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I Swear You Will Cry After Reading This Story


Anjali fell in love in the eleventh grade when she was in school. There was a boy, Harsh, studying in class 12, whom Anjali used to see all the time, sometimes in the field, sometimes while going to class to drink water, and sometimes in the adjacent room. She used to keep watching secretly in the class. Ever since Anjali started liking Harsh very much, her eyes fell on him for the first time on 26th January in school. On January 26, Harsh participated in the school show and won everyone’s heart in the school. On the same day, Harsh also won Anjali’s heart.

Anjali knew that Harsh would leave school as soon as he passed 12th. Now it took many days for her to propose Harsh. Then one day Anjali gathered courage and stopped Harsh on leave and said, “Listen Harsh, I want to talk to you about something.” Harsh: Say yes. Anjali hesitantly says, “I love you, don’t tell anyone. Will you be my boyfriend?” Harsh laughs and says, “Should I say anything to anyone?” My proposal has been accepted.

Anjali did not know much about Harsh till now because Harsh already had two-three girlfriends and Bo used to spend time with them. After a few days, both of them started arguing a lot. Anjali became happy and started loving Harsh. But one day when Anjali started talking to Harsh, Harsh asked her to tell him what she wanted. Anjali refused and asked to do it after marriage.

As soon as Anjali refused, Harsh stopped talking. But Anjali could not talk to him so she said yes but did not go out. Anjali said that they will meet in school only. Coming to school early in the morning, Harsh agreed and started working with Anjali directly, although Anjali was not well, but still Harsh called her early every day and started working directly. One day Anjali said to Harsh, “If you are doing everything, then marry me too.” Harsh reassured Anjali and said yes.

As days progressed, Harsh continued taking advantage of Anjali. After a few days, school ended and Harsh went to college, while Anjali was still in school, in 12th. Now Harsh asked Anjali to meet him outside and have a relationship, but Anjali refused. After a few days, both of them started arguing on this issue. One day Harsh told Anjali that if she loved me then she would either come to meet me or leave me, Anjali said. I love you very much Harsh, then why don’t you come to meet me? Anjali said that she will refuse to have sex after marriage.

Harsh gets angry and blocks Anjali from everywhere. Anjali remained worried for several days but Harsh did not say anything. Then Anjali tried to talk to the other number, but Harsh also refused to talk to her, due to which Anjali cried a lot. Then one day Anjali thought, “Will you marry him now or after marriage?” And Anjali agrees to Harsh’s request.

Despite being frightened, Anjali could not live without happiness. So she messaged Harsh from another number and said yes and asked him to unblock her. Harsh takes Anjali out and talks to her, Anjali cries in the video call, but Harsh is just experimenting with her, so he doesn’t see her tears. Anjali did not know anything. Then Harsh called Anjali to meet him at the hotel, where Anjali reached with courage and courage.

But Anjali asked Harsh, will you marry me? Harsh said yes Baba. Anjali said that I swear that I will marry you. Anjali said that she did not feel like doing this. They wanted to do all this after marriage, but Harsh started scolding Anjali in anger. Anjali trusted Harsh, but Harsh just took advantage of it and crossed all limits. Gradually Harsh kept calling Anjali, he kept talking to her happily.

Now Anjali had come to college and her boyfriend Harsh was also there. One day Anjali sees Harsh with a girl and Harsh lies to her and says that he is her friend. Then one day Harsh hid from Anjali in college when he was talking to Anjali, his ex-girlfriend Naina saw Harsh and Anjali. Naina understands that Harsh is using her too and is working for him.

Naina tries to talk to Anjali and tells her that Harsh left her after doing everything. Anjili said in disbelief, “You are lying, my happiness is not like that.” Naina shows her some pictures of Harsh and herself that Harsh is cheating on her, Anjali starts crying and starts thinking about her next move. run happiness

She went up to him and openly slapped Harsh, saying, “What a betrayal!”

Then Harsh took Anjali alone. Then Anjali asked Harsh about Naina. Harsh is scared of how he found out, but he calls Naina a liar and says, “I left her because she talked to someone else, but now I love you.” Anjali was crying, but Harsh reassures her and she believes him. She agreed to Harsh’s request because she loved him so much that she would give him everything.

As days passed, she came to know that Harsh had another girlfriend. This time Harsh told Anjali that someone wants to separate us, that is why he is doing all this. He believed everything he said.

But Anjali started feeling scared so she told about Harsh in her house and asked her to marry him. Anjali’s family agrees and her father asks her to meet Harsh. The next day Anjali happily told Harsh. Harsh said angrily, “You are crazy, you didn’t ask me even once.” Anjali said, “I should not get married.”

Anjali started crying but Harsh hushed her and said, “I will too but I will have to ask at my home.” Anjali said, “Okay, go and talk to your parents today.” After some time Harsh went home.

Now Harsh was thinking of a way to refuse Anjali. At night Anjali asked on the phone what he said? Harsh lied and said that there is a lot of fight in my house and mom and dad are refusing so I can’t talk, sorry. After this Harsh blocked Anjali and also left her phone number. Anjali again got nervous and started crying, but the next day she went to Khushi’s house.

And she started crying in front of her mother and said, accept that we cannot live without marriage. Harsh’s mother said, “We don’t know what you are saying, son.”

Anjali remains silent and tells everything, then Harsh’s mother tells Anjali that Harsh did not tell anything about you. Anjali is cheating on Harsh. Just used him, Anjali walks away crying and meets Harsh for the last time and asks don’t you love me? Harsh remained silent for some time, upon which Anjali started crying loudly.

Now Harsh wanted to get rid of Anjali, so told her that Bo no longer loved him.

The ground slipped beneath Anjali’s feet, she remembered everything in a moment, thinking of which she started crying, Harsh left from there. Anjili goes home and tells everything to her mother. Anjali’s mother tries to calm him down and gives him courage, saying, “It’s not your fault, son, don’t cry, everything will be okay.” Anjali stopped going to college and used to cry the whole day thinking about this. Anjali’s parents supported her a lot and after about three months Anjali got married.

Anjali’s mother explained to her that she should no longer love her husband as much as she loved the boy, and said that the boy was dirty and it was useless to remember him. Anjili understands her mother and remembers what she said. After a few months, Anjali started laughing and became happy because her husband was good and kept her happy.


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