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This story started from Hyderabad station in 2021. Aniket was a boy from the rainy season of Kolkata and was waiting for the train at Hyderabad station to go home after his elder brother’s wedding.

At that time it was the month of January and it was very cold. And Aniket’s train was at 9:15 at night. A beautiful girl came running to Aniket with a bag in her hands and said,

Can you tell when will the train from Hyderabad to Kolkata arrive? Aniket was sitting on a bench at the station.

Aniket said, it is 9 o’clock now and the train to Kolkata was at 9:15 but due to heavy fog the train is late by 1 hour.

The girl said, thank you.

Then Aniket said, where will you go in Kolkata?

The girl said, why?

Aniket said, I was asking because I am also going to Kolkata.

The girl said, oh ok. Actually I live in Dum Dum, Kolkata and you?

Aniket said, I live in the rainy season.

While the two were talking, the girl sat next to Aniket. Then Aniket offered the girl a cup of coffee.

The girl said, yes, a cup of coffee will suffice in this cold.

Aniket brought two cups of coffee and gave one cup to the girl and took one cup himself. While sipping coffee, Aniket said, Hello, I am Aniket and your name?

The girl said, I am Priya. What do you do in Hyderabad?

Aniket said, I work in an IT company here and I am going home for my elder brother’s wedding. My elder sister’s wedding is in the next February fast week. And you?

Priya said, I am studying B.Sc here and have 1 year left. I am also going to your elder sister’s wedding and her wedding is also in February fast week.

While both of them were talking, the announcement of the arrival of the Bala train to Kolkata started. Then Aniket asked Priya, have you given your coach number?

Priya said, AC 3 Tire B10 and yours?

Aniket said, AC 2 Tire B1, after that Aniket shook hands with Priya and said, Happy journey, let’s meet at Sealdah station.

Priya said, ok bye. Saying this, both of them sat in the coach of the train. Let me tell you that both of you did not share your phone number.

The next day at 5 o’clock in the evening both of them reached Sealdah station. Aniket was determined to meet Priya, so he got off the train early and started waiting for Priya outside the door of AC 3 Tire B10.

After some time, Priya got down from the train and asked, how was your journey? Aniket said, very good. Aniket felt like asking Priya for her phone number but could not.

Then Priya said, thank you Aniket for supporting us in the journey. Saying that we will meet again, Priya went on the way and Aniket was just looking at her and after some time Aniket also started towards home.

Let me tell you, Aniket and Priya did not know that a big surprise was going to come in their lives. Are you surprised? Let us find out.

The day has finally come when Aniket’s elder brother was about to get married. Aniket along with his elder brother and the wedding procession went to the girl’s house for the wedding.

Then Priya was surprised to see Aniket with her brother-in-law. Priya started thinking that Aniket had said that it was her elder brother’s marriage. Meaning? Priya understood.

Let me tell you that, coincidentally, Aniket and Priya were going to be each other’s relatives because the one who was going to be Aniket’s sister-in-law was Priya’s elder sister.

Aniket had not seen Priya before but Priya herself came to meet Aniket and said, Hello Aniket ji, do you recognize me?

Aniket was shocked to see Priya and said how else are you here?

Priya said, I am also surprised to see you, how else are you here?

Then both of them introduced ourselves. And it is surprising that both of them turned out to be relatives of each other. Both of them were very happy, especially Aniket because Priya liked her very much.

Two days after the marriage, Priya called her elder sister and Aniket picked up the phone, then both of them had a heated conversation.

At last Priya said, from now on you call me from your number, take my phone number from sister’s phone. After that dear you disconnected the call.

One day Aniket called Priya from the balcony of his house at 8 pm and said, Priya, how are you?

Priya, yes I am fine and you?

Aniket, yes too. When are you going to Hyderabad?

Priya, after 10 days. and you?

Aniket, I too but the ticket has not been booked yet.

Priya, I too have not booked the ticket yet.

Aniket, I will do one thing for you and I will book your ticket together.

Priya, do it okay.

Aniket suddenly asked, do you love someone? I mean do you have a boyfriend?

Priya, this question suddenly? No one yet? Why do you love someone?

Aniket, yes, from you.

Priya, I have gone mad. Don’t joke Aniket, tell me right, who is the lucky girl who is going to be yours.

Then suddenly Aniket’s sister-in-law came and said, Ani, what are you talking about? Did anyone like it? Because now it is your turn to get married.

Tell me, I will talk to your elder brother about your marriage.

Aniket said, Bhabhi, I love your sister Priya very much. I like Priya very much since I met her at Paheli Bar Hyderabad station and at that time I did not know that she is your sister.

Sister-in-law said, this is the thing, I will talk to mom and dad today itself about your and Priya’s marriage. Sister-in-law agreed because she thought Aniket was a very good boy.

And he will take great care of Priya. And this family is also very nice. We both sisters will be very happy in the same family.

Aniket was very happy. Aniket’s sister-in-law did it and told everything. Priya also agreed after listening to her sister because Priya had also started liking Aniket.

Sister-in-law called mom and dad and told them everything and they also agreed to the marriage of Aniket and Priya.

Priya called Aniket and said, are you happy now?

Aniket said, I am very happy to have you, now I do not need anything else from God in this life. And are you happy, Priya?

Priya, I also like you very much and want to spend my whole life with you. But one thing, this marriage will happen only after I complete my studies. agreed?

Aniket, okay Baba, I also want that I will not let your hard work of so many years go to waste for a few days. Both were very happy.

One year later, after Priya completed her studies, both of them got married with great pomp and show. Now both of them are very happy to have each other in their lives.


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