Best 15+ Maa Durga Pic

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Best 15+ Maa Durga Pic


Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic

Maa Durga Pic 4K

Maa Durga Pic DP

Maa Durga Pic For DP

Maa Durga Pic HD

Maa Durga Pic Whatsapp DP


Story Of Maa Durga


One of the many Puranas composed by Maharishi Vyas is Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Purana, which is an interesting story of the origin of Maa Durga and her duties. It is told that once upon a time there was a demon named Mahishasura in the universe, whose body was half like a demon and half like a buffalo. By performing rigorous penance, he obtained a boon from Lord Brahma that no god, demon or human could kill him, let alone any woman. She had this illusion that how would she, who is powerless herself, be able to kill me?


Durga Means Destroyer Of Bad Qualities


Feeling proud of being immortal, he started harassing the gods. All the gods approached Lord Brahma pleading for mercy. Reached Brahma ji, Shankar ji and Vishnu ji. On the advice of Lord Vishnu, from the combined glory of all the gods, a female gem was born which was named ‘Durga’. Durga means the one who protects the fort of Yagya, the destroyer of bad qualities, the one who simplifies difficult tasks and the one who destroys misery.


Goddess’s War With Demons


All the gods provided different weapons to the goddess and also decorated her with jewellery. When she was adorned and seated, the gods got engaged in praising her after getting the divine darshan of her who enchanted the three worlds. The unborn Bhagwati then uttered words from her mouth, hearing which Mahishasura’s throne started shaking.

He sent his demon companions to find out this voice. When those demons told that this voice was of a beautiful goddess, he sent his demons to the goddess with a proposal of marriage. When Devi refused to marry him, he fought with Devi and was killed. They kept on trying to convince the demon goddess to serve Mahishasura and glorified his beauty, but after refusing, the goddess killed them all one by one.


Navratri Commemorating The Duty Of The Goddess


After this, Mahishasura himself came and started talking very captivatingly with the goddess. But the goddess challenged him to fight and he too was killed. Nine days passed in fighting with these demons, hence in the path of Bhakti, the festival of Navratri is celebrated with great pomp in memory of this duty. It has been said that ‘Maa Durga destroyed Kaliyuga.’ The meaning of Kaliyuga destruction is – ‘Destruction of the demonic tendencies present in Kaliyuga’. Only after their destruction came Satyayuga, the era of goddess instincts.


Navratri Twice A Year


In India, the memorial day of all the gods and other saints is celebrated once a year, but Navratri is celebrated twice a year for Goddess Durga. Due to this, the glory of the Goddess taking incarnation and doing her duty is doubled in the gift to others. Navratri, which comes twice a year, inspires and makes us aware that we should know more and more about Mother, the protector, nurturer and guide of the universe, recognize her qualities and duties, and by imitating her, destroy the demonic tendencies. Do it.


Both A Virgin And A Married Woman, How?


In fact, do we know such a supernatural Mother Durga? How much do you know about them? They are on vow of virginity. She is an unbroken celibate. They are completely untouched by the attack of any demonic instinct. Kumari Puja, Kumari Bhojan and Kumari Samman are organized to commemorate her memorial day. Brahmacharinis pray to him for the boon of unbroken purity. Despite all this, she is also considered an unbroken wife. She wears all the symbols of marriage like vermilion, tilak, red pair, bangles, nettles, nose ring, jewelery etc. and married women of the world also ask her for the blessing of an unbroken marriage. How can these two things happen together?

Kumari and married too? Then who is her husband? Shri Narayan is shown with Shri Lakshmi and Shri Ram is shown with Shri Sita, but the name of any deity is not taken with Goddess Durga. Even in the temple, she is depicted riding on a lion, completely alone and in the paintings too. When and with whom did he get married? No account of this is available to be read, so what is the answer to this mysterious puzzle? How can someone be a virgin and a married woman at the same time?


Dedication Of Girls And Mothers In Divine Work


To understand this deep secret, a very pure, divine and concentrated intellect is required. When the cycle of time rotates through Satyayuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparayuga and reaches the end of Kaliyuga, many types of demonic tendencies have increased in the universe. Due to this, the crying humanity starts waiting for some divine power, then the most kind, gracious, devotee-loving, compassionate, giving, kind-hearted Lord Shiva incarnates on this earth in an ordinary human body and names him Pitashree Brahma.

When Brahma Baba sits in his old body and starts pouring the Ganges of Knowledge, then many men and women who are hurt by demonic tendencies start taking refuge in him and make their lives free from vices. Among them too, mothers and daughters get involved in this work with more dedication. Girls take a firm vow of lifelong celibacy and surrender themselves to Lord Shiva, accepting him as their husband.

Covered with disorders. In the dark night of Kaliyuga, these girls continuously fight to eliminate the demons of lust, anger etc. from the world and establish peace, love and brotherhood. The result of this is the sunrise in the form of Satyayuga; In this way, the whole world, including the animate and animate, hails her and in the next Chaturyuga, on the night of Brahma, the glory of her Confluence Age duty is sung in the form of Durga and other goddesses.


Selection Of Mahakaal, Kaal Of Kaal


These Brahmakumari girls, who by erasing all their worldly identities, accept the form of the Self and become engaged in world service. She is also an unbroken celibate, but at the same time, by choosing Lord Mahakaal Shiva, she also becomes the one who gives unbroken good fortune and good fortune to her husband. Since Durga is a reminder of their Confluence Age duties, she is shown as a virgin as well as a married woman.

The Brahma Kumaris consider Shiva as their entire world and become free from the vicious world. She accepts only Shiva as her husband, but Shiva is formless, point-like and light-like. They are grotesque (without image/bodyless). Her picture cannot be taken, hence Maa Durga is shown alone in the temple even though she is married. No incarnate deity is with them. In this way, she is both a virgin and an unbroken bride. Even time is under the control of her husband Lord Shiva. Mother Durga, who chooses such an immortal and imperishable husband, is always a married woman and is also an unbroken celibate in her thoughts, words and actions.


Why Couldn’t We Become Blessed With Goddess-like Qualities Despite Worshiping The Goddess?


Knowing someone’s real life story inspires us to be like them. Without knowing the story, merely folding hands, offering some flowers, leaves etc. remains just like worshiping dolls or playing. For example, if a child does not know who Bapu Gandhi was, when he died, what he did, then he will offer a garland to his picture out of sentiment but will think about the noble qualities of his character like truth, non-violence, universal love etc. If he will not be able to do so, he will not be able to incorporate them in his character.

We too offered our feelings to Maa Durga as per the customs and rituals made by the elders of our family and society, but we could not understand the sacrifice, penance, service, dedication, detachment etc. embedded in her life. That’s why every year, even though we observe puja, fast and travel, we are still at the same place where we were before doing all this.


Why Couldn’t We Become Blessed With Goddess-like Qualities Despite Worshiping The Goddess?


One reason for this is that we find the Goddess very high, very holy and very great. In his sight, our life seems trivial, selfish and full of vices. Then the thought starts coming that we cannot reach such a height, it is not possible. Where is the goddess and where are we! But if we know that the goddess was an ordinary girl before reaching this height.

In her virgin life itself, she took a firm resolve to imbibe the teachings of God and follow His commandments and become like Him. Taking one step at a time, adopting strong virtues in life, she reached such heights. After this information, courage and enthusiasm to become like them comes easily and it also starts to seem possible.

For example, when a small child starts going to school, the teacher seems very knowledgeable, learned and intelligent to him, but when he is told that this teacher too was a small child like you and has reached this position by studying since then, then the child I too gain courage and actually start taking steps on the path of becoming like that teacher.

On the contrary, if he keeps performing the teacher’s aarti and singing kirtan every day with some puja material, then knowledge will not be transmitted to him just by this feeling. This is the reason that despite worshiping Goddess Durga for so many years, her qualities and powers could not be communicated to the devotees.


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