because – she belonged to a poor family.

But after some time, when the boy came to know about this, he talked to the girl’s parents and explained it to the girl. After much persuasion, the girl agreed and they both got married. After marriage, the boy loved her very much. The married life of both was going very well.

But after a few months the girl developed skin diseases. Due to which her beauty started declining. Now the girl began to fear that her husband might leave her because of her declining beauty. The girl was making every possible effort to cure that skin disease.

Time was passing and the girl’s beauty was gradually fading. One day the boy went from one work to another city. When the boy was coming back from there. So he had an accident with a car on the way. The boy lost his eyesight during that accident.

After some time of this accident, his life again started becoming normal and happy. That girl became weak and ugly day by day due to skin disease. But since her husband was blind, their married life continued well. And being invisible, the boy continued to love her as before.

After a few years, the girl died due to illness. After the death of his wife, the boy became sad from within, and he was about to leave the city. Then his neighbor consoled him and said, “Now you will be alone without your wife. She used to take great care of you. Now how will you spend your life in darkness.”

Then the boy looked at his neighbor and took a deep breath and said – “I was never blind. But I kept pretending to be blind, thinking that my wife might not think so because of her illness and ugliness. . That I don’t love her. That’s why I remained blind to my wife’s happiness for so many years without saying anything.” Hearing this, tears welled up in the neighbor’s eyes and the boy got up and went away…!

Lesson – If you want to be happy throughout your life, then pay attention not only to the shortcomings of people but also to their strengths. Your life will become easier.


“Lessons Of Love” A Love Story


Once upon a time. While walking on a road, a boy asked a fakir – “Baba! I have read in many places and have also heard from many people that ‘many are not blessed with true love’. I want to know why people believe this. Speak? Writers! Why do they create this thing through words in their books? How much truth is there in this? If you can tell me, please guide me.

That old fakir, listening carefully to the boy’s words, took a deep breath and said – “Son! Do one thing for me, bring me the most beautiful flower from the flower garden near your house. I will answer all your questions. “I will give a satisfactory answer.”

The boy accepted the fakir’s condition and went to pick flowers from the garden. After some time the boy returned empty handed. There was no flower of any kind in his hand. When the fakir asked the boy – “Where is the flower?”

So the boy said – “Baba! When I reached the garden, I found a very beautiful flower on the early trees. But I kept wandering in the whole garden in search of a better flower. When I did not find a better flower anywhere, When I couldn’t find it, I came back to collect the same flower. But by then someone else had taken that flower and I had to return empty handed.”

After listening to the whole story of the boy, the fakir said smilingly – “Son! Same thing happens in our life also. Many people keep wasting their time in finding something better than what they have. But they They don’t realize that the better love or relationship they are looking for already exists outside. By the time they realize this, it is too late and in their quest to find a better one, they try everything. are left deprived from the side”.

Someone has rightly said that – “True love is not achieved by many”. That’s why learn to appreciate your old relationships. Hearing this, a different sparkle appeared in the boy’s eyes. Perhaps he had received the most valuable lesson in the world. Perhaps he had to maintain the relationship. The boy went back to his home smiling and the fakir also went his way.


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