Best 20+ Rose Day Images

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Best 20+ Rose Day Images


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Rose Day Quotes


First of all, Happy Rose Day to all of you. This is the first and everyone’s favorite day of Valentine’s Week. On this day, couples in love give roses to their respective lovers or new lovers, in the desire to find love, propose to their lovers by giving them roses. This week starts from Rose Day i.e. 7th February.

The month of February has started and this is the month of love, because Valentine Week comes in this month. Therefore, to wish Rose Day to your friends or boyfriend or girlfriend on 7th February, our post contains some very captivating Rose Day quotes which you can send on WhatsApp and Facebook.


After last year, Rose Day has come again,
Only your beauty is visible in my eyes,
Please come and see it once,
The whole house has been decorated waiting for you!!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


There is a beautiful rose among the flowers,
It is an important book for studies.
There is an answer to every question in the world,
If someone asks you about me then say that I am amazing…!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


You are a fragrant evening.
You are a jam overflowing with love.
We carry around hidden in our chests
memory of you in my life
You are another name.
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Just as a rose cannot live without bunches of roses,
My true love is you “I love you”
i can’t live without you
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


We don’t meet you every day,
I miss you every day,
We have sent Red Rose,
Which will remind you of us every Roz!!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Sent it very secretly,
My lover gave me a rose,
Damn her fragrance,
Created an uproar in the entire city!!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


O beautiful lady, please accept my rose,
We love you very much,
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Now we don’t care about this era,
We express our love,
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Do you consider our ignorance or our devilishness?
We wait for you every moment.
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


If something has to be made,
Become a rose flower,
Because this flower is his,
It also leaves fragrance on my hands,
Who crushes it and throws it away!!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Today I thought what answer should I give you?
What title should I give to people like you?
I don’t know if there is any other flower,
What should I give a rose to someone who is a rose herself?
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Someone’s heart gets broken in love,
Someone breaks trust in friendship,
One should learn to live life from a rose,
Who joins two hearts even after breaking.
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


You are the one who cannot be found, sir.
You are the first dream of my life,
No matter what people say,
You are a beautiful rose of my life!!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


I have brought roses for you,
But that too withered in front of your light,
You are such a beautiful diamond,
That Kohinoor should also think of getting you!!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


You are a unique form of love,
You are the most needed person in life,
Rose is beautiful,
You are more beautiful than a rose!!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Not every prayer is accepted
Not every wish is fulfilled
who have people like you in their hearts
For them, even a heartbeat is not necessary!
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


There is softness like roses in your hands,
Her fragrance is present in your breath,
You keep blooming like this for every birth,
Your name will always be in my prayers.
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


How can I send you a rose,
You are very wonderful,
Roses still wither,
But tears never come to your eyes.
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Love is just a coincidence,
This is a meeting of two hearts,
Love does not see whether it is day or night,
There is only loyalty and emotion in this –
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Just your sound brings a smile on my face,
My breaths express the feeling of your presence,
These beautiful roses are part of your memories
Seeing whom that happiness becomes youthful again.
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Go away like SMS, Rose🌹…
If there is a true relationship then the answer will come…🙂
Don’t be sad if he doesn’t come…
Just understand that,
He had no time for me…😔
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


Every flower has a strange story,
Being silent is also a sign of love,
Is there any wound anywhere?
Still why this feeling,
feels like a piece of heart
He still has it today.
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


When did I say…you give me a rose…
Or reward me with your love…
Today my mind is very sad…..
Even if you are a stranger, you just call me.
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


May every flower give you new desires,
Give you a salute every morning,
This is our prayer from the bottom of our heart,
If you shed even one tear,
So may God give you double the happiness
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


You are the one whom I can’t get, sir.
You are the first dream of my life,
No matter what people say to you,
But you are a beautiful rose for me
🌷 Happy Rose Day 🌷


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