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In fact, the one who is called Kartikeya in North India is known as Murugan in the South. It can also be said that the one who is Murugan in the south, is Kartikeya in the north, Kartikeya, the son of Shiva.

We often find mention of the mythological character Murugan in South Indian films and literature. We are surprised that we do not know of any mythological character with this name in North India. If we go a little deeper, we find that actually the same person who is called Kartikeya in North India is known as Murugan in the South.

It can also be said that the one who is Murugan in the south, is Kartikeya in the north, Kartikeya, the son of Shiva. The famous Murugan is mentioned in the Tamil Sangam literature of 1,500 years ago based on the Shruta tradition. Murugan is considered to be associated with mountains. This was the time when the propagation of Vedas had reached almost half of South India.

Similarly, barren desert is associated with Goddess Kali, sea is associated with Varuna, forests are associated with Vishnu and fields are associated with Indra. Murugan stands on the top of the mountain and is revered as the son of Shiva. Yet according to local belief, Shiva himself knows the secret of ‘Pranava’ (the sound of Om) from Murugan, making Murugan his own father’s teacher.

Most of us are unaware of the North-Indian stories of Murugan or Kartikeya, but these tales are very popular in Tamil Nadu. These stories praise Arupati Vitu, the six temples that are recognized religious places here. These temples were built 1000 thousand years ago by different kings, hence they have a lot of religious belief here. All six temples are built to symbolize six different events in the life of Murugan.

Swamimalai: The temple where Murugan revealed the secret of the word Om to his father. Prajapati Brahma, the knowledgeable person of the Vedas, also knew ‘Om’ only as a word and did not know the meaning of this word.

Palani: Palani is a very popular temple here. Here Murugan is in the form of a disciple, who has a punishment in his hand. That is why he is called Dandipati. Here he left his father Shiva’s house on Mount Kailash due to discrimination against Ganapati by his father.

Tiruchendur: This is the only temple which is not situated on a mountain but on the sea shore. Here are the warriors who defeated Surapadman. Here Surapadman, after repenting, is born in the form of his vehicle, a peacock.

Thirupparamkunram: Indra’s daughter Devayani is infatuated with Murugan because of his victory over Surapadman, so he marries Devayani here.

Thiruthani: At this place he has a love-marriage with the tribal princess Valli. Although in some stories he marries Devayani here.

Pazhamudircholai: Here he is worshiped in the form of a householder. He lives with both his wives, Divya Devayani and Laukik Valli. Shiva also resides here with his power. This is where two different ideas co-exist and this is the beauty of local Hindutva.

In this way, the study of Murugan makes us see the diversity inherent in Hinduism. And when we find the sources of everything in the Vedic hymns, in the Vedic thought, then these stories, as supporting stories of Hindutva, provide the basis for explaining the Hindu idea of the Vedas in the intellectual background. We can see that trend of Hinduism which is eternal, continuous.

This is a journey of becoming a monk after being neglected by the family and then becoming a householder. This is clearly a rejection of the monastic tradition of Buddhists and Jains prevalent in South India at that time. The temples of Murugan are also believed to be related to asuras and demons. There are also temples where Murugan prays to Shiva for the peace of the soul of Tarakasura, the younger brother of Superdaman.

There is also such a story that how Hidimba removed the mountain of Palani from the Himalayas and established it here? These mountains are gifted to Murugan by his mother so that he does not miss his father’s home Kailash when he stays in the south.

In these temples, Murugan has also been depicted as a tribal, heroic king. At some places he is also seen as a priest of the Vedic period. This symbolizes that different communities of every region consider him as their own.


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