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5 Stories Of Lord Shiva For Children


1. Why Does Ganga Flow From Lord Shiva’s Matted Hair – Everything related to Lord Shiva definitely has some meaning, similarly there is a story behind the Ganga flowing from his matted hair. Children, for your information, let us tell you that earlier the river Ganga did not exist on earth, it used to flow in heaven. What happened due to which Mother Ganga had to come to earth?

Let us tell you what is the story behind this. So Mother Ganga has been called a goddess in the scriptures. There was a great king named Bhagiratha and he wanted to free his ancestors from the burden of life and death and for this, Mother Ganga would have to come to earth. To fulfill his wish, he did penance to Mother Ganga and she was pleased with his penance but she told that if she would come from heaven to earth, the earth would not be able to tolerate her flow. Hearing this, Bhagiratha started wondering how it would be possible to bring Mother Ganga to earth?

Then he did penance for Bhagiratha Shiva and also pleased him. When Lord Shiva asked him to ask for a boon, then Bhagiratha expressed his wish to God for Mother Ganga to come to earth and expressed everything in his mind to him, then how could Shankar, the one who removes everyone’s sorrows, deny the wish of Lord Bhagiratha? Would complete. As soon as Mother Ganga started coming to earth, the Lord caught her in his locks and then from his locks Mother Ganga flowed into seven streams.

Children, now you must have known why a stream flows from God’s locks.

2. Why Is There A Half Moon Sitting On Lord Shiva’s Head – So something happened that Chandra, who was very beautiful himself, got married to 27 Nakshatra daughters of Daksh Prajapati. Chandra had more affection towards Rohini. Prajapati’s other daughters could not bear this, they all started telling their grief to their father.

Hearing this, Prajapati, who was of a wrathful nature, became angry and cursed Chandra that he would suffer from tuberculosis. Thus, Chandra started suffering from tuberculosis, seeing Chandra’s condition, Narad ji asked him to worship Lord Shiva, seeing his worship, Shiva ji gave him life again and made him sit on his head. Thus the moon gradually began to recover and appeared as a full moon on the full moon day. Similarly, Lord Shiva never lets his worshiper go empty handed.

Children say this because when we ask for something from the Lord with a true heart, He can avert even death by listening to our prayer.

3. Why Does Lord Shiva Have A Third Eye? – You must have heard many stories of Mahadev’s miracles and mercy. Let us now know what is the meaning of his third eye? The third eye of Lord Shankar has also been mentioned in the Puranas. Through the third eye present on Lord Shiva’s head, he can keep track of the whole world, which a normal human being cannot see. Because of having three eyes, he is also called Trinetradhari. The opening of the third eye of Lord Shankar is also a sign of doomsday.

It is believed that when sin and injustice increase beyond limits on earth, then this angry fire emanating from the third eye of God will destroy all the sinners. Each eye of Lord Shiva is known for its own qualities, like the right eye has Satva Guna, the left eye has Rajo Guna and the third eye has Tamo Guna. The third eye also symbolizes his discretion, because he can keep an eye on the entire universe with his third eye, hence nothing is hidden from him.

According to the Vedas, this eye is present at the place where a chakra named Ajna Chakra is located in the human body. This Ajna Chakra means receiving positive energy in the body. It is said that the person who acquires this energy becomes very powerful and becomes sharp.

Why, children, were you also surprised to know about the third eye of Lord Shiva?

4. Why Is Lord Shiva Called Neelkanth Baba – Children, you must have seen that the color of Shiva’s body is blue in the idols and pictures, but why is it so? Let us tell you what is the story behind this blue body of Lord Shiva. Lord Shankar, who removes the sufferings of the people, has saved the earth from destruction many times. As you have been told earlier that Lord Shiva has many names out of which he is also called by the name of Neelkanth.

According to the legend, gods and demons set out in search of nectar, and for this they had to churn the ocean. This churning took place in Kshirsagar which was called the ocean of milk. 14 gems came out of it and poison also came out. This poison was so dangerous that it would have destroyed the entire world. Knowing this, the gods and demons reached Mahadev and finding a solution, the Lord drank the entire pot of poison, but he did not swallow the poison and kept it in his throat, after which his throat turned blue, this is the reason. People call him Neelkanth Baba.

After listening to this story, children, you will always remember why we call Bhole Baba as Neelkanth Baba.

5. Why Do We Celebrate The Festival Of Mahashivratri – Although there are many beliefs related to Shivratri, one of them is related to the confluence of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Dear children, do you know what is the whole story behind this celebration of marriage of Shiva and Parvati which is celebrated as Shivratri?

If you don’t know, we will tell you! The reign of mountain king Himavant was very close to Mount Kailash and the mountain king was married to a celestial nymph whose name was Menaka. Their daughter was Goddess Parvati. She was named Parvati because she was the daughter of the mountain king and she was very skilled in everything. Mother Parvati was keen to marry Lord Shiva since childhood, despite all the efforts of father Himwant, she did not change her decision, finally Himwant took Parvati to Lord Shiva and told him that from now on Parvati will serve you.

From that day Parvati started serving him and trying to please him. Lord Brahma knew everything about this, so in order to awaken love for Parvati in Shiva’s heart, he sent the Lord of Love to Shiva in Kailash, there he saw that Shiva was engrossed in meditation. The Lord of Love had to complete his assigned task, so when Parvati was worshiping Lord Shiva, she shot the arrow of love at him. In anger, Lord Shiva opened his third eye and the Lord of Love was incinerated by the fire. .

Parvati now understood that devotion was the only way to attain Lord Shiva. She decided that she would please Lord Shiva by doing hard penance. One day a sage was passing by that way, he asked Parvati, O beautiful girl, for whom are you doing such severe penance, he is not worthy of you. Don’t believe him Virgo and go back!

Hearing all this about Shiva, Mother Parvati gets angry and says let him do his penance. It was heard that Lord Shiva returns to his true form from a sage and Mother Parvati succeeds in her test. In this way Lord Shiva gets ready to marry Mother Parvati. The marriage of both takes place with great pomp and show. Then all the gods request Lord Shiva to give life again to the god of love. He was completing the task given by Lord Brahma, in this way the God of love gets the gift of life.

So you saw children, how after the hard penance of Mother Parvati, the marriage of her and Lord Shiva became possible.


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