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Love Story


There was a beautiful girl, whose name was Radha. She lived in a very pleasant environment and was very happy with her life. One day she went to a park with her friends, where she met a very handsome boy. His name was Rahul.

Rahul and Radha started talking with each other and their conversation was quite long and interesting. Both of them developed a unique relationship with each other.

While chatting with each other, we couldn’t help but notice that they were having a great time with each other. Both of them loved listening to each other, sharing in their happiness and spending time with them.

Neither of them was in love at first, but gradually the feeling of love for each other started awakening between them.

A few days later, Rahul gives Radha a beautiful flower and a love letter, Jasmine telling her that he loves her. Radha became very happy after reading the letter and she also wrote a love letter and gave it to him.

Neither of them were expressing their love for each other, but both had a lot of love for each other in their hearts.

A few days later, Rahul and Radha went to the park to meet each other. While talking there, Rahul pours out his heart to Radha and expresses his love for her.

Radha’s heart also started beating for Rahul and in that too she expressed her feelings to Rahul and expressed her love for him.

Both of them vowed to make each other happy in every moment of their life. There was such a magic in their love that wherever they were together, there was a palace of happiness and joy.

There were many difficulties in the love story of Rahul and Radha, but both of them faced every difficulty with their love and always remained with each other.

Even today Rahul and Radha love each other and there is no happiness in their life without each other. Their love story reminds us that true love never ends and if you truly love each other, you will always be happy with each other.


School Love Story


I used to go to the terrace of my house every morning and lie down. Once upon a time, I went to the terrace of my house early in the morning, where there was a cool breeze and the sweet sunshine of the rising sun and an innocent face shining in that sunshine, just like mine. I saw him on the roof of the house opposite. As soon as I looked at him, he looked down as if he had been caught stealing something.

But at that time I did not pay much attention to this, but the same thing happened the next day, I fell in love with that smiling face that very day, but what could I do if I was afraid that I would go to the terrace every day and she would secretly look at me and I kept looking at her like this, whenever I would have left home to go to college, she would have been on the terrace.

And even when I came back, I would find her sitting on the terrace waiting for me. As soon as she saw me, she would stand up and look at me as if she had seen me after many years. Till now neither she knew my name nor I. His time kept passing like this and after some time, he started paying less attention to his studies and more to her.

She went to school, coaching, wherever she went, I started following her everywhere. My mind completely got diverted from studies, my mind started thinking only about her. My exams were also nearing, I had to do something when I couldn’t stop myself anymore. So I decided to talk to him! I decided not to go to school and thought I would tell him today.

When she went to school in the morning, I followed her but did not have the courage. I waited for her to come back but still could not say anything. She reached her home and it was mildly cold in my home, so I came to the terrace. After some time she also came to the terrace and lay down there. I was waiting for her for a long time.

When she came, she lay down because she did not see me. I was hiding and waiting for her. When I came in front of her, she stood up and kept looking at me. I mustered up a lot of courage and asked her whether she loved me.

She didn’t say anything. I asked again. She still didn’t say anything. I got angry and I angrily went into the room and started watching her secretly. She went back to lie down. 2 min. After I did not agree, when I came back, she immediately stood up and came to the courtyard of her house.

This time I asked again, do you love me? She looked at me for a while and then what happened was as if the world had been decorated, as if there was a shadow of happiness all around me, she nodded yes and ran away and I was just in it. I was lost somewhere when she said yes, I can’t tell what happened but that feeling was like never before.

That day I did not see her again and I started worrying whether she was angry with me. Night came but I couldn’t sleep due to the fear that he might be angry. The wait was very long. The night had never been so long.

While waiting, finally morning came. Like every time, I went to the terrace but today I reached a little early. The weather also left no stone unturned. That day there was so much fog and so much cold that I got chilled after a long time. She came, that cute face of hers was looking even cuter.

His hair was untidy, there was sleep in his eyes and not much was visible from a distance and he had a toothbrush in his hand. When she saw me as soon as I came, she said in anger, “What happened? Don’t you feel cold?” And I couldn’t say anything, just kept looking at him.

After some time, I asked him to move his mob. No. When asked, he denied that it was a mob. No, after some time she went down and I also went to take bath. That day when she went to school, I followed her to school but did not say anything.

It became my habit to go with her during her school time, during her coaching time, as if it had become my habit. I would always wait for the time when she would leave the house. On 17 Feb 2022, when she was coming back from school, I would go with her. Was coming behind.

I didn’t say anything, she put a slip on the road. When I went home and saw the slip, it was written to call at 6 o’clock. Today, when I saw her, I started waiting for 6 o’clock. When I called at 6 in the evening, I saw a lovely lady. The voice came, Hello. We talked for a while then she told me her name…Seema…we started talking.


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