Best 25+ Wednesday Good Morning Images

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Best 25+ Wednesday Good Morning Images


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Baba Bharti used to feel the same joy when he saw his horse as a mother sees her son, a moneylender sees his debtor and a farmer sees his field in motion. The time that was saved from Bhagvat-Bhajan, would have been offered to the horse. The horse was very beautiful and strong. There was no horse like him in the whole area. Baba Bharti used to call him Sultan, growl with his hand, feed him himself and was happy to see him. With such passion, such love, such affection, a true lover would not even love his beloved.

He had given up everything, money, goods, furnishings, land, and he even hated civilian life. Now living in a small temple outside the village and used to worship God. But the pain of being separated from the Sultan was unbearable for him. I will not be able to live without it, he had such a misconception.

They were enamoured by him. It is said that it moves as if a peacock is dancing after seeing the cube. The people of the villages were surprised to see this love, sometimes they used to make gestures with their ears, but Baba Bharti was not concerned about it. He would not feel at peace until he had made a round trip of eight to ten miles on the Sultan in the evening.

Khadag Singh was a famous dacoit of that area. People were terrified of him. Gradually, the fame of the Sultan reached his ears as well. He got restless to see him. He reached Baba Bharti one day in the afternoon and sat down after saluting him.

Baba Bharti asked, Khadgsingh, how are you?

Khadgsingh bowed his head and replied, it is your kindness.

Tell me, how did you come here?

Sultan’s desire pulled.

A strange animal. You will be happy if you see.

I have also heard great praise.

His moves will fascinate you!

It is said that it is very beautiful to look at too.

What to say! One who sees him once, his image is imprinted on his heart.

It was a desire for a long time, today I could be present.

Both Baba and Khadag Singh reached the stable. Baba showed the horse with pride, Khadg Singh saw the horse with surprise. He had seen hundreds of horses, but such a handsome horse had never passed by his eyes. He started thinking, that it all depends on luck. Khadg Singh should have had such a horse.

What is the benefit of such things to this monk? Stood silently for a while in surprise. After this, there was a stir in the heart. He spoke with childlike impatience, but Babaji, what if you didn’t see his move?

Babaji was also a human being. His heart became impatient to hear the praise of his object from the mouth of another. He untied the horse and brought it out and started patting its back. Suddenly jumped up and boarded. The horse started flying with the speed of the wind. Seeing his move, seeing his speed, the snake returned to Khadg Singh’s heart.

He was a dacoit and considered it his right to take whatever he liked. He had strength as well as men. While leaving, he said, Babaji, I will not let this horse stay with you.

Baba Bharti got scared. Now he could not sleep at night. The full night was being spent guarding the stable. There was a fear of Khadg Singh every moment, but many months passed and he did not come. Even Baba Bharti became somewhat careless and started mistaking this fear as the fear of a dream.

It was evening Baba Bharti was going for a walk on the back of the Sultan. At this time there was sparkle in his eyes, happiness on his face. Sometimes looking at the horse’s body, sometimes its color, and the mind could not get bloated.

Suddenly a voice came from one side, O Baba, go on listening to this pauper.

There was compassion in the voice. Baba stopped the horse. Saw, lying in the shade of a crippled tree, moaning. Said, why are you suffering?

The handicapped said with folded hands, Baba, I am sad. have mercy on me. Ramwala is three miles from here, I have to go there. Get on the horse, God will do good.

who is your there

You must have heard the name of Durgadatta Vaidya. I am his step brother.

Baba Bharti got down from the horse and made the handicapped person ride on the horse and started walking slowly by holding its reins.

Suddenly he felt a jolt and the reins were out of hand. There was no limit to his surprise when he saw that the crippled man was sitting on the horse’s back and the horse was being made to run. A scream mixed with fear, astonishment and despair came out of his mouth. He was a handicapped dacoit Khadag Singh.

Baba Bharti remained silent for some time and after some time, after making some determination, shouted with all his might, wait for a while.

Khadgsingh stopped the horse after hearing this voice and lovingly put his hand on his neck and said, Babaji, I will not give this horse now.

But keep listening to one thing.

Khadag Singh stopped. Baba Bharti went near and looked at him with such eyes as a goat looks at the butcher and said, this horse is yours. I won’t ask you to return it. But Khadga Singh, I have only one request. Don’t deny it, otherwise my heart will break.

Babaji, please order. I am your slave, I will not give only this horse.

Don’t name the horse now. I will not say anything to you about this. My only request is not to reveal this incident to anyone.

Khadgsingh’s mouth fell open with surprise. He thought that he would have to run away from here with the horse, but Baba Bharti himself told him not to reveal this incident to anyone. What purpose can be served by this? Khadag Singh thought a lot, hit his head a lot, but could not understand anything. Defeated, he fixed his eyes on Baba Bharti’s face and asked, Babaji, what are you afraid of in this?

Hearing this, Baba Bharti replied, if people come to know about this incident, they will not believe any poor person.

And while saying this, he turned away from the Sultan as if he had never had any relation with him. Baba Bharti left. But his words were echoing in Khadg Singh’s ears in the same way. Used to think, what a lofty thought, what a pure sentiment! He loved this horse, his face used to blossom like a flower after seeing it. Used to say, I can’t live without it.

He did not sleep for many nights in guarding it. Instead of doing bhajan-devotion, he kept on guarding. But today even the line of sorrow was not visible on his face. He was only concerned that people should not stop believing in the poor. He sacrificed his personal loss for the loss of humanity. Such a man is not just a man, but a god in reality.

Khadgsingh reached the temple of Baba Bharti in the dark of night. There was silence all around. The stars were twinkling in the sky. The dogs of the villages were barking at a distance. No sound was heard inside the temple. Khadag Singh was holding the Sultan’s robe. He slowly reached the gate of the stables.

The gate was wide open like the eyes of a beggar. Once upon a time, Baba Bharti himself used to guard there with a stick, but today he was not afraid of any theft or robbery. The loss had made them careless towards the loss. Khadag Singh went ahead and tied the Sultan in his place and came out and carefully closed the gate. At this time there were tears of goodness in his eyes.

In the dark the night ended the third quarter, and as soon as the fourth quarter began, Baba Bharti came out of his hut and took a bath in cold water. After that, as if walking in a dream, his feet turned towards the stable. But on reaching the gate, he realized his mistake. At the same time, extreme disappointment made the feet heavy. They stopped there.

The horse recognized the arc of its master’s feet and neighed loudly.

Now Baba Bharti entered inside running, and hugging his horse’s neck started crying like a separated father cries after meeting his son after a long time. Repeatedly patting his back, repeatedly slapping him on the face and saying, “Now no one will turn away from helping the poor”.

After a while when he came out of the stable, tears were flowing from his eyes. These tears were falling on the same ground at the exact place where Khadag Singh had cried standing after coming out.

The tears of both got mixed on the soil of the same land.

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