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Best Stories Of Krishna’s Childhood


Lord Krishna is one of the most popular Hindu Gods among all, children and adults alike. His stories are full of fun, laughter and good morals. Here are special stories of God for the enjoyment of children:


1. Story Of Krishna’s Parents


In ancient times, there was a king named ‘Ugrasen’ who had two children – a son named ‘Kamsa’ and a daughter named ‘Devaki’. Devaki was meek and calm, but Kansa was evil. When he grew up, he put his father in prison, and assumed the throne himself, while his sister was married to King ‘Vasudev’.

One day, Kansa heard a voice from the sky – Your sister’s eighth son will one day kill you when he grows up. This shook the evil Kansa to the core with fear and wanted to kill his sister. But Vasudeva insisted on keeping Devaki alive and agreed to kill Devaki’s eighth son by Kansa. Kansa imprisoned his own sister and her husband, the couple’s eighth child was Lord Krishna who survived all attempts by Kansa to kill him and finally defeated his evil maternal uncle.

Moral – If you are bad and have bad intentions, you will surely get punished for your sins. Always be positive and think of doing good to others.


2. Birth Of Lord Krishna


Devaki and Vasudeva were imprisoned by their brother Kansa. Every time Devaki gave birth to a child, Kansa himself would come and kill the child with his own hands. Devaki’s seventh son was miscarried, but he was mysteriously transferred to the womb of Queen Rohini of Vrindavan, who came into the world as Balarama – Krishna’s brother.

His eighth son was born inside the jail at midnight, it was Lord Krishna and that special day is celebrated as Janmashtami.

Lesson – If something good is to happen, it will happen. Good always prevails over evil.


3. How Vasudev Saved Krishna’s Life


Krishna was born as Vishnu and his parents prayed that he would turn into an ordinary child, so that they could hide him from Kamsa. Prabhu advised his father to take her to Vrindavan and exchange her with a newborn baby girl. Then, magically, the prison guards fell asleep and all the locks and chains opened on their own.

Vasudev left for Vrindavan with little Krishna. When he reached the banks of the river Yamuna, he saw that the river was in flood. Carrying little Krishna on his head, as Vasudeva attempted to cross the river, the water covered Krishna’s toe. Touched here also the water of the river mysteriously receded so that Vasudev could complete his journey. He then reached Yashoda’s house, exchanged the children and returned with the child to the prison.

Devaki and Vasudev hoped that Kansa would spare the girl as it was prophesied that a boy would kill Kansa, but Kansa did not care. He snatched the child from their hands and killed him by throwing him on a stone. But the girl turned into Goddess Durga and told Kansa that Krishna was alive and would punish him for his evil deeds.

Lesson – Sometimes forces are beyond one’s control. If you only have bad intentions, you will never be successful.


4. Krishna And The Demon Putna


Krishna’s maternal uncle Kansa was desperate to kill him, so he assigned the task to a demon named ‘Putna’. The demon assumed the form of a beautiful woman and went to the room where Krishna was.

She had poison smeared on her breasts and requested Krishna to feed her milk. Krishna’s mother was not aware of his real intentions and allowed Putna to feed him milk. But Krishna closed his eyes and sucked the life out of the demonic being, killing him. The poison did no harm to Krishna but because of the good deed of feeding Krishna, Putna’s soul was liberated.

Moral – Never hurt anyone intentionally, as you may have to pay for it.


5. Lord Krishna’s Liking For Butter


Lord Krishna was very fond of eating butter, everyone in the city of Vrindavan was aware of his mischiefs and attempts to steal butter, hence he was called “butter thief”. Krishna’s mother Yashoda used to tie it on a height to hide the butter from Krishna.

Once, when Yashoda was not around, Krishna called his friends. They climbed over each other and somehow managed to reach the pot of butter. Everyone together took down the vessel full of butter and shared and ate the butter with great pleasure. But unfortunately, they do not realize that Yashoda is back. Krishna’s friends all ran back to their homes, but Krishna was reprimanded for being mischievous.

Lesson – Always obey your elders and never steal.


6. Lord Krishna And Yashoda


Lord Krishna was mischievous and his mother Yashoda was tired of his mischiefs. One day, they decided to tie up Krishna to stop his antics. Yashoda brought a rope to tie them, but she realized that the rope was too short. She again brought a bigger rope, but that too fell short.

After this the third rope was brought, but it also fell short. Then he realized that his son was something miraculous. But after that, Lord Krishna let his mother tie him so that he could be happy.

Lesson – Believe in miracles, they can happen. Always do such things that you can make your parents happy.


7. Krishna Eats Soil


One day, Krishna and his elder brother Balarama were gathering fruits and berries in the garden. Since Krishna was still a small child, he could not reach trees so he picked up soil from the ground and filled it in his mouth. The other children saw this and complained to their mother, Yashoda ran to them and asked Krishna if he had eaten the soil.

He shook his head indicating no, Yashoda asked Krishna to open his mouth but he was so scared that he refused to open his mouth. But when his mother looked at him angrily, he opened his mouth.

When Yashoda looked inside the mouth, instead of the soil, she saw the entire universe inside Krishna’s mouth. The stars, the sky, the mountains, the ocean, everything. She was surprised and Krishna kept smiling. Then Yashoda realized that he was not an ordinary child but the Lord Himself.

Lesson – Always obey your mother and never lie.


8. Krishna And Kalia


One day when Krishna and his friends were playing on the banks of the river Yamuna, his ball fell into the river where the one hundred and ten headed serpent Kalia reigned and lived with his family.

Krishna dives in to retrieve the ball, but Kalia begins to poison the water with her poison. Krishna confronts her and asks her not to poison the water, but Kalia refuses. Then Krishna fought with him and after defeating such a big snake started dancing on his head. He ordered the snake to leave the river and never to return.

Lesson – Peace is a better remedy than war.


9. Lord Krishna And Arishtasura


One day, a huge bull came to Vrindavan and started attacking people. No one knew where he had come from and everyone started running hither and thither to save their lives. They again came to ask Krishna for help.

When Krishna came face to face with the bull, he realized that it was actually a demon. But Krishna being powerful, managed to tackle the bull and pierce its horns. When the fight was over, the demon left the bull’s body and bowed before the Lord. He told that he was a disciple of Lord Brihaspati and was cursed to become a demon bull because he did not respect his teacher.

Lesson – Never disobey your elders and teachers.


10. Krishna And Keshi


When Krishna defeated the demon bull Arishtasura, a sage named Narada went to Kansa and told him that Krishna was the eighth son born to Vasudeva and Devaki and that it was preordained that he would kill Kansa. This enraged Kansa and he called Keshi, the long haired horse, to kill Krishna.

The horse demon, hoping to kill Krishna, began to terrorize the people of Vrindavan. But Krishna was not intimidated by that, he challenged Keshi to a fight and broke all Keshi’s teeth with his elbow. Krishna then strangled the demon horse to death and Krishna was then given a new name – Keshava – who had killed Keshi.

Lesson – Don’t be afraid and stand firm.


11. Lord Krishna And Lord Brahma


Lord Brahma once decided to play a trick on Krishna. He told all Krishna’s friends to take the cows and hide inside a cave. When Krishna could not find anyone, he took the incarnations of all his friends and returned to Vrindavan. Panicked and troubled, Lord Brahma came to Vrindavan and seeing Krishna in all forms, he realized that he should not have put Krishna to the test.

Moral – You should always help your friends.


12. Lord Krishna And The Hill


Lord Indra is the God of rain and that is why everyone used to worship him for timely rains. But one year, Lord Krishna suggested that the villagers should worship Govardhan Hill. This made Lord Indra very angry so he raised a storm on Vrindavan.

But Krishna protected his people by lifting the Govardhan hill on one finger. This made Lord Indra realize his mistake and apologized to Krishna for the storm.

Lesson – Never take harsh decisions in anger, they can never be fruitful.


13. Krishna And Kamdhenu


One day, a cow named Kamdhenu approached Lord Krishna. Kamadhenu told Krishna that she came from a place called Devaloka, which is the kingdom of heaven. She said that she wanted to coronate Krishna.

The cow bathed the lord with the holy water of heaven and also thanked him for protecting all the living beings. After that, Lord Indra himself appeared with Airavata and announced that Krishna would be known as Govinda, meaning Indra of the whole world.

Lesson – Everyone should be respected – both humans and animals.


14. Krishna And Aghasur


One day when Krishna was playing with his friends, they reached a cave in a mountain. Little did they know that this cave was the home of the demon Aghasura, the brother of the demonic Putana. Aghasura took the form of a giant snake to kill Krishna and his friends. Krishna and his friends did not know that Aghasura had opened his mouth just like the entrance of the cave so that they all could come inside and he could eat them.

Krishna realized that something was wrong and decided to enter the cave himself. Thinking that the end of Krishna would come, all the demons became happy and the deities were upset. But the Gandharvas pleaded with Krishna, who then understood everything. On request, Krishna increased his size till he killed the demon snake. He was a just man and he freed the demon’s soul.

Moral – Always listen to someone who gives you good advice.


15. Death Of Kansa By Krishna


When Krishna defeated all the demons and demons sent by Kansa, Kansa became worried. He sent his servant Akrura to bring Krishna and his brother Balarama back to Mathura. They conspired to challenge the boys to a wrestling match with two of their strongest wrestlers. Krishna and Balarama accepted the challenge and easily defeated and killed their opponents.

Seeing all this, Kansa lost his temper and ordered his soldiers to drive them out of the kingdom and also to kill Vasudeva and Ugrasena. On hearing this, Krishna pounced on Kansa and made Kansa’s crown fall and dragged him by his hair to the wrestling arena. Kansa, desperate to prove that he was a better fighter, accepted Krishna’s challenge to fight him.

Krishna struck him with a mighty punch and Kansa died. Seeing this, Kansa’s eight brothers attacked him, but Balarama single-handedly killed them all with his mace. Krishna then met his birth parents, Devaki and Vasudeva.

Lesson – Truth and goodness always win. Many such stories are a storehouse of wisdom to teach valuable things to children. With your little ones, embark on their journey into a world of fairytales and help them find their way to a good life and build strong relationships.


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