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Best 20+ Happy Diwali Images


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What Is Diwali And Why Is It Called The Festival Of Lights?


Diwali (Deepawali) is the festival of lights or the festival of lights. Light has so much importance in human life because of the structure of our means of seeing i.e. our eyes. For other creatures, light means their survival, but for humans, light is not just a matter of seeing or not. The arrival of light marks a new beginning in our lives and, more than that, it gives us clarity.

Most of the creatures live according to their nature, due to which they do not have much confusion about what to do and what not to do. A small tiger never sits and thinks, “Will I become a good tiger or will I remain just a pet cat?” If only he eats well, he will be a good tiger.

You are born as a human being but to become a good human being you have to do a lot of things and even after that you don’t know where you are! Yes, while comparing yourself to someone, you may feel that you are better than him, but you cannot know where you are, how you are, in yourself.

Human intelligence is such that if you do not organize it properly and do not use it, then compared to those creatures whose brains are not even a millionth part of your brain, you will suffer a lot, you will get a lot of confusion because All those creatures are very clear in everything, like humans are not. An earthworm or any insect easily knows what to do and what not to do, but humans do not know this. It is this intelligence that confuses us; it is because of the capability of our intelligence that we are always in a state of conflict.

Instead of being a tremendous potential, intelligence turns out to be a problem for many people. They may give different names to their problems, such as stress, anxiety, depression, madness or sadness. But, what it basically means is that their intelligence is working against them. If you are feeling unhappy with yourself without anyone else causing you any trouble, it means that your intelligence is working against you.

This being the nature of human existence, clarity is the most important thing. Therefore, lighting is important. Light means clarity. The festival of Diwali is also important because it is dedicated to clarity which inspires you to remove the ambiguities and confusions within you.


Why Is Diwali Celebrated?


Historically this is the day when Krishna killed Narakasura. His original name was not Narakasura, but he used to make people’s lives hell by torturing them, and that is why people started calling him Narakasura. The one who gives sorrow, trouble and hell to others is Narakasura. When Krishna ended this process of torture, people celebrated by lighting lamps in every house.

Although the incident of killing Narakasura happened much later, the tradition and culture of lighting lamps around this day is 12 to 15,000 years old. People had understood that at this time of the year there was a kind of stagnation in their lives. So the idea was that if you are not completely alive, active like a lamp, a firecracker, then lighting lamps and firecrackers around you will awaken you to something. This is the reason why on the day of Narak Chaturdashi, firecrackers are burst from 4 am in the morning so that everyone wakes up and becomes alive.


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