Best 20+ Navratri Mehndi Design

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Best 20+ Navratri Mehndi Design


Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design

Easy Navratri Mehndi Design

Happy Navratri Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design For Navratri

Mehndi Design Images For Navratri

Mehndi Design Navratri

Modern Navratri Mehndi Design

Navratri Mehndi Design Back Hand

Navratri Mehndi Design Easy

Navratri Mehndi Design Images

Navratri Mehndi Design Simple

Navratri Mehndi Design

New Navratri Mehndi Design

Simple Navratri Mehndi Design


Preparations for Navratri are not limited to just worship, but people also organize many types of programs during this time. During this time, women wear different types of stylish clothes and get decorated. Applying mehendi is also an important step in grooming. So what kind of designs can you decorate your hands with on this occasion?

1. Arabic Mehndi Design – This Mehndi design is quite popular and easy. Mostly those girls and women like to apply it, who do not like very rich mehndi designs. This design is quite simple. It mostly shows patterns, leaves and dots, which are simple and beautiful. There is no need to wait for any festival to apply this type of designer mehndi, you can apply it any time.

2. Motif Mehndi Design – In Motif Mehndi Design, mostly shapes of flowers, leaves, peacock or elephant are made on the hand. This design is quite desi and traditional. This mehndi design is very balanced. In this, neither the hands are completely filled nor remain empty.

3. Full Hand Mehndi Design – After simple mehndi design comes full hand mehndi design. This mehndi design is especially for those who like to apply mehndi on their entire hand. This mehndi design is a little more than simple and a little less than bridal.

4. Bridal Mehndi Design – In Karva Chauth, every woman wants to do 16 adornments like a bride, so this Karva Chauth, decorate your hands with attractive designs of bridal mehndi. This design is very full and detailed, which almost takes up your entire hand. In this, attractive designs of king-queen, peacock or elephant are made. This design completely depends on the art of the maker as to how he decorates your hand.

5. Colorful Mehndi Design – If you are bored with the same type of Mehndi design, then now is the time to adopt some new and different design. Forget those designs which had monotonous colours, because this mehendi design is something different. If you like colorful things, then you can give a new look to your designer mehendi by adding color to it. If you want, you can also use glitter or sparkle color in it.

6. Stone Mehndi Design – With time, modern changes have been seen in the design of Mehndi and Stone Mehndi Design is one of them. Stone mehndi design is also quite fashionable these days. It not only contains colors, but beautiful gems i.e. shiny stones are also used, which enhance the beauty of the design.

7. Glitter Mehndi Design – After colorful and stone mehndi design comes glitter mehndi design. It is made just like the common mehndi design. Glitter i.e. bright colors are used in it, which makes even a common looking design special.

8. Curved Mehndi Design – Simple and beautiful looking curved mehndi design, despite being very detailed, looks classy. Be it bridesmaids at weddings or girls who like less makeup at festivals, this design enhances the beauty of everyone’s hands.

9. Peacock Mehndi Design – Peacock Mehndi Design is a very common but most liked design. It is a mixture of small flower-leaves, swirls and pattern designs. In this, a peacock shape is made in the middle of the palm, which increases the beauty of this design.

10. Tattoo Mehndi Design – This Mehndi design is for those who want to avoid the hassle of drying Mehndi for hours or who do not like the smell of Mehndi. It looks like a sticker on the hands and lasts only for a short time. If you have to go to a function or party and want to decorate your hand with a mehendi design in less time, then tattoo mehendi is the best option. Nowadays, girls and women have started getting tattoo mehndi done on shoulder, neck, waist or arm as a fashion.

11. Shaded Mehndi Design – This Mehndi design is quite easy. In this, the design is made by making a deep outline or border. Then just as colors are filled in a picture with a sketch pen, in the same way the empty space is shaded with henna. Of course, this design may not make your hands look full, but it definitely looks attractive.

12. Finger Mehndi Design – If you do not like applying Mehndi on your entire hand and also do not like tattoo Mehndi, then Finger Mehndi Design is the best option for you. In this, if you want, you can get intricate designs made on just one finger or on all the fingers. As you can see in the photo of this mehndi design, it is so fine, simple and small that it can be applied even on the little fingers of small children. If your daughter also insists on getting mehendi applied, then you can try this mehendi design.

13. Rajasthani Mehndi Design – There is a lot of detail in Rajasthani Mehndi design, in which Mewari elegance is visible. The beauty of the palm is enhanced by carving the picture of a beautiful king and queen with henna. Apart from this, Rajasthani pride is beautifully depicted by making peacock designs in some designs and elephant designs in others.

14. Wristband Mehndi Design – When this design is decorated on your hands, it will look as if you are wearing a wristband on your hands. This mehndi design is not on your palms and entire hand but on the wrist. In this, designs like flowers and wires are mostly used.


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