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Story of Lord Ram and Sita Ji


Lord Rama was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu who was born in Treta Yuga to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya of Ayodhya. Shri Ram belongs to the ‘Ikshvaku dynasty’ which was established by King ‘Ikshvaku’ who was the son of Lord Surya, that is why Ramchandra ji is called ‘Suryavanshi Raja’.

Sri Ramachandra ji is the main character of the Hindu epic Ramayana and a major deity of Hinduism; He is especially important for the followers of Vaishnav tradition. Born in a royal family, Lord Rama’s life was challenged throughout his life by unexpected circumstances such as 14 years of exile and many moral dilemmas and ethical questions.

Vishnu ji’s human incarnation in the form of Shri Ram ji and the hardships he faced prove that Satoguna Vishnu is in the cycle of birth and death. He is not eternal. At one time Lord Vishnu rests on the bed of Sheshnag in his abode ‘Vaikuntha’ and on the other hand he incarnates on earth and suffers sorrow in human birth. Shrimad Devi Bhagwat (Durga) Purana and Shiv Mahapuran provide evidence that Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are in the cycle of birth and rebirth. They are mortal.

Keeping the above in mind, the sacred scriptures have been thoroughly studied, which proves that it is not Lord Ram of Ayodhya who should be worshipped, but Adi Ram who resides in Amarlok ‘Satlok’, about whom the devotees today Are still ignorant.

This has been mentioned in the Sukshm Veda,


Ram Ram sab jagat bakhane, Aadi Ram koi birla jaane ||


Everyone remembers Ram but no one knows who is the real Ram? There is one Adi Ram who is immortal and only he is worthy of devotion about whom the devotee society is unaware till date.

It is said in Sukshm Veda:


“One Ram, son of Dashrath, one Ram sat in Ghat-Ghat.
One Ram’s entire spread, one Ram isolated from the world.


He is the ultimate Akshar Purusha who incarnates on earth as a Tatvdarshi Saint. He imparts true spiritual knowledge to His beloved souls and liberates them. It is mentioned in the subtle Vedas i.e. the nectar of the Almighty God Kabir Ji:


Ram sent a call, Kabira cried. The happiness that is found in the company of a saint cannot be found in the wilderness.


A living being can attain happiness and peace only by taking refuge in a true spiritual master who plays the role of a Tatvadarshi saint as he imparts the true moksha mantras and brings salvation to the souls by freeing them from the prison of Kasha Brahma-Kaal. This happiness and peace cannot be found even in Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu.

Due to lack of true spiritual knowledge, the whole world worships Lord Rama alias Lord Vishnu who cannot free the souls from the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth as they themselves are trapped in the web of Brahma-Kaal.

This writing will give the readers an overview of the life of ‘Maryada Purushottam Ram Ji’ who was worshiped with great reverence by innocent devotees for ages, believing that he was a divine being, despite the teachings of the epic Ramayana and other holy scriptures. The facts make it clear that Adi Ram, who resides at the peak of the supreme eternal place ‘Satlok’ i.e. the seventh sky, is the only immortal Satpurusha who is worthy of worship. He is omnipresent and omniscient.


It is mentioned in the Sukshya Veda:


One was the son of Ram Dashrath, the other was spread across the land.
Teeja is resident of Ghat Ghat, fourth is separate from the world.


Let us focus on the following points from the basis of facts and study who is Aaradhya Ram?


Narada Muni’s curse on Lord Vishnu.
Lord Rama’s fourteen years of exile.
Brahma Kaal Jaal – When Lord Rama recognized Goddess Parvati.
Lord Rama’s killing of King Bali by deceit.
Who built Ram Sethu, Lord Ram or Adi Ram?
Garuda freed Shri Ram from the ‘snake trap’
Shri Ram ji killed Ravana with the grace of Adi Ram ji.
Sita ji’s test of fire by Lord Ram.
Shri Ram and Sita ji insulted the loyal devotee Hanuman ji.
How did Shri Ram and Sita ji die?
Why did King Bali take revenge from Shri Ram Ji in Dwapar Yuga?
Is salvation possible by worshiping Shri Ram Ji?
First, let us throw light on the life of Lord Rama and know why Lord Vishnu had to incarnate on earth as Lord Rama?


Narada Muni’s Curse On Lord Vishnu


Once sage Narad ji performed severe penance and became proud that he had conquered the sensual disorders. After completing the penance he went to meet his father Lord Brahma and informed him of his same faith. Lord Brahma requested Narad ji not to discuss this with Lord Vishnu ji. Since Narad Muni was very confident and excited, he thought of sharing that thing with Vishnu ji despite the warning given by his father, that is, he did not listen to his father.

Narada Muni went to meet his uncle Vishnu ji and started boasting that he had conquered lust and would live the life of an ascetic throughout his life. To remove Narada Muni’s pride and misconception, Lord Vishnu created an illusory world where ‘Swayamvara’ of a beautiful princess was organized and famous rulers from far and wide came to marry the princess. Seeing such grand celebration and preparations, Narad Muni became excited to marry the princess.

The form of Lord Vishnu is charming. Narad ji remembered Vishnu ji and expressed his desire to give him his “Hari form” (Hari means monkey in Sanskrit). Lord Vishnu cleverly agreed by saying ‘Tathaastu’ and Narad ji’s face changed like that of a monkey, of which Narad ji was unaware. The time of ‘Swayamvar’ arrived and the princess entered the royal court.

Narad ji was standing in a queue and waiting for the princess to garland him, she came near, even after seeing sage Narad, she ignored him and went ahead. Narada Muni was shocked, ‘Why did the princess ignore him?’ Giving a second chance, Narada Muni proceeded to another line, where the princess was to reach the next moment. For the second time also the princess ignored Narad ji, then someone standing near her made fun of Narad ji’s monkey form due to which Narad Muni got angry.

Then the furious Narad Muni cursed Lord Vishnu, “You will spend an entire human life separated from your wife and will suffer the pain of separation like me and monkey-faced creatures will help you.”

Comment: Virtuous Souls! Here the seekers need to understand the terrible trap of Brahma-Kaal. He is a fraud. He plays this kind of strategy. First of all Brahma-Kaal inspired Vishnu ji to crush Narad ji’s pride due to which Vishnu ji created an illusory world, then Narad ji invoked him with the desire to look as beautiful as Vishnu ji.

Vishnu ji tricked Narad ji as a result of which Narad ji cursed Vishnu ji. Among the twenty-one universes of Brahma-Kaal, Lord Vishnu is the only master of Satoguna department. They have a variety of limited powers. Even sage Narad is no ordinary person, but the irony is that Trilokiya Vishnu could not neutralize the effect of the curse given by Narad Muni and suffered in human birth as Shri Ram.

Almighty KavirDev says in his nectar speech,


Who are you, chanting the name of Ram? These three tapams should not be cut.


Which Ram (Lord) do you worship who cannot give you relief from the three Tapas i.e. curse. This shows that their way of worship is not correct and they are not supreme. Our remote control is in the hands of Kaal, the butcher, who spoils our karma and then tortures us in our own world by making 84 lakh species of living beings suffer pain. Even Lord Vishnu is not spared from this.

Important: The three Tapas i.e. curses are ineffective only by taking refuge in Satguru and doing true devotion. Satguru plays an important role in the path of devotion. Even Lord Rama and Lord Krishna had Gurus.

Almighty KavirDev explains in Sukshm Veda


Who is greater than Ram Krishna, who is the Guru of all three?
Those rich of three worlds, Guru further subordinate.


Shri Ram and Shri Krishna were the masters of three worlds. He also adopted a Guru and with the permission of his Guru, he completed all his tasks and also performed devotion and made his human birth meaningful.


Kabir, Ram Krishna Bade, Tinhunpur Raja.
Three Gurus have closed their doors.


Ramchandra ji is portrayed as an epitome of virtues. Apart from this, through this article we will also study how the curse of Narad Muni on Lord Vishnu was affected by the devil Brahma-Kaal in his human birth Ramchandra ji?


Lord Ram’s Fourteen Years Of Exile


Shri Ramchandra ji’s step mother ‘Kaikayi’ ordered her husband King Dashrath to order Ramchandra ji to give up his right to the throne for 14 years and go into exile. As an ideal son, Ramchandra ji accepted his father’s reluctant decision with full dedication and left Ayodhya for the forest with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman for 14 years.

Narad Muni’s curse started appearing true. All this was the trap of the devil Brahma-Kaal.

This has been mentioned in the subtle Vedas, the nectar of wisdom of Almighty Kabir Ji.


Kabir, more knowledgeable than Vashishtha Muni, got married after doing research.
Sita was kidnapped and Dashrath was killed, Ram wandered around.


Sage Vashishtha ji was a scholar who did complete spiritual and astrological calculations and determined the most auspicious time for the marriage of Ram and Sita so that they could live a happy married life, but who knew that the prince of Ayodhya – Ram and the princess of Mithila – Sita. Will live such a miserable life in the forest. As predestined, when Rama was spending hard days in the forests with Lakshmana and Sita, one day Ravana, the king of Lanka, kidnapped Sita and Rama wandered across the length and breadth of the earth in search of Sita.


Remember the hand and armpit and read the Bhagwat Geeta.
Kabir says that Kaal kills me like a deer kills Sita.


This is how Brahma-Kaal deceives. Ravana’s maternal uncle Marichi took the form of a golden deer, Sita became fascinated and wanted to get the elusive deer which became the reason for Sita’s abduction. Sadhus and saints consider themselves intelligent by chanting the rosary and reading Geeta but the reality is that they all are ignorant. Almighty Kabir ji tells in his nectar speech that time misleads the living beings. The kidnapping of Sita was a well-planned conspiracy of Brahma-kaal in which Shri Ram emerges as a weak and helpless husband and becomes a puppet in the hands of fate.

Please consider – Shri Ramchandra alias Vishnu ji could not identify who kidnapped Sita? A bird Jatayu told Shri Ram ji that King Ravana of Lanka has kidnapped Mother Sita. When I tried to save him, Ravana cut off my wings. Triloki Vishnu i.e. Shri Ramchandra ji did not know this, this proves how helpless he was.


Brahma Kaal’s Trap- When Lord Ram Recognized Goddess Parvati


When Lord Ram was mourning the loss of Sita, Lord Shiva was seeing his elder brother Vishnu (Ram) along with Goddess Parvati in ‘Shivlok’. Shiv ji bowed to him, then Parvati ji asked Shiv ji, ‘Lord, whom did you bow to?’ Shiv ji said, ‘The man disguised as a saint on earth is actually Lord Vishnu. His wife Sita has been lost, hence Vishnu ji is sad.’

Goddess Parvati was surprised to hear these words of Shankar ji, how can God cry and how can he be helpless? Goddess Parvati said, ‘I don’t believe that I will test Lord Vishnu.’ Lord Shiva warned Parvati not to do so, but after Lord Shiva left, Parvati took the form of Sita and went to earth where Vishnu lived. Was mourning alone.

Cheater Kaal is a cheater, he is dishonest, he has everyone’s remote in his hands. The moment Parvati ji went in front of Shri Ram, he recognized Parvati ji that she was not Sita, but Goddess Parvati and asked, “Mother! How did you come alone? Where did you leave Lord Shiva? Goddess Parvati became extremely embarrassed due to being recognised.

When she went back, Lord Shiva easily recognized that Goddess Parvati had betrayed him and despite the warning given, she went to test Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva became angry because Goddess Parvati had taken the form of Sita, his elder brother’s wife, so he refused to accept Parvati as his wife as she was now respected as a mother. After this, a frustrated Shiva went for penance. Mother Parvati regretted her actions but it was too late. She also left ‘Shiv Lok’ and went to live at her parents’ house.

When Goddess Parvati went to her parents’ house, she saw that her father Daksh had organized a grand religious yajna in which he had invited all the gods, famous kings, saints, etc. and many dignitaries, but Lord Shiva and Ignored them. Daksh also insulted Parvati as he was not happy with the marriage of Shiva and Parvati. Angered by her father’s behaviour, Parvati jumped into the fire pit and burnt herself. When Lord Shiva came to know about this, he cut off Daksh’s head.


The same Lord Ram who could not know who kidnapped Sita? And while wandering in the forests he kept asking everyone whether anyone knew where Sita was? And he recognizes Goddess Parvati, when she appeared before him in the form of Sita. How?

The trap of Brahma-Kaal is dangerous. He gave Ram divine vision at that moment by which he recognized Goddess Parvati. Later Goddess Parvati became embarrassed. This action angered Lord Shiva who abandoned Parvati and started doing penance. Parvati ji immolated herself, Shiva killed Daksh.

Kaal orchestrated the entire act which proved fatal. In this way Kaal ruins the lives of innocent beings and adds to their account the sins which they have to bear. Lord Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana, like all souls, emerged as a puppet in the hands of Brahma-Kaal and devotees believe that Lord Sri Rama was all-powerful.

The statement mentioned in Sukshm Veda is,


Go see the saint every moment, sacrifice every moment.
Ram Naam Rasna Bese, Lijai Janam Sudhari ||


Meaning: The moment when a person takes refuge in a Tatvadarshi saint who is the representative of Adi Ram is praiseworthy because only by the power of true worship the souls get relief from the trap of time, thus achieving the welfare of man. Therefore seekers should worship Adi Ram.


Lord Ram’s Deceit In Killing King Bali


The epic Ramayana was originally composed in Sanskrit by sage Valmiki and was later adapted into various languages, the most famous of which is ‘Ramcharitmanas’ written by Tulsidas. There is an episode in Ramayana when Lord Rama betrayed King Bali, who was the son of Indra and father of Angada. He attacked them secretly by taking cover of a tree and killed Bali because Bali had supernatural power, if someone fought with him in a single-fight then half of the power of the person in front would enter Bali.

Whereas Bali and Lord Rama were not enemies. Lord Rama betrayed Bali because of his selfishness because Bali’s brother Sugriva along with his entire monkey army had promised to help Sri Rama in the search and return of Sita. From this, it can be easily estimated how powerful Trilokiya Vishnu is, who was not able to defeat Bali in frontal battle. This act of betraying King Bali by Lord Rama was a cowardly act which is extremely shameful.

Please Consider

Devotees consider Ram to be a divine being who is the embodiment of both human and divine powers. Such a divine man i.e. Shri Ram ji did a cowardly act. If he was so powerful then he should have fought Bali from the front like a brave warrior. This episode again proves that Lord Rama was unable to face Bali. Therefore, he secretly murdered Bali. In this episode he emerged as a fraud.


Who Built Ram Sethu, Lord Ram Or Adi Ram?


Hanuman was a devout soul. He was sent by Ramchandra ji as a peace messenger to Lanka to surrender the arrogant ruler Ravana and return Sita back to Ram ji. But arrogant Ravana did not accept his words and refused to return Sita. Later, war broke out again but now the vast ocean became a hindrance in reaching Lanka. Ramchandra ji stood in the ocean knee-deep in water for three consecutive days and requested the ocean to give way, but the ocean did not give way.

Frustrated by this, Shri Ram took the arrow of fire and vowed to burn the entire ocean. Then, Sagar assumed the form of a Brahmin and stood before Shri Ram with folded hands and asked for forgiveness and told Shri Ram that the two brothers Nala and Neel in your monkey army should be sent to their Guru Ji Rishi Muninder (Almighty God Kabir Ji That is, one has got power by the grace of Adi Ram). If any thing is thrown into water with their hands, it will not sink but will float, but they have lost this power due to pride. Now only Rishi Muninder ji can help Shri Ram.

Almighty Kabir Ji tells in Sukshm Veda,


Sage Ram’s darshan, happiness settles on his face.
Darshan is visible only to those who have complete parts.


Shri Ram alias Vishnu is also the child of Aadi Ram. He needed the blessings of Lord Kabir Saheb in this difficult situation, so he remembered Adi Ram. Param Akshar Purush Kavirdev appeared in the form of sage Muninder on Setubandh and as per his promise given to Brahma-Kaal, Lord Kabir Saheb built Ram Setu for the army of Shri Ram.

Sage Muninder alias Adi Ram marked a line around the mountain and by his supreme power made the stones inside that line light like logs, which did not sink while building the bridge. Thus, Ram Setu was built by the grace of Adi Ram. Before this Shri Ram could not build the bridge. Even Nala and Neel had failed.

Since Nala and Neel were architects, they carved those light stones and joined them in a suitable manner and the entire monkey army contributed a lot in the work of building the bridge. For identification, Hanuman ji wrote Ram-Ram on all those light stones and till now the innocent devotees continued to believe that Ram Setu was built by the grace of Shri Ram. Thus, out of ignorance, devotees continued to consider Shri Ram as an all-powerful divine man.

This has been mentioned in the Sukshm Veda,


Kabir crossed the ocean to Lanka and gave birth to Sita.
August Muni drank seven seas, who does the work among them?


If it is accepted that Ram Setu was built by the grace of Shri Ram and then the entire army could reach Lanka and for this reason you count Shri Ram in the category of divine men, then similarly once the sage ‘Agastya’ Had drank seven oceans in one gulp. He had supernatural powers. Then whom will you worship as God between Shri Ram and Sage Agastya? It is a myth among devotees, that Ram Setu was built by the grace of Lord Rama. Fact, Ram Setu was built by the grace of Adi Ram (God Kabir). When Lord Kabir Saheb made the stones as light as wood which were used in the construction of Ram Setu.

Comment: When Almighty Kabir Saheb Ji first came to the realm of Shaitan Brahma-Kaal, he requested Lord Kabir to make two promises.

Firstly, Brahma-Kaal requested Lord Kabir to help his son Shri Ram, the incarnation of Vishnu in Treta Yuga, to bring back his wife Sita by building a bridge over the ocean.

Second, in Dwapara Yuga; After the death of Shri Krishna, the king of Orissa named Indradaman would like to build the temple of Shri Krishna but Sagar will not allow it to happen so please help in building the Jagannath temple in Orissa.

The construction of Ram Sethu and Jagannath Temple in Orissa is the result of the promise of the same Adi Ram.

Almighty Kabir Saheb tells in his nectar speech


Mome tome sarab mein, wherever I look there is Ram.
There is no work without Ram, there is no work.


Wherever I look I find Adi Ram only. Nothing can happen in this world without the grace of Adi Ram.


Garuda Freed Shree Ram From The ‘Snake Trap’


Shri Ram and the entire monkey army crossed the Ram Sethu bridge and reached Lanka. The war started between both the armies and Shri Ram’s army was attacked with a weapon called ‘Naag-Phansa’, as a result of which the entire body of all the soldiers including Shri Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman, Sugriva, Jamwant, Angad were killed by the snakes. Was given and they became inactive. Garuda ji was remembered for help who killed all the serpents. Then the entire army and Shri Ram were freed from bondage.

It is mentioned in Sukshm Veda


Cut the bonds in adversity, fought hard.
These are the signs of male creatures, these are Garuda and Ram.


At the time of crisis, Garuda ji helped the divine man Shri Ram and his army. So, consider which of the two (Shri Garuda and Shri Ram) is worthy of being called the best?

Comment: Lord Shri Ram again came across as a helpless warrior, as this time he was seen relying on Shri Garuda ji to free himself and his army.


Shri Ram Ji Killed Ravana With The Grace Of Adi Ram Ji


Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Ravana cut off his head ten times and offered it to Lord Shiva, and only ten times did Lord Shiva return his head to Ravana and blessed him, ‘You will be able to die only after getting your head cut off ten times.’ It was difficult to kill Ravana because Ravana was blessed with nectar in his navel. It is said that Ravana was extremely powerful and had imprisoned 33 crore gods and goddesses. To free Sita from Ravana’s prison, there was a war between Shri Ram and Ravana but Ram could not kill Ravana.

Then, Vibhishana told Shri Ram ji that Ravana could be killed only by hitting an arrow in his navel but all the efforts of Ramchandra went in vain. Then, Ramchandra ji invoked Supreme Lord Kabir Saheb ji. Adi Ram (Kabir Saheb Ji) secretly placed his hand on Ramchandra’s hands and shot an arrow in Ravana’s navel. In this way Ravana was killed by the grace of Adi Ram.

God Kabir Saheb ji says


We killed Ravana and invaded Lanka.
We freed Devtan from his bondage by killing him with ten heads.
We are the ones who fulfill Ram Rahim Kareem. Only we tied the bridge and climbed the padam eighteen.


This has been mentioned in the Sukshm Veda,


Kabir, Lanka was all gold, it was Randhiram from Ravana.
The king resides in a blink of an eye, his chains are firmly attached.


Respected Lord Kabir Saheb ji says, Ravana’s entire Lanka was made of gold. He was a very powerful ruler. But still a great man like Ravana, the ruler of Lanka, turned to ashes in a moment.


The men got mixed up in the dust, Randhir got mixed up with Ravana.
Kansh, Kesho, from Chanur, Hiranakush Balbir.


Same thing happened with warriors like Kansa, Kesho, Chanaur, and Hirankush, all of them turned into dust after their death.

Almighty Kabir Saheb ji says in his nectar speech that without the true worship of the Satpurush, the whole world remains in illusion. Ravana was a multimillionaire husband but could not take even a single gram of gold with him after his death. In the realm of Brahma-Kaal, people are limited only to accumulating wealth, but the truth is that they cannot take this wealth with them when they leave the dead world. Instead of doing true sadhana of Param Akshar Purush, due to ignorance they waste their precious human birth just in earning money due to which they are not able to attain salvation.


The world is an illusion of what happens without devotion.
Rati Kanchan was not found, Ravana was moving.


God Kabir Saheb ji tells that a living being comes into this world alone and goes away alone. Is it an illusion of man to acquire wealth and create a vast empire? Ravana had a huge empire and a huge family. He had one lakh sons and 1.25 lakh grandsons, but today not a single family member is alive in his family, all are dead.


There is no community with the people, what happened to the elephant tied to the door.
One lakh sons, one and a quarter lakh grandchildren, that Ravana did not light a lamp today.


Therefore, Lord Kabir Saheb Ji awakens the misguided and spiritually dead souls and inspires them to perform the true sadhana of Adi Ram and free them from the trap of Kasai Brahma-Kaal.


She became stable after chanting the name of Ram. Om soham mantra doi.

Om Sohan Japale Bhai. This is the earning in the name of Ram.


Before it gets too late, one should recognize Adi Ram who is omnipresent and chant moksha mantras. He is Adi Ram Kavirdev ji.

Ravana’s brother Vibhishana was a disciple of Adi Ram and he took refuge in him and practiced the truth due to which after the death of Ravana, he got the kingdom of Lanka by the grace of Adi Ram.

Comment: Shri Ram alias Shri Vishnu suffered a lot in his human birth during his 14 years of exile. Narada Muni’s curse came true.


Lord Ram’s Test Of Sita’s Fire


The war ended, Ravana was killed and Sita ji was freed from Ravana’s captivity. When Sita ji returned, Shri Ramchandra ji tested Sita ji by fire, this action took place in the presence of many people. Sita ji succeeded in the test of fire. Then, Lord Rama accepted Sita ji and returned back to Ayodhya with Lakshman and Hanuman in Ravana’s plane.

One day when Rama was wandering in Ayodhya, he heard a washerman quarreling with his wife because she had left the house without her husband’s consent. The washerman refused to accept his wife saying “He is not a fool like Shri Ram who kept Sita in Lanka despite living with another man (Ravan) without her husband (Ram) for twelve years. Accepted.’ Hearing such words, Ram became embarrassed and coming back to the palace, Ram ji told the whole story to Lakshman ji about how the townspeople were gossiping about Sita being chaste.

This incident distraught Shri Ram ji. He immediately called Sita ji to the palace. Sita ji was pregnant at that time but Ram ji did not think anything of it and expelled Sita ji from the palace. Even after Sita ji requested him several times, Ram ji did not show any human behavior (sensitivity). After this incident, Sita ji spent the rest of her life in exile. Lord Ram left the meeting saying ‘I do not want to be the subject of criticism. My lineage will be tarnished.’

Please consider: Shri Ram is greeted as ‘Maryada Purushottam’. Shri Ram took Sita ji’s test of fire, even though she succeeded, Shri Ram ji expelled her from the palace when she was pregnant due to the sarcasm of the washerman.

Comment: Shri Ram was not even worthy of being called a king and we have been considering him as God for ages due to lack of true spiritual knowledge. When he could not stick to his decision then why did he need the drama of Agni Pariksha? This was a very shameful act of the so-called Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram.

This has been mentioned in the Sukshm Veda,


Gnani dense than Gorakh, Sukhdev born in the world.
Daughter-in-law like Sita, saint in a far away place.


Many intelligent men like Gorakhnath can be found easily, similarly Jati men and ‘Sati’ women like Sita can also be found very easily but it is rare to find a true saint. This is a huge web of Brahma-Kaal which the seekers need to understand.

It is mentioned in Sukshm Veda,


Public shame, the limits of the world, the one who leaves the rebellion,
If Kamani Kanak gets poisoned, she will go to the city Agampur.
When a devotee of Ram is found there.


The seekers are advised that they should give up the false standards of the world and concentrate on their self-welfare and should do devotion as told by the true saint, so that they can attain Amarlok and meet Adi Ram.

It is mentioned in Sukshm Veda,


Keep chanting the name of Ram till your life subsides.
Someday Deendayal will hear about it.


Only true saints i.e. Satguru help the souls to emerge from such sorrow and show the right path to attain salvation. So, worship Adi Ram with faith till the last breath, one day he will definitely bless and give relief to the soul of his beloved devotee and take him to ‘Satlok’.


Shri Ram And Sita Ji Insulted The Loyal Devotee Hanuman Ji


Hanuman was a true devotee of Shri Ram. One day Sita ji told Shri Ram ji that she wanted to reward those who fought in the war. Sita ji presented her precious pearl necklace to Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji broke the necklace and crushed the pearls and told Sita ji that this necklace is useless for her because her Lord Shri Ram is not in these pearls.’

Sita ji got angry and scolded Hanuman ji, ‘O fool! You destroyed such a precious necklace, you just behaved like a monkey. Go away from my eyes.’ Hanuman ji said, ‘Anything on which Ram ji’s name is not mentioned is of no use to me. I was checking whether the name of Shri Ram is inscribed in these pearls.’

Then, Sita ji said ‘Is the name of Ram written in your body? Why don’t you leave your body?’ Hearing this, Hanuman ji at that very moment tore open his chest and showed that ‘Ram-Ram’ was written on it. All this happened in the presence of Shri Ram Ji but he remained calm and did not even support his most loyal devotee who helped Shri Ram Ji in the time of crisis and freed Sita Ji from Ravana’s captivity.

Hanuman also saved Shri Ram and Lakshmana from the prison of Ahiravana, when Ahiravana had kidnapped them to offer sacrifice to Mahamaya Devi. Hanuman ji was deeply hurt by the behavior of both Shri Ram and Sita ji and after this he abandoned Ayodhya.

Important: After this, Adi Ram i.e. KavirDev Ji took Hanuman Ji under his shelter, preached him the true spiritual knowledge, showed him ‘Sachkhand/Satlok’, and gave him the true salvation mantras by which Hanuman became eligible to attain salvation.

This has been mentioned in the Sukshm Veda,


Then Hanuman accepted the truth, so Munindra became wise.
Now you look at me, my heart, please give me your tab.
Know what kind of knowledgeable person you are, why don’t you listen to him.


Then Hanuman ji accepted that not Shri Ram but only Adi Ram is worthy of devotion.


Dekht chandra varan ujiyaara, amrit falka kare ahra.
Akanksha Bhanu Purush Ujiyara, Kotin Bhanu Purush Rom Ch Vibhavara.
Then Hanuman said, you Munindra are a happy person.


How Did Shree Ram And Sita Ji Die?


After Sita ji left Ayodhya, she took refuge in the ashram of sage Valmiki ji, where she gave birth to a son named Luv. Once Sita ji had gone out of the ashram with her son Luv for some work but sage Valmiki was unaware of this. Rishi ji thought that Luv was lost somewhere and feared what he would tell Sita when she returned to the ashram and asked about Luv; With his power he created a boy from ‘Kusha grass’. In this way, Luv and Kush became the two sons of Ram and Sita but Sri Ram was completely unaware of this.

Once Shri Ramchandra ji organized ‘Ashvamedh Yagya’ to prove his supremacy. His sons Luv and Kush tied the sacrificial horse and challenged Shri Ram for war. Shri Ram was unaware that Luv and Kush were his sons. There was a war between Shri Ram and Luv-Kush and Shri Ram had to face defeat at the hands of his own sons.

When Sita came to know about this, she became very sad and refused to even see Shri Ram. In grief, Sita ji entered the earth and ended her life. In this repentance, Shri Ram ended his life by taking ‘Jal Samadhi’ in the Saryu River near Ayodhya. Both Shri Ram and Sita ji lived a miserable life and their death was also very painful.

Comment: Thus the curse of sage Narad came true. Lord Vishnu lived a very unhappy life in his seventh incarnation in the form of Shri Ram.


Why Did King Bali Take Revenge From Shri Ram Ji in Dwapar Yuga?


Due to the curse of Narada Muni ji, Vishnu ji had to spend his entire life in struggle in the form of Shri Ram in Treta Yuga. This is the web of Brahma Kaal which needs to be understood. Lord Vishnu took birth as Shri Krishna in Dwapara Yuga and the soul of Bali also took birth. He was a hunter at that time who mistook the ‘padma’ of Shri Krishna’s feet for the eye of a deer and shot a powerful arrow at Shri Krishna’s feet, resulting in Krishna’s death.

In this way, the vengeance planned by Brahma-Kaal was completed. This process continues for every soul in the realm of Brahma-Kaal until the soul surrenders to Adi Rama and attains complete salvation by doing true sadhana. Therefore, to achieve the goal of human life i.e. salvation, it is very important to have a Guru in life and practice the truth.

It is said in Sukshm Veda,


If you can loot, then loot in the name of Ram, you will regret it later, your life will be spared.


Before it gets too late, one should take shelter of a true saint, take Naam-Diksha from him, and chant the true mantras of Adi Ram so that the soul can attain salvation.

Comment: This also proves that the three devils Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are not free from the trap of Brahma-Kaal, who is their father. All are mortal. Only Adi Ram is immortal. He is superior to Jyoti Niranjan/Brahm-Kaal and Parabrahma. His name is Kabir Dev. All the holy scriptures provide ample evidence of this.


Is Salvation Possible By Worshiping Shri Ram Ji?


Devotees celebrate festivals like Dussehra, Diwali and Ram Navami in the memory of Shri Ramchandra and also recite Ramayana. They chant mantras and worship Ramchandra ji like


Om Rambhadraya Namah
Om Ramchandraya Namah
Om Raghupungavya Namah
Om Janaki Vallabhay Namah
Hare Ram-Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare-Hare
Shri Ram Jai Ram Raghu Ram -Adi


There is no evidence of all these mantras and method of worship in any holy scripture. This is arbitrary worship and liberation from it is not possible. Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 explains the correct method of worship by which Adi Ram can be found. The three-word salvation mantra – ‘Om-Tat-Sat’ (symbolic words) is given by a Tatvadarshi saint and chanting it liberates the soul.

Almighty Kabir Saheb says in his nectar speech,


The name of Ram remains abundant in all three worlds.
What is known is near, unknowingly is far away.


God is away from the ignorant and is with those who worship Adi Ram by chanting true mantras.




The following conclusions emerge from the above analysis –


  • Lord Rama was the seventh incarnation of Shri Vishnu who lived a happy human life after being cursed by sage Narada.
  • Even the ill effects of ‘three heats’ (curse) could not be destroyed by Triloki Vishnu.
  • Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram was not a powerful ruler which is proved by his inability to save Sita ji from being kidnapped by Ravana and his inability to identify the culprit demon Ravana.
  • Shri Ram identifies Goddess Parvati as Ramchandra which shows that her remote is in the hands of Brahma-Kaal who himself does all the work and the souls act only as puppets in his hands.
  • Shri Ramchandra ji killed Bali by deceit.
  • It is a lie that Shri Ram built Ram Sethu, which has now been exposed.
  • The fact is that Ram Setu was built by the grace of Adi Ram ji.
  • The divine man Shri Ramchandra ji and his entire army had become helpless after being imprisoned in ‘Naag Phans’, then Garuda ji helped Shri Ram and his army, otherwise they would have definitely lost.
  • Ravana was killed not by Shri Ramchandra but by the grace of Adi Ram Kavirdev ji.
  • Shri Ram ji’s shameful act was extremely absurd when he expelled his pregnant wife Sita from the palace out of fear of the townspeople. This proves that Shri Ram ji was of indecisive and inhuman nature.
  • Shri Ram disrespected devotee Hanuman.
  • Shri Ram led a very tragic life and like any normal human being, he died a painful death. On the basis of these facts, the belief of Shri Ram devotees to consider Ram as God is proved wrong.
  • The realm of Brahma-Kaal is full of retribution as is evident from the episode of Shri Krishna’s death by Bali.
  • Salvation can never be achieved by worshiping Shri Ram. Shri Ram ji cannot be counted in the category of God.
  • Only true worship of Adi Ram provides complete salvation to the soul.
  • Moksha mantra is given only by a Tatvdarshi saint.


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