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First Love Remained Incomplete


Neelam had gone to her friend Priya’s wedding and Hemant was Priya’s uncle’s son. Suddenly the lights went off in the marriage hall and everyone was roaming here and there with their phones on. After some time the lights came on and Hemant and Neelam were looking at each other. We were standing in front and saw each other as soon as the lights were switched on and Neelam liked Hemant at first sight. Neelam loved making friendships, she made friends with everyone and also maintained friendships.

Neelam thought of befriending Hemant and tried to talk to him and told her friend Priya, Priya made Neelam friends with her brother Hemant, Neelam looked beautiful so Hemant also befriended Neelam, throughout the marriage. Neelam and Hemant kept talking to each other and after parting, Neelam started going home.

So Neelam asked Hemant for his number, Hemant gave the number and then both of them started talking and then gradually they both fell in love. Neelam already had other friends with whom one day Neelam introduced Hemant, but Neelam’s friend was too frank with Neelam, hence Hemant did not like it.

After a few days, Hemant started having a lot of problems with Neelam’s friends but Hemant was not able to tell Neelam, but then for a few months, Hemant started being in an off mood. So Hemant thought that today Bo will talk to Neelam. And then Hemant went to Neelam and said to her – Look Neelam, I don’t like these friends of yours at all, stay away from them. Neelam said – Meaning, something has happened, did someone say something wrong to you?

Hemant made Neelam sit and explained that her friends are too frank and she does not like it. Neelam became angry and said – You are doubting me. Hemant – Not doubting but this kind of friendship is right. No” Neelam got more angry and started fighting with Hemant and said – What kind of friendship is this Bo? And then Hemant also left saying that making you understand is like hitting your head on a stone.

There was a fight between the two for a few days and they did not talk to each other but then one day Neelam called Hemant and invited him to meet her and said – What is it, you don’t want to talk now or took advantage of it and left him. Hemant was silent. Because he knew that Neelam would not listen to him and there would be a fight, so Hemant said sorry and ended the conversation but Hemant was in an off mood.

After a few days, Hemant had gone to the food market with Neelam and both of them were sitting at a shop and eating momos. And Neelam called her entire circle of friends, one of Neelam’s friends started eating momos from Neelam’s plate and Neelam drank her friend’s fake cold drink, Hemant was getting angry seeing all this and Hemant Was controlling his anger very well.

After some time, Neelam’s friend sat down with his hand around her neck, Hemant did not like this and then Hemant removed the hand of Neelam’s friend and pushed him, and then Neelam’s friend also started pushing Hemant slowly. The fight started increasing. Neelam asked Hemant – Why did you push me first? Hemant was angry – Why is he putting his hand around your neck? Neelam – He is a friend, we are friends, why are you getting so upset.

Neelam’s friend again put his hand around his neck and started teasing Hemant and then Hemant’s fight reached the point of fighting. With great difficulty he separated Hemant and Neelam’s friend and Neelam started fighting with Hemant and started shouting – What? You have a problem with my friends” Hemant also got angry – Why are you putting your hand around my neck?” Neelam – Well, he is my friend “Hemant – so why don’t you sleep with him” Neelam got so angry after hearing this that she also said – “You will go to sleep from here.

Hemant also felt bad at that time and Hemant left from there, Hemant had decided that now Bo would never talk to Neelam, and later Neelam also felt bad that she should not have said this. And then Neelam said sorry to Hemant but Hemant did not respond. Neelam tried to talk and called to meet but Hemant neither talked nor went to meet.

After about a month, Hemant thought of meeting Neelam and clearing everything, so one day Hemant went to meet Neelam and gave two options to Neelam, either she should choose her friends or Hemant. Neelam again got angry. And Neelam still replied calmly and said – Then what is the problem behind the same thing you said to my friends “Hemant – I don’t like it and I don’t want to argue” and asked them to choose one of the two.

After thinking for a long time, Neelam decided that she would not come in front of Hemant with her friends and would stay away from them, so at that time she chose Hemant, but Neelam kept talking to her friends secretly. Hemant was happy thinking that Neelam left her friends for him, but he did not know that Neelam talks and meets them too.

But it is said that a lie remains hidden for a long time and one day it comes out, the same happened with Neelam, her lie was also caught. One day, Hemant saw Neelam going on a scooter with her friend and her entire friends circle was also going in different vehicles. Hemant followed and saw everyone going to the mall. Hemant called Neelam and asked where she was, Neelam lied and said that she was at home.

Hemant got very angry and felt bad. Hemant took a photo of Neelam roaming in the mall with her friends and left from there. In the evening, Hemant went to meet Neelam and talked to Neelam very lovingly, ate, drank and roamed around, and then when it was time to go home, Hemant said to Neelam – “You told me this morning” Neelam hesitated. Replied – I was at home, I told you.”

Hemant slapped Neelam very hard and asked again to tell the truth, Neelam started crying and remained silent. Hemant was asking her where she said, Hemant had hit Neelam for the first time, hence Neelam was feeling bad and her tears were not stopping. It was around 9 o’clock in the night. Neelam started going home without talking to Hemant, but Hemant held her hand and said – First answer my question and then leave from here, otherwise I will not let you go today, no matter what happens.

Neelam called Priya and after telling her everything requested her to tell in the conference that today Neelam stayed at her place so that we can meet after a long time and she will not come home today but will come tomorrow morning. Priya said in the conference – “Aunty ji, today we came from our in-laws, so you are stopping Neelam, Neelam will come tomorrow.” After that, Neelam sat angrily on one side of the road.

Neelam was not talking to Hemant and Hemant was getting very angry wondering why she lied. A lot of time passed and the road started becoming empty and then Hemant also lied about his home and took a room in the same hotel and started asking Neelam the same thing. After a long time Neelam replied and said – he was at home. Hemant was so upset. He got angry that she was still lying and then after seeing the photo of the mall, he licked Neelam hard again and Neelam started crying again.

Neelam’s lie was caught and Neelam was sitting and crying and Hemant kept talking to Neelam for one or two hours. Hemant went to lie down angrily after saying bad things to Neelam. At around 1 o’clock in the night, Neelam apologized to Hemant but Hemant said angrily – Sorry, I will not be able to marry you and this is the last time we are meeting, after this we will never meet again. Neelam’s heart starts panicking and Neelam started crying more. . Neelam apologizes to Hemant again and again but Hemant was getting angry at Neelam by speaking directly to her.

The whole night Neelam kept apologizing to Hemant and kept crying but Hemant was very angry with Neelam’s lie, Neelam removed all her friends’ numbers in front of Hemant and said to Hemant – Now we will not talk to anyone, we will not meet anyone but leave us. Don’t” As soon as the morning came, Hemant started leaving but Neelam even caught hold of Hemant’s legs but Hemant did not agree and went away in anger. Neelam ran behind him but to no avail.

Hemant did not talk to Neelam for about 6 months but Hemant kept noticing Neelam. From that day Neelam had stopped talking to her friends, both of them kept yearning for each other, Neelam tried a lot but when Hemant told her When he ignored her too much, Neelam also stopped calling and sending messages and after a few days, Neelam’s marriage got confirmed and Hemant started hating Neelam thinking that she was not making any difference to him and was happy.

Neelam also got married with a stone in her heart and from here both of them separated forever and both kept shedding tears in the memory of each other throughout their lives.

Hemant should have understood that friendship was also important but Neelam also understood that friendship could be maintained even at a distance. Both were the reason for their separation because Hemant did not trust Neelam and Neelam lied to Hemant by not listening to him. If both of them had listened to each other properly then they would not have parted like this today.


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