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We request those whose backs have been peeled off and their ears have become dry due to the whips of the tongues of the ace-cart owners of big cities, to apply the ointment of the people of Amritsar’s bamboo carts.

When on the wide streets of big cities whipping the horse’s back, the aces sometimes establish their close relationship with the horse’s grandmother, sometimes feel pity for the lack of eyes of the pedestrians walking on the road, sometimes for their feet. By tearing the tips of the fingers, they describe themselves as persecuted, and become the incarnation of the world’s guilt, despair and anger, they go straight to the nose, then in the narrow roundabout streets of their fraternity in Amritsar, every girl Save Khalsa ji by raising the sea of patience by staying for the one.

Go away brother stay brother Let me come Lala ji. Hato Bachha1—saying white fawns, mules and ducks and plowing their way through the forest of sugarcane and khomche and bhare walas. How dare someone move away without hearing ‘ji’ and ‘sahib’. It is not that his tongue does not move; killing me softly as if with a sweet knife

If an old woman does not move away from the leak even after being warned again and again, then these are samples of her speech-Get out, live; Go away, mother; Go away my dear Be saved, long one. They mean in the aggregate, that you are worthy of living, you are blessed with fortune, you are loved by sons, you have a long life ahead of you, why do you want to come under my wheels?—Save yourself.

In the midst of such bamboo carts, a boy and a girl met at a shop in the square. His hair and its loose tufts showed that both were Sikhs. He had come to buy curd to wash his maternal uncle’s hair, and she had come to buy bread for the kitchen. The shopkeeper was quarreling with a foreigner, who did not leave without counting a pile of wet papads.

‘Where are your houses?’

‘In Magre;—and yours?’

‘In Manjha;—where does she live here?’

‘In the meeting of Atarsingh; He is my maternal uncle.

‘I have also come to maternal uncle’s place, his house is in Guru Bazar.’

Meanwhile, the shopkeeper settled, and started giving them a deal. Both went together after taking the deal. After going some distance, the boy smiled and asked-

‘Is your kudmai 2 done?’ On this, the girl raised her eyes and ran saying ‘Dhat’, and the boy kept looking at his face.

On the second-third day, suddenly both would meet at the vegetable seller’s place and at the milk seller’s place. It was like this for a whole month. Two or three times the boy again asked, ‘Your kudmai ho gayi?’ and got the same ‘Dhat’ in reply. One day, when the boy again asked to tease in a similar way, the girl, against the boy’s possibility, said – ‘Yes, it is done.’


‘Tomorrow; Don’t you see, this Salu3 embroidered with silk. The girl ran away. The boy took path of the house. On the way, he pushed a boy into a sewer, lost the day’s earnings of a chavadiwala, threw stones at a dog and poured milk into a cabbage seller’s cart. Got the title of blind after colliding with a Vaishnavi coming in front of him after taking a bath – then reached home somewhere.

‘Ram-Ram, this is also a fight. Bones stiffened day and night sitting in the trenches. It is ten times colder than Ludhiana and above all there is snow. He is covered in mud till his calves. The land is nowhere to be seen;—within an hour or two, with an ear-tearing explosion, the whole moat shakes and the earth jumps for a hundred yards. If someone is saved from this divine shell, then someone should fight.

Had heard about Nagarkot earthquake, there are twenty-five earthquakes in a day. If somewhere the turban or the elbow came out of the ditch, then it was shot with a bang. It is not known whether dishonest people are lying in the soil or hiding in the leaves of grass.’

‘Lahnasingh, there are three more days. Four were spent in the ditch. The day after tomorrow ‘relief’ will come and then seven days leave. Will jerk4 with his hands and will go to sleep after eating his stomach. In the garden of the same Firangi5 Mam – there is green grass like velvet. It rains fruits and milk. Says lakhs, doesn’t take the price. She says, you are the king, you have come to save my country.

‘Didn’t get a wink of sleep for four days. A horse deteriorates without turning and a soldier without a fight. I should get the order to march by raising the bayonet. If I do not return after killing seven Germans alone, then I may not have the luck to bow down at the threshold of Darbar Saheb.

Paji somewhere, tomorrow’s horses tear their mouths on seeing the bayonet, and start holding their feet. In this way, thirty-thirty balls of mind are thrown in the darkness. Had attacked that day – not a single German was left for four miles. The general behind gave the order to withdraw, otherwise—’

‘Otherwise they would have gone straight to Berlin! Why?’ Subedar Hazara Singh smiled and said- ‘The matters of war are not run by the Jamadar or the Nayak. Senior officers think far away. There is a face of three hundred miles. What will happen if you move to one side?’

‘Subedar ji, it is true,’ Lahnasingh said – ‘but what to do? Winter has sunk into the bones. The sun does not rise, and in the ditch there are sleeping springs from both sides of Chamba’s baolis. If there is an attack, then the heat will come.

‘Udmi6, get up, put coal in the cigar. Vijira, you take four buckets and throw the water out of the ditch. Mahasingh, it is evening, change the guard at the door of the trench.’-Saying this, the subedar started circling the entire moat.

Wazira Singh was the clown of the paltan. Filling the bucket with dirty water and throwing it out of the ditch, he said – ‘I have become a padha. Sacrifice the Emperor of Germany!’ Everyone laughed at this and the clouds of sadness burst.

Lahna Singh filled another bucket and handed it to him and said- ‘Give water to the melons in your yard. Such manure water will not be found in the whole of Punjab.

‘Yes, what is country, what is heaven. After the war, I will ask the government for ten acres of land here and plant fruit trees here.’

‘Will you invite Ladihoran here too? Or the same Firangi mam who gives milk-‘

‘keep quite. People here have no shame.

‘Country-country’s trick. Till today I could not explain to him that Sikhs do not smoke tobacco. She insists on giving me the cigarette, wants to put it on her lips, and when I step back, she thinks that the king has felt bad and will no longer fight for my country.’

‘Well, how is Bodha Singh now?’

‘Is good.’

‘As if I didn’t know! All night long you throw your blanket over him and you pass with the help of a cigar. You keep guard on his guard. You make him sleep on your dry wooden boards, you lie in the mud. Lest you fall in the mud. What a winter, death, and marmalade is not given to those who die of pneumonia.’

‘Don’t be afraid of me. I will die by the side of Bulel’s ravine. My head will be on the lap of brother Kirat Singh and the shade of the mango tree planted by my hand will be there.’

Wajirasingh frowned and said- ‘Have you talked about killing? Die Germany and Turks! yes brothers, how—

Don’t go to Pishore in the city of Delhi,

Kar lena launga da bapar madiye;

Take the bargain

(Oi) Lana chataka kadue nu.

Pumpkin made those funny gories,

Hun Lana Chataka Kadue Nu.

Who knew that the bearded, Gharbari Sikh would sing such a song of lunatics, but the entire moat echoed with this song and the soldiers became fresh again, as if they had been sleeping and having fun for four days.

It’s two o’clock in the night. It’s dark Silence is prevailing. Bodhasingh is sleeping on three tins of empty biscuits by spreading both his blankets and covering Lahnasingh’s two blankets and a barancoat. Lahnasingh on guard

is standing One eye is on the mouth of the ditch and one on Bodha Singh’s lean body. Bodha Singh moaned.

‘Why Bodha Bhai, what is it?’

‘Give me water.’

Lahna Singh put the bowl to his mouth and asked – ‘How are you?’ After drinking water, Bodha said – ‘The company is leaving. Wires are running from Rome to Rome. Teeth are ringing.

‘Okay, wear my jersey!’

‘and you?’

‘I have a cigarette and I feel hot. Sweating.

‘No, I don’t wear it. For four days you are for me-‘

‘Yes, I remembered. I have a second warm jersey. She has come today morning only. Weavers are sending lambs from abroad, may the Guru bless them. Saying this, Lahna took off her coat and started taking off her jersey.

‘Are you telling the truth?’

‘No more lies?’ Saying no, he forced Bodha to wear a jersey and you stood on guard wearing a khaki coat and a jean kurta. The legend of Mem’s jersey was only fiction.

Half an hour passed. Meanwhile, a voice came from the mouth of the trench – ‘Subedar Hazara Singh.’

‘Who’s Lapton sir? Order Huzoor!’—saying Subedar Tankar saluted the soldier and came in front.

‘Look, we have to attack on this. A mile away in the east corner is a German trench. There are no more than fifty Germans in it. There is a way by cutting two fields under these trees.

There are three or four turns. Where there is a turn, I have made fifteen soldiers stand there. Leaving ten people here, you take all of them with you and go to meet them. Grab the trench and stay there until further orders. We will be here.’

‘Who orders.’

Everyone got ready quietly. Bodha also took off the blanket and started walking. Just then, Lahanasingh stopped him. When Lahna Singh went ahead, Bodha’s father Subedar pointed his finger towards Bodha. Lahna Singh understood and kept quiet.

There was a lot of discussion on who should be the ten men behind. Nobody wanted to live. After persuasion, the subedar marched. Laptan sahib stood near Lahna’s cigarette with his face turned and took out a cigarette from his pocket and started lighting it. After ten minutes, he extended his hand towards Lahna and said- ‘Take you drink too.’

In the blink of an eye, Lahna Singh understood everything. Hiding his expression, he said – ‘Bring it, sir.’ As soon as he put his hand forward, he saw the face of Saheb in the light of the cigarette. See the hair Then he got furious.

Where did Laptan sahib’s bandaged hair go in one day and where did the hair cut by the prisoners come in its place?’ Maybe sir is drunk and has got a chance to get a haircut? Lahna Singh wanted to check. Laptan sahib was in his regiment for five years.

‘Why sir, when will we go to India?’

‘When the battle is over. Why, don’t you like this country?’

‘No sir, where is the fun of hunting here? Remember, behind the Parasal mock battle, you went hunting in Jagadhri district-

‘Yes Yes’-

‘Whereas when you were riding on Khote13 and your cook Abdullah was left to offer water in a temple on the way? ‘Of course, paji kahin ka’-that nilgai came out in front of me that I had never seen such a big one. And one of your bullets hit the shoulder and came out in the buttock.

It is fun to play hunting with such an officer. Why sir, the head of that Nilgai had come after being prepared from Shimla, wasn’t it? You had said that you will put it in the regiment’s mess.’

‘Yes, but I sent that abroad’—

‘Such big horns! Must be of two feet each?’

‘Yes, Lahna Singh, he was two feet four inches tall. You didn’t smoke?’

Saying ‘I drink sir, I will bring matchstick’, Lahnasinh entered the ditch. He was no longer in doubt. He immediately decided what to do.

He bumped into someone sleeping in the dark.

‘Who? Wazira Singh?’

‘Yes, why Lehna? Has the apocalypse come? At least you would have allowed me to look at you?’

‘come to your senses. Doomsday has come and it has come wearing the uniform of Laptan Sahib.’


‘Lapatan sahib is either killed or imprisoned. This German has come wearing his uniform. The Subedar did not see his face. I have seen and talked. Sauhra speaks clear Urdu, but bookish Urdu. And gave me cigarettes to drink?’

‘now what!

‘Killed now. Cheating. Subedar Horan will go circling in the mud and there will be an attack on the ditch. Get up, do one thing. Run at the sight of the platoon’s footprints. You must not have gone far enough.

Tell the Subedar to come back at once. The talk of Khandak is a lie. Go away, get out from behind the moat. Do not stir even a leaf. Don’t be late.’

‘The decree is that here’—

‘ Such is the order! My order-It is the order of Jamadar Lahna Singh, who is the highest officer here at this time. I will inquire about Mr. Laptan.’

‘But here you are only eight.’

‘Not eight, ten lakhs. Each Akaliya Sikh is equal to 1.25 lakh. Go.’

Returning, Lahna Singh clung to the wall at the mouth of the ditch. He saw that Mr. Laptan took out three balls the size of bells from his pocket. All three were inserted into the walls of the moat at different places and a string was tied to all three. There was a knot of yarn in front of the wire, which was kept near the stove.

Going outside, lighting a match and keeping it on the knot, in the meantime, lifting the upside down gun with both hands like lightning, Lahnasinh hit the sahib on the elbow. With the bang, the matchstick fell from the sir’s hand.

Lahnasingh hit a kunda on Sahab’s neck and Sahab ‘Eye! Saying ‘Meen Gott’, he got upset. Lahnasingh took all the three shells and threw them outside the moat and dragged Sahib and made him lie down near the fireplace. Searched the pockets. Taking out three or four envelopes and a diary, he handed them over to his pocket.

Sir fainted. Lahnasinh laughed and said – ‘Why Laptan sahib? How’s the mood? I learned many things today. Learned that Sikhs smoke cigarettes. It was learned that in the district of Jagadhri there are Nilgais and they have horns of two feet and four inches.

It was learned that Muslims offer water to Khansama idols and Lapatan Saheb climbs on the Khote. But at least say this, from where did you learn such clean Urdu? Our lieutenant sahib did not even utter five words without dame.’

Lahna had not searched the pockets of the trousers. Sahib put both his hands in his pockets as if to avoid the cold.

Lahnasingh went on saying- ‘You are clever but Manjhe’s Lahna has been with Laptan sahib for so many years. He needs four eyes to dodge. Three months ago, a Turkish cleric came to my village. Used to distribute talismans to women to have children and used to give medicine to children. He used to smoke hookah by laying a manja under Chaudhary’s trunk and used to say that the Germans are great pundits.

After studying the Vedas, they have come to know the knowledge of flying a plane. Do not kill cows. If we come to India, we will stop cow slaughter. Misleading the baniyas of the market to withdraw money from the post office. The kingdom of the government is about to go. Dak-babu Polhuram was also scared. I shaved Mullaji’s beard. And took him out of the village and said that whoever sets foot in my village now-‘

The pistol fired from Sahib’s pocket and Lahna was shot in the thigh. On the other hand, the two shots fired by Henry Martin of Lahna caused the death of Sahab. Everyone came running after hearing the bang.

Bodha shouted – ‘What is it?’

Lahna Singh put him to sleep by saying that ‘a mad dog had come, killed him’ and told others everything. Everyone got ready with guns. Lahna tore off the headdress and tied bandages tightly on both sides of the wound. The wound was in the flesh only. The bleeding stopped as the bandages were tightened.

Meanwhile, seventy Germans rushed into the trench shouting. A flurry of Sikh guns stopped the first charge. Stopped the other one. But here there were eight (Lahnasingh was thrashing about—he was standing and lying down) and they were seventy. The Germans used to come forward by climbing on the bodies of their dead brothers. Within minutes they…

Suddenly there was a voice, ‘Wahe Guruji’s victory? Wahe Guruji ka Khalsa!!’ And the gunfire started falling on the backs of the Germans. On one occasion the Germans came between the two millstones. Subedar Hazara Singh’s soldiers used to rain fire from behind and Lahna Singh’s companions were running with bayonets in front. On coming near, the people behind also started bayoneting.

A shout and the army of Akal Sikhs has come! Wahe Guruji’s victory! Wahe Guruji’s Khalsa! Sat Shri Akalpurukh!!! And the fight is over. Sixty-three Germans were either crouching or moaning. Fifteen of the Sikhs lost their lives. The bullet went right through the Subedar’s right shoulder.

Lahna Singh got shot in the rib. He filled the wound with the wet mud of the moat and wrapped the rest of the turban tightly like a waistband. No one came to know that Lahna had got another wound – a heavy wound.

The moon had come out at the time of the fight, such a moon, by whose light the Sanskrit poets have given meaning to the name ‘Kshayi’. And the wind was blowing like it was called ‘Dantvinopadesacharya’ in the language of Vanbhatta.

Wazira Singh was telling how the land of France was clinging to my boots with all my heart, when I ran after the subedar. After hearing the whole situation from Subedar Lahnasingh and getting the papers, they were praising his quick-wittedness and were saying that if you were not there, everyone would have been killed today.

The sound of this fight was heard by the people of the trenches three miles to the right. He telephoned back. Immediately two doctors and two ambulances started from there, which reached within an hour and a half. The field hospital was close by. We would reach there by morning, so the injured were put in one car after tying a small bandage and the dead bodies were kept in the other.

Subedar tried to tie a bandage on Lahnasingh’s thighs. But he avoided saying that there is a little wound, will be seen in the morning. Bodha Singh was lying in fever. He was put in the car. Subedar did not go except Lahna. Seeing this, Lahna said- ‘I swear to you on Bodha, and I swear on Subedarniji not to go in this car.’

‘and you?’

‘Send a car after reaching there for me, and there must be cars for the German dead too. My condition is not bad. Can’t you see I’m standing? I have Vazirasingh anyway.’

‘Okay, but—’

‘Bodha lay down on the car? Well You too climb Listen, write a letter to Subedarni Horan, then write me to bow down. And when you go home, tell me that I did what he told me.’

The vehicles had started moving. While climbing up, the subedar held Lahna’s hand and said- ‘You have saved my and Bodha’s life. how to write Together we will go home. You tell your subedarni. What did he say?’

‘Now get on the car. Write down what I said, and say it too.’

Lahna lay down on the way to the car. ‘Vazira give me water, and untie my waistband. Getting wet.


Shortly before death the memory becomes very clear. The events of a lifetime unfold one by one. The colors of all the scenes are clear. The mist of time completely vanishes from them.


Lahna Singh is twelve years old. Has come to maternal uncle’s place in Amritsar. At the curd seller’s place, at the vegetable seller’s place, everywhere, he finds an eight year old girl. When he asks, are you engaged? Then she runs away saying Dhat. One day he asked the same way, then he said- ‘Yes, it is yesterday, don’t you see this Salu with silk flowers? Lahna Singh felt sad on hearing this. Got angry. Why did it happen?

‘Vazirasingh, give me water.’


Twenty five years passed. Now Lahna Singh has become Jamadar in No. 77 Rifles. The attention of that eight year old girl was not there. Don’t know whether she was ever found or not. After taking a leave of seven days, he went to his home to plead the land case.

There he received a letter from the officer of the regiment that the army is going to Lam, come immediately. Along with this, Subedar Hazara Singh’s letter was received that I and Bodha Singh are also going to Lam. Going back to our house. Will go together. The subedar’s village lay on the way and the subedar was very fond of it. Lahna Singh reached the Subedar’s place.

When they started walking, then the Subedar came out of the fleet17. Said – ‘Lahna, Subedarni knows you, calls you. Go get it.’ Lahna Singh got inside. Subedarni know me? since when? The subedar’s family had never lived in the regimental quarters. Went to the door and said to bow down. Asees listened. Lahna Singh is silent.

‘Recognized me?’


‘Your mother-in-law has died-she died yesterday-don’t you see, brother-in-law with silk boots-in Amritsar-‘

Due to the conflict of feelings, unconsciousness opened. Turn changed. The wound of the rib oozed.

‘Vazira, drink water’—’He said.’

The dream is going on. Subedarni is saying- ‘I recognized you as soon as you came. Let me tell you one thing. My body parted. The government has given the title of bravery, has given land in Lyallpur, today the opportunity has come for salt-halali. But why didn’t the government form a Ghangharia platoon of us Timis18, which I too would have gone with Subedarji? have a son.

It’s only been a year since he joined the army. Four more followed him, but not even one lived. Subedarni started crying. Now both go. my part! Do you remember, one day the horse of the tonga wala broke down near the dahi wala’s shop. You saved my life that day, you went in the horse’s legs, and lifted me up and made me stand on the shop floor. Save both of them in the same way. This is my alms. I spread my lap in front of you.

Crying subedarni went to Oberi. Lahna also came out wiping her tears.

‘Vazirasingh, drink water’ – ‘He said.’

Vazirasingh is sitting with Lahna’s head lying on his lap. He gives water to drink when he asks for it. Lahna remained silent for half an hour, then said – ‘Who! Kirat Singh?’

Vazira said after understanding something – ‘Yes.’

‘Brother, make me higher. Keep my head on your leash.’ Wazira did the same.

‘Yeah, it’s okay now. Give water to drink That’s all, this mango will flourish in the bone now. Uncle and nephew both sit here and eat mangoes. The older your nephew is, the more common it is. I planted it in the month in which he was born. Wazira Singh’s tears were dripping.

A few days back people read in the newspapers-

France and Belgium—68th List—Died of wounds in the field—No.77 Sikh Rifles Jamadar Lahna Singh.

1. king

2. matchmaking

3. cover

4. Goat Killing

5. French

6. entrepreneurs

7. land size

8. trees

9. honorific word for a woman

10. Square land near – new canals

11. overcoat

12. Shiver

13. Donkey

14. Susra (Abusive)

15. Hi! Mere Ram (German)

16. cots

17. Janane

18. women

19. inside house

20. thighs

21. Ashadh


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