Best 100+ Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

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Best 100+ Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi


Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi

Shubh Sakal Images In Marathi


Good morning sir, good morning madam, good morning friends..

In today’s era, “Good morning” is such a greeting that every house, every office, every relationship, directly or indirectly man speaks to each other or wants to speak or hear. In other words, it is another form of our Indian tradition “Namaskar”. I will not give you much of my analysis on this subject, but yes, I would definitely like to tell you one incident, but before that, let me tell you in my yard.

Raju i.e. I am a medical lab technician by profession, this is about the time when my hospital selected me as the best employee on the occasion of doing my work with hard work and dedication. I was very happy because I got a check of Rs 5000 as a reward and a certificate for the best employee. Well, this is not about that hospital, my topic is from that evening of the same day when I went to my institute to study with my roommate Deepak after doing my duty from the hospital.


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Yes, that day, a small ceremony was organized in the hospital to give me the prize and certificate, so I was late in coming to the institute, one class of a madam had already finished, after that the second class I had reached there for

“And how are you, haven’t you called a lot? What should I tell..?” After leaving the madam, sitting in the empty class, smilingly inquired about her condition from angry Deepak.

“First you tell me how was your award function, I said that I will come in five minutes and made it so late. Today it will not work like this, we will have to give a party” Deepak told me in a loud voice while narrating to everyone.

“Look at this..” So saying, I opened my bag, took out the certificate of the best employee and a check of 5000 and showed it to Deepak. He was very happy, but not as happy as I had thought. The reason was that the next class teacher who was going to come was very ugly, you can compare him with the professor of the movie ‘Three Idiots’ or rather he was exactly the same. It was time for that professor to come. Everyone was busy with their own mind, don’t know in what mood the teacher will come, what will he teach today??

“What are you brother, how are you.. have you won anything?” Seeing Deepak, Rohan and other boys sitting near me started asking me.

Before I could tell everyone about my achievements, then there was a saying that the devil appeared while taking the name. With a file in his hand, tall, thick, round glasses with a rope hanging around his neck at the back, the name of such a rude teacher was Professor “J. Of. Jain” who had now come to the class in front of us.

Seeing him, all the students started saying good evening sir, good evening sir. I was the only person who called him “good morning” instead of “good evening” even in the evening. He heard my voice the loudest and in the end that’s why he also said “Good morning” in response.

He said ‘good morning’ from his own mouth, looked at the watch he was wearing in his hand and looked at us with big eyes, wrinkling both his eyebrows and forehead, “Huh… Good morning!! Good evening or good morning, who said good morning now..?”

Scared to see such a frightening face of the professor, all the students were looking at each other, I was also looking at Deepak like a normal student, Deepak was also thinking, “You messed with Professor Makhanchu without any reason. took it and smiled softly at me.

“You are laughing at me..” Seeing Deepak smiling, Professor Jain became more angry.

In fact, he was the HOD of Mathematics and Physics, just like his subjects, his attitude also used to be plus-minus. Not knowing when the cathode would come in contact with the anode and sparks would emanate, seeing both of us whispering, Professor Jain started calling Deepak to him. Deepak got up from me and obeyed him and started going there.

“Yes, everyone listen with open ears, I will not take any maths or physics class today” Professor put his hand on Deepak’s shoulder and started speaking to all of us in a loud voice, making Deepak a seal.

Everyone was silent listening to the words of Professor Jain Saheb, but I was happy thinking that “It seems that Professor Saheb will make Deepak a jamura today by not teaching Mathematics and a village-like game of Madari is about to appear.” Even so, I liked to talk away from the subject.

“What are they going to do with Deepak now..?” Rohan sitting on the chair next to me was also thinking.

“I have decided that today I will interview all of you to check your personality development, I will call everyone one by one, let’s see what you have learned till date, are you ready..?” The professor asked all of us this much and asked Deepak to sit on the same chair in front of him.

“Raju, what will this professor ask Makhanchu Deepak..?” Rohan asked whispering in a low voice seeing me sitting with complete confidence.

“If not by keeping quiet, he will now call you too,” I said.

Now the professor has heard our voice too and pointing his finger towards me said, “After this, the next number is yours.” I was trapped.

“Tell me, who are you..?” Instead of an interviewer, Kharush asked Professor Deepak the first question while intimidating him.

By saying “Sir, my name is Deepak Patel, I am student of BA 3rd year Geography Honors, from Banaras Hindu University, also preparing for civil services examination in this institute, my father name is Brij Bihari Patel, I am from Gopalganj Bihar” Deepak stopped and looked at the professor.

We all were thinking that Professor Makhanchu would say “Good, very nice” and ask us to clap for the first correct answer, but what is this..?

“Will you answer this? Will you pass the UPSC exam like this? You still do not know how to explain properly in your enclosure.. You say that you are preparing for civil services. Only boys like you waste the hard earned money of their parents” while making a string of arrows, he started shouting to the lamp.

“Look here, your gross, how scared you are looking. I am a lion, who will swallow you, does not even know how to sit properly” Jain Sahib asked Deepak to see himself in the rear mirror wall.

After listening to Professor Jain’s scolding, Deepak was getting very frustrated, Deepak should have been a little more confident in front of him, but what could he do, he did not get time to think a bit.

Well, he was definitely getting the lesson of being more confident. We all were looking at Deepak, but now in my mind I could hear that voice of Professor Jain, “Your next number after this”, yet I had already come today after listening to and giving lectures, so on my own Got a little excited by trusting.

“If you go to the interview and sit silently like this, then you have become an IAS. Tie one thing in knot, whenever an interviewer asks in your yard, just start, don’t think how much educated I am or how educated my interviewer is. Just go on telling, tell as much depth as you can in your enclosure. Name, address, education, family details have to be told, apart from this, tell your qualities, good habits, bad habits and all the things from childhood till now and keep on speaking until they stop you from speaking.

Don’t think that it is not right to speak in Hindi, what people will think, or people get affected by speaking in English, all these are useless things, speak in the language you feel comfortable and speak a lot, speak with confidence” Jain Sir who ever I.A.S. He was giving these interview tips to Deepak today.

“Yes sir, yes sir” Deepak was saying yes to his words, what was the compulsion to do so.

This is what happens when a Maths teacher starts teaching history, without listening to Deepak, he was speaking his words, Rohan sitting next to me was getting worried because he was the only one to be called after me, among so many girls. It was a question of his honor. On the other hand, I was continuing to interview Professor Deepak, that’s why my mother’s call came on my mobile. After taking permission from her, I went outside the class room to talk to my mother.

“Mother Greetings,” I said,

“Be happy, and how are you, eat food..? Today, I saw in my dream that my son is getting a reward of ten thousand rupees and you are very happy” Mother said,

“Yes mother, today I am really very happy, you know your son is being discussed in the whole hospital” I proudly told my mother,

“Then..? How much money have you got?” Mother was very happy.

I was happy to see my mother’s happiness, but I felt very bad after hearing her talk about money.

Actually I had seen both the situations since childhood. First thing about father, he often says son, don’t worry about money as long as I am alive, you will not have any problem, do whatever you like, I will fulfill your every wish. On the other hand, he had to run the house with the money he used to send to his mother every month, so he had also seen the suffering of his mother.

How mother used to run the house and used to fulfill my every order. Today, when I started earning, I did not want to see that my mother has any problem regarding money, that is why I started working at the age of studies.

“Mother, I have received a check of Rs 5000, I will send it to you in two-three days, and yes, take care of yourself, do not face any problem, now I am earning” I told my mother with courage.

“Son, leave your work and come to me, I want to see you, if you stay with me, I will not have any problem, I don’t need money.”

Now emotional torture has started happening a lot, “Shut up, I will come home soon, I have come to the institute for studies, now I keep the phone, I will call after reaching the room. Ok ‘Pranam’ I said this word too soon.

Mother blessed the phone and I ended the call and opened the doors of the class room again and came inside. When I came, I saw that the last question was being asked to Deepak, “Deepak, one last question, you tell me, just what you said, India has become a slave. My question is that India remained a slave of the British for 200 years, but how..? What is the reason..?”

“Sir actually that time” Deepak had just said that the professor stopped him and said, “Unhun.. tell in Hindi”

“Sir, at that time our country was like a state system, every state which used to be much smaller than today’s state, or rather they were not kings but landlords. Our country was big but it was divided into pieces, the British took advantage of this. In 1600 AD, the Britishers came to our country India to do business and slowly by persuading those landlords with their diplomacy, united our entire country, named it ‘India’ and started ruling it” Deepak replied seriously.

“Yes, there are correct answers to some extent, but go and study now, this will not work.” For the first time, Deepak’s answer was supported by the professor, with his hand gestures he asked Deepak to go and while looking for us with his sharp eyes, I Now got up from the earlier shit and went to the back side, showed me the finger and asked to come near me, smilingly I got up from the chair and started going straight towards the professor.

“First tell me what is your name” the professor asked me,

To tell the truth, I felt as if someone was asking Shahrukh Khan his name, oh brother, I was no less than a celebrity today, yes, it was different that I had become the best employee while working in the hospital.

“Yes Sir, Raju” I told my name.

“Come on, sit down, and how many hours do you study these days” the professor pointed to the chair for me to sit and himself sat on the chair,

“Sir, because of Deepak, I read a little bit now-a-days. In this way, I get very busy working in the hospital all day, where do I get the time to study” I don’t know how I got the confidence to talk, I spoke to him in a different manner while sitting on the chair.

“Lamp ! Well you stay with Deepak, being safe he is only wasting his time and money” she told me looking at Deepak.

Hearing his answer, my blood started boiling like on a kerosene stove at 100 degree Celsius. Deepak is such a good boy, he studies day and night, no intoxication, no wrong association, no affair with any girl, it is not possible to find such a boy in today’s era and what is he talking about in his yard.

“Sir, let me tell you something” I said.

“Say yes, am I saying wrong..?” The professor gave me permission to speak this much.

“No sir, you are right, but I was saying that can it happen that today instead of taking my interview, I will take your interview, will it be right..?” I asked this question to the professor with full confidence.

“No problem, you only take my interview, but keep one thing in mind… , the question should be of my level, don’t ask me such useless questions” He answered nervously after listening to my question.

“Absolutely sir, you can rest assured, I will take full care of it” I said.

“First question, tell me yourself” like the hero of a movie, I was answering him in his own language, my first question was also similar to his question,

Poor professor clearing his throat uhu…hu… “Yes, as you know my self Professor J.J. Of. Jain, Here I am the H.O.D. of math and physics, you know there is mainly 5 professor in this institute, but in ranking I am the first and favorite professor of each and every student” I could not digest it, I looked at Rohan and Deepak and felt that both of them were asking me to ask more complicated questions to the professor.

Well, listening to Professor Jain, like an interviewer, I interrupted him in the middle and asked him to give his correct and logical information in English.

“Ok..Ok” he said to me while moving his hand forward.

I also raised my hand in the air and directly said to him “Carry on”.

Seeing my suggestion and attitude of asking, the professor was very angry, how he is speaking rudely, but today I too had made up my mind, whether or not. All the boys/girls were looking at me and were happy in their hearts.

Professor sahib talked continuously for 3-4 minutes in his yard, in his parents’ yard, about studies and teaching, along with things about his village, city and society, I was silently listening to him. Huh, Deepak’s interview was going on in my mind, then he demanded to drink a glass of water.

Instead of housekeeping, I asked Rohan to get cold water for him.

“Raju, the second question came to your mind or not, or do you want to know something else in my yard..?” He said to me after drinking water and keeping the glass on the table.

“No sir second question, what is the test..? And how many types are they? I came to know that the professor is tired now, so I immediately asked him another question.

“Test.. O!!, so you work in the hospital, I also know. Test is the process by which we find out which disease a patient has or does not have. There are many types, like blood sugar test, blood pressure test, cholesterol test, etcetera etc.” Pleased with my question, he replied with confidence.

“Absolutely wrong..” I said while cutting his words.

“Test is test sir, why is it only for a patient..? Even a healthy person can do it. As far as my question is concerned, you have made the mistake of not understanding my question properly at first. I had asked what are tests, it has a very simple answer, which we can identify by closing our eyes only and only through the tongue is called test.

There are four types of test; Sweet, salty, bitter and sour, remember that there is no pungent test” listening to me everyone’s mind was spinning along with the professor, Deepak was smiling listening to my questions and answers.

“My third question, in the beginning, when the British came to do business in India, what kind of arrow did they shoot, instead they enslaved us and we remained slaves for 200 years, a brief description of how my India became free. Give” I asked him this simple question with a cool head.

It was not in his capacity to give a brief description of a big history in this small question of ours, but he flatly refused.

“Which question is this, you also know that children spend countless money and time for many years to study only this much and you are asking me for a brief description of it. Still, if I start telling now, don’t know how many classes will pass by telling.. It will not happen like this. I had already said, the question should be of my level. Stop asking such nonsense questions, you are sitting asking how India became a slave..? When did you become independent…? You were born in a free country, weren’t you… That’s it!!” He said so much to me while fretting.

“Sir when you were in primary school” I just said,

“Yeah, so..?”

“Sing four lines of the prayer to be held in school those days.” I hurriedly asked him this fourth question as well.

“Stop now.. only nonsense questions are being asked.. Now who here will remember what was the prayer in school.. do you remember..?” Scratching the few hairs left on his head, Prof. Jain sahib spoke.

“Ok sir, now it is about to be night, it is getting late. Please listen to one last question ‘When do you say good morning..?’ Now, respecting him, we asked the last question.

“Good morning is a simple answer, whenever we meet someone early in the morning means before 12 noon, then we say it.” Answering very quickly, he wanted to get up from the chair.

“No sir, I did not expect such an answer from you” I stopped him from getting up and continued to speak “As far as I know sir you are a science and maths teacher but you have a strong grip on grammar”

As soon as I spoke like this, he looked at my face and said, “Yes man, you reminded me right, we can say good morning at any time, whenever we meet someone for the first time, be it day or night, we can say it at any time. are | Now I understood that it was you who had said ‘Good Morning’.” He patted me lovingly on my back and said, “It was very nice to give you an interview, you have some things to say.. it was fun” He got up from the chair and started going out of the class.

“Sir, today he is the best employee in the hospital and got a check of 5000” Deepak got up from his sheet and told the professor in my enclosure.

After listening to Deepak’s words, he turned back and shook hands with me and congratulated me while patting my back. One thing that he said while leaving, he probably says only in emotion, he said, “Raju, you are an extraordinary boy, whether we can do anything for you or not, someone will definitely recognize you, you are unique. | I have seen you today, the hunger you have to do something other than a good job will take you far ahead, you have a lot of potential, Genius Raju, you are the king, best of luck”

He was the second person to give such encouragement in my life, I could not understand anything, I was just feeling his feelings with a smile on my face and I was thanking God along with Professor Jain. |

As the professor’s time was over, he went to some other class. Here I came and sat near Deepak, as well as because of both of us, other students of the class were saved from taking the interview of that Kharus professor, all the students were openly encouraging me and thanking me.

Even today I always say good morning, you also say. Speaking good morning gives a different energy.. enthusiasm comes because often we speak good morning only in the morning when we have full energy. So why not say a good morning and maintain that energy till late night.


Final Word

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