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Best 30+ Good Night Photos


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A man lived with his wife and son in a village.

While he and his wife were of mild nature, their son was very angry.

He was irritated all the time and used to get angry on every issue.

Due to his angry nature he did not get along with anyone.

He used to have fights with the people of the neighborhood every day.

Nobody liked him. He had no friends.

The parents were worried about their son.

They wanted his nature to change. But even after trying hard to convince him, his anger remained the same.

One day a monk arrived in the village.

He was popular for bringing positive changes in people’s lives in strange ways.

When the parents heard about him, they came to him with their son and said, “Baba! This is our son.

The problem is that he gets very angry.

There is no control over anger.

He fights with everyone.

Even our explanation has no effect on this.

You do something so that he stops getting angry.” ,

The monk said, “Do this. You leave your son with me for the whole day today.” ,

The parents did the same.

He left his son with the monk and went home.
The monk said to the boy, “Son! I will give you a task. Will you do that?”
The boy was also troubled by his anger and wanted him to give up this habit.

He said, “If the work given by you helps me get rid of the habit of getting angry, then I will definitely do it.”

The monk smiled at him and said, “I am trying, son.

You also support me. Go prepare two heaps of clay.”

The boy did the same. Then the monk said, “Now prepare two hearts from this clay. ,

The boy found this work somewhat strange. But he listened to the monk and started preparing two hearts from clay.

While making the heart, he felt irritated many times.

He started wondering whether I had come here to give up my habit of getting angry and what work this monk had engaged me in.

This way my anger will increase instead of diminishing.

But somehow he continued to work and prepared two clay hearts.

He took those two hearts to the monk and said, “Baba, here are two hearts of clay.

I have done your work.

Now let me come to the purpose for which my parents have sent me to you. Do something for him. ,

The monk said, “Son, I know very well why you have come here. ,

First do this work for me, then I will do something for your anger.

“Tell me what to do now?” The boy said in pain.

“Take this clay heart and go to the potter and ask him to heat it properly in the furnace and bring it back.

The boy heated that clay heart with the potter and brought it back to the monk.

Then the monk said to him, “Now fill this heart with whatever colors you want.

The boy painted that heart with red colour.

After coloring the heart started looking very beautiful.

When the boy saw that heart prepared by his whole day’s hard work, he became very happy and started thinking that after telling Sanyasi Baba, I will take it to my home and decorate it in my room.

He happily went to the monk and showing his heart, said, “Baba, see how beautiful this heart looks after coloring.

“Yes, it looks very beautiful.

After all, you have prepared it with so much hard work, but now you will have to hit this heart with a hammer. Saying this, the monk put a hammer in the boy’s hand.

The boy got very angry while hammering on his day’s hard work.

But somehow, by suppressing his anger, he attacked that heart.

That heart was broken and shattered by the blow of the hammer. The boy felt very sad.

He said, “Baba, my whole day’s hard work has been wasted.

But the monk did not pay attention to his words and gave him another heart made of clay and said, “Now attack this heart also with the hammer.

The boy did the same. But due to the blow of the hammer, the mark of the hammer appeared on that heart. But it did not break.

The boy was surprised and started looking sometimes at that heart and sometimes at the monk.

He started wondering to whom my parents brought me. This Sanyasi Baba seems crazy to me.

He said, “My whole day was spent in useless work here.

Now I am not going to stay here even for a moment. I am going. ,

“Wait..” the monk stopped him, “… keep understanding the real meaning of the work you did throughout the day.

The boy stopped.

The Sanyasi started explaining to him and said, “Son! The clay heart you were working on.

It was a proxy for the real heart.

Just as you heat your heart of clay in the heat of fire, you also heat your heart in the furnace of anger.

You feel that in this way you are standing strong in front of this world, but it is not so.

Your hardened heart will not be able to withstand even one blow of the hammer of life and it will shatter.

In such a situation you will not be able to control yourself. To bear the pain and suffering of life, you have to soften your heart.

Then whenever any sorrow befalls him, it will definitely be affected for some time. But it will not break.

Rather it will settle down in a few days. Anger does more harm to yourself than it does to others.

Therefore, stop being angry. Give place to love and forgiveness in your heart, make it humble.

The boy’s eyes had opened. He promised the monk that from now on he would control his anger and improve his behaviour.

Lesson – Anger does more harm to yourself than it does to others, so stop being angry. Give place to love and forgiveness in your heart, make it humble.


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