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Best 100+ Shiv Parvati Images, Pic, Photo, Wallpaper


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A Complete Love Story Of Shiva And Parvati


The word love consists of two and a half letters. Which is made up of two complete and one incomplete words. It is said that the word love itself is incomplete, hence not everyone gets it completely. But the love story of Shiv ji and Parvati ji is a proof of love achieving perfection even after many hardships. Even if it took ages for this love to become complete. In this love, the harsh penance of Parvati ji and the centuries of wait for Shiva ji are included. There have never been any life partners as wonderful as these two.

Despite being the lord of all three worlds, Lord Shiva neither had his own earth nor his own sky. Mount Kailash, situated in the lap of nature, became his residence. And on the other hand, Parvati ji was a princess or a daughter of a big family in every birth. Still, he never desired anyone more than Lord Shiva in his life. Lord Shiva is the master of the entire creation but in the eyes of the ignorant, he is nothing more than an Aghori, but due to the perfection given to Lord Shiva by that divine form of Goddess, he became Mahadev, the God of Gods.

It is described in the Puranas that Parvati ji took birth one hundred and eight times to become the consort of Lord Shiva. Finally, for the one hundred and eighth time, she became Parvati ji. Before the appearance of Goddess Parvati, she was born as the daughter of Daksh Prajapati. Then in that birth too, under the influence of love, she had a love marriage with Shiva. But his father Prajapati had desired that Sati should marry Lord Vishnu.

So that they remain happy and blessed with all kinds of luxuries. But Sati was not ready, instead she declared that her real happiness lies in Mahadev. She worshiped Lord Shiva in the form of Sati and with great determination found him as her husband. Because of this, Daksh Prajapati became an opponent of Lord Shiva and considered his own people i.e. Lord Shiva as his biggest enemy.

To show contempt to Lord Shiva, Daksh organized a Mahayagya in which all the Gods, Goddesses, Yakshas, Kinnars, Sadhus, Saints and Rishis were called. Except for his own daughter and son-in-law. To go to this Yagya, Parvati ji explained to Shiv ji that strangers are invited, not their own people and if she reached there uninvited, she had to be very humiliated. She realized that she had committed a mistake by disobeying Lord Shiva and when she heard derogatory words towards Lord Shiva, she jumped into the sacrificial fire. When Lord Shiva came to know about this, his followers broke the yagya. Sati gave up her life after promising to meet Lord Shiva again in rebirth.

Shivji kept roaming around frantically carrying the dead body of Mother Sati. Then Lord Vishnu cut Sati’s body into fifty-one parts with Sudarshan Chakra. Which is still established as 51 Shaktipeeth.

Over the years, the separation from Lord Shiva did not decrease but kept increasing. He became detached from the world. Here Sati, keeping her promise, was reborn as the daughter of mountain king Himavan and queen Mena. Being the daughter of Parvatraj, she got the name Parvati. Narad ji told teenage Parvati ji the path of penance to get Lord Shiva as her life partner.

Then Parvati ji told her heart’s feelings to her friend and her friend took her to a very desolate forest. Where Parvati ji gave up food and water and performed various rigorous penances for thousands of years. Then Lord Shiva also sent the Saptarishis to convince Parvati. He himself had come to explain in vain. But Shiv ji also accepted defeat in front of Parvati ji’s determination and he promised to tie the knot with Parvati ji.

Lord Shiva fulfilled this promise on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month i.e. Shivratri. The great meeting of Shiva and Shiv took place on Shivratri, hence this day became Mahashivratri. Enduring so many difficulties, Parvati ji, the princess of the palaces, became a mountain dweller. Once Parvati ji wished for a home for herself, Lord Shiva also gave it to her by building Lanka.

Then Vastuvipra Ravana, who had come to worship with the desire of getting Lord Shiva as Dakshina, Parvati ji gifted the golden Lanka to him but did not allow Lord Shiva to go with Ravana. In any birth, Parvati ji did not want any wealth or glory except the love of Bhole Bhandari, but in every situation of life, she supported Shiva ji like the rays of the sun, the fragrance of flowers and the body along with her life.

At the same time, Lord Shiva also waited for Parvati in every birth. Lord Shiva, who wears Mundamala around his neck, is a symbol of every birth of Parvati. Which he keeps close to his heart. In fact, while Parvati ji faced many difficulties, Shiv ji also endured immense separation. The life of one who gets everything easily never becomes worthy of worship. Ultimately both of them created the definition of complete love.

In today’s era where the meaning of love has changed. Where love has been replaced by wealth, enjoyment and luxury, the unwavering, selfless and steadfast love of Shiva is an inspiration for all. That is why even today, after centuries, devotees celebrate this fulfilled day of love in the form of Mahashivratri with special joy, enthusiasm and energy by performing puja and fasting in temples, homes and pandals and keeping vigil at night.

At the same time, while wishing to get similar complete love from Mahadev and Mahadevi, one also wishes to get completeness and overall happiness in life. May the blessings of this perfect couple and the parents of the world always remain on everyone’s life. Best wishes to everyone on the occasion of Mahashivratri.


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